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Primary view of The Fashoda Crisis: a Study in European Imperialism and Diplomacy
Goode, James H., Jr.
Primary view of The Controversial Political Life of Aaron Burr from 1783-1804
Burr, Lottie
Primary view of Early Educational Reform in North Germany: its Effects on Post-Reformation German Intellectuals
Peterson, Rebecca C. (Rebecca Carol)
December 1994
Primary view of Mr. Citizen: Harry S. Truman and the Institutionalization of the Ex-Presidency
Woestman, Kelly A. (Kelly Alicia)
August 1993
Primary view of The Development of the Sugar, Rubber, and Cotton Industries in Brazil
Miller, James C.
Primary view of History and Expansion of Bus and Truck Traffic in the United States
Rutherford, Robert B.
Primary view of The Economic Relations of the Philippines and the United States, 1898 to 1946
Railsback, J. D.
Primary view of Albert Gallatin: His Position in American Legislation and Diplomacy
Seabrook, John Cotton
Primary view of Standing in the Gap: Subposts, Minor Posts, and Picket Stations and the Pacification of the Texas Frontier, 1866-1886
Uglow, Loyd M. (Loyd Michael)
May 1995
Primary view of Re-examining the Battle of the Bulge : Assessing the Role of Strategic Intelligence and Coalition Warfare Against the 1944 Wehrmacht
Blanchette, C. Scott (Crispin Scott)
August 1998
Primary view of "The Best Stuff Which the State Affords": a Portrait of the Fourteenth Texas Infantry in the Civil War
Parker, Scott Dennis
December 1998
Primary view of "These Whigs are Singing Songs Again!" Whig Songs as Campaign Literature Prior to the 1844 Presidential Race
Page, James A. (James Allen), 1946-
May 1998
Primary view of Making a Good Soldier: a Historical and Quantitative Study of the 15th Texas Infantry, C. S. A.
Hamaker, Blake Richard
December 1998
Primary view of The Persistence of Antebellum Planter Families in Postbellum East Texas
Newland, Linda Sue
May 1998
Primary view of The British Foreign Office Views and the Making of the 1907 Anglo-Russian Entente, From the 1890s Through August 1907
Blevins, Jeff T. (Jeff Taylor)
August 1998
Primary view of The Power Politics of Hells Canyon
Alford, John Matthew
August 1999
Primary view of Canadian-American Relations Since 1867
Brewton, Muriel
Primary view of Behold the Fields: Texas Baptists and the Problem of Slavery
Elam, Richard L. (Richard Lee)
May 1993
Primary view of US-Japan Relations during the Korean War
Kim, Nam G. (Nam Gyun)
May 1995
Primary view of Civil Service Reform in the United States during the Nineteenth Century
Debenham, James A.
Primary view of The National Policy toward Reclamation and Conservation of Natural Resources since 1900
Rutledge, Jo Clark
Primary view of Geoffrey Dawson, Editor of The Times (London), and His Contribution to the Appeasement Movement
Riggs, Bruce T. (Bruce Timothy)
December 1993
Primary view of Tariff Attitudes of the Major Parties
Lumsden, O. E.
August 1950
Primary view of The Economic Development of the Rio Grande Plain
Masters, Noble M.
August 1950