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Primary view of Chinese Leftist Urban Films of the 1930s
He, Xin, 1970-
August 1998
Primary view of A Descriptive Analysis of the Development and Decline of New Taiwan Cinema, 1982-1986
Lin, Ying-chia, 1969-
December 1993
Primary view of Bus Ride to Liberation: a Historical Video Documentary of the Acres Homes Transit Company in Houston, Texas
Childress, Doris (Doris Elaine)
May 1994
Primary view of Contemporary Pirates: An Examination of the Perceptions and Attitudes Toward the Technology, Progression, and Battles that Surround Modern Day Music Piracy in Colleges and Universities.
Latson, Christopher Craig
August 2004
Primary view of Cowboys, Postmodern Heroes, and Anti-heroes: The Many Faces of the Alterized White Man
Murphree, Hyon Joo Yoo
August 2000
Primary view of In Martha We Trust? The Cultural Significance of the Martha Stewart Phenomenon
Chmielewska, Katarzyna
August 2003
Primary view of Gestalt Work For the Actor: A Documentary Video Production
Massey, Hugh Richard
May 2000
Primary view of Room 2046: A Political Reading of Wong Kar-Wai's Chow-Mo Wan Trilogy through Narrative Elements and Mise-en-scene
Baldwin, Jillian
December 2006
Primary view of Reality Television: Using Para-Social Relationship Theory and Economic Theory to Define the Success of Network Reality Programming
Dyer, Caitlin Elizabeth
December 2010
Primary view of On Objects and Affections: Contemporary Representations of the Gay Man/Straight Woman Dyad in Popular Film and Television
Pillion, Owen L.
December 2000
Primary view of Side By Side: Reinventing Mother/Daughter Relationships
Holzgraefe, Sandi
May 2003
Primary view of The Luxury of Tears: A Secondary Survivor's Story
McKinney, Kelli
December 1999
Primary view of Exhibit Eh: Canadian Dependency, U.S. Hegemony, and the Amorphousness of English Canadian Culture
McIntosh, Andrew
August 1999
Primary view of Girl Power: Feminism, Girlculture and the Popular Media
Smith, Ashley Lorrain
August 1999
Primary view of Harbor: The Act of Autobiography
Doeren, Catherine Wallace
August 1999
Primary view of 24, Lost, and Six Feet Under: Post-traumatic television in the post-9/11 era.
Anderson, Tonya
May 2008
Primary view of First Encounter
Teng, Eric Ju-chung
December 1993
Primary view of The “Nigger Trinity”: Engaging the Discourse in Post Civil Rights/Post 1960s America
Bell, Adrian Shane
December 2011
Primary view of Standing Up to Experts: The Politics of Public Education
Thurman, Scott
December 2010
Primary view of Teen ages: Youth market romance in Hollywood teen films of the 1980s and 1990s
Murphy, Caryn E.
May 2001
Primary view of It's a Wonderful Business: The Art of Production Sound
Milano, Omar
May 2011
Primary view of Stage and Scream: The Influence of Traditional Japanese Theater, Culture, and Aesthetics on Japan's Cinema of the Fantastic
Petty, John E.
May 2011
Primary view of Just $10 A Month: A Television Advertising Campaign
Mumtaz, Danish Kasim
May 2003
Primary view of Twinmates
Salinas, Patricio José
August 2008