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Primary view of A Method of Analyzing Linear Perspective for Presentation to Junior and Senior High School Students
Lacy, L'Louise Dial
Primary view of An Evaluation of Outdoor Advertising Art from 1920 to 1950
Dyer, Rex
Primary view of Trends in Exhibitions in Four Texas Art Museums, 1940-1950
Carpenter, Willard Clifton
Primary view of The Use of the Golden Proportion in Paintings by Titian and Raphael
Hamilton, Barbara Ruth
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Esthetic Judgment of Students in Austin College
Miller, Helen
Primary view of The Geometric Analysis of Four German Paintings in the National Gallery of Art
Reid, Ana Perle Huffhines
Primary view of Costume Jewelry Using Organic Materials Found in the Coastal Area of Texas
Simpson, Cherry Lauderdale
Primary view of Geometry as the Structural Basis of Composition in Paintings by Botticelli
Anderson, Kittie Blanks
Primary view of An Examination of the Advertising Art Curriculum of North Texas State College in Relation to Preparation for a Career in Advertising Art in Television
Knox, Thomas Mark, Jr.
August 1956
Primary view of The Function of Craft Activities in Early Adolescence
Hull, Margaret Leatherwood
Primary view of A Study of Visual Merchandising in Six Texas Department Stores
Stewart, Gwen L.
January 1957
Primary view of An Evaluation of Publications for the Use of Junior-High-School Art Teachers
Rogers, Enna Fay
January 1953
Primary view of An Assessment of Arkansas Middle school/Junior High School Art Programs Using National Art Education Association Standards
Teague, Barbara A. (Barbara Ann)
December 1986
Primary view of Equipment for Junior-High-School Art Rooms in the Corpus Christi, Texas, Schools
Kerr, Lou Brock
Primary view of Weaving with Materials Native to the Texas Gulf Coast
Kerr, Thomas William
Primary view of The Development of an Art I Curriculum Guide for the Mesquite Independent School District
Bradley, Cynthia Cathy
December 1976
Primary view of Art Education and the Energy Dynamics of Creativity
Horn, Carin E.
December 1978
Primary view of A Humanist Outlook for the Contemporary Artist
Humphries, Judith Garrett
May 1978
Primary view of An Analysis of the Job Requirements for Interior Designers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area Compared to the Interior Design Curriculum at North Texas State University
Koenig, Marcia S.
August 1970
Primary view of The Kimbell Art Museum Building from Concept to Completion
Connally, Alice Rebekah
December 1977
Primary view of Development and Implementation of an Introductory Art History Course for University Students Utilizing Innovative Group Process Methodology
Glenn, Edna S.
August 1975
Primary view of A Content Analysis of Lexicons, Word Lists, and Basal Readers of the Elementary Grades: Their Relation to Art
Hogan, Priscilla Lea
May 1976
Primary view of The Content Analysis of the Art Vocabulary Contained in Seven Sources of Visual Art Curricular Materials for the Elementary Grades
Van Cleef, Norma June
August 1974
Primary view of A Content Analysis of Art and Art-Related Vocabulary on Selected Children's Educational Television Programs
McCollum, Shirley Jean
December 1974