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Primary view of Retail District Evolution: An Exploration of Retail Structure and Diversity, a Case Study in Denton, Texas
Bova, Joshua Paul
August 2018
Primary view of Developing a Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Scheduling Tool (SMIST) Using Web-GIS Technology
Nikfal, Mohammadreza
May 2018
Primary view of The Geography of Partial-Market Exits: Applying Geospatial and Econometric Methods to Analyze 2017 Department Store Closures in the United States
Reed, Connor
May 2019
Primary view of An Assessment of Riparian Buffer Effectiveness in the Upper Hickory Creek Watershed: A GIS Approach Using the Riparian Buffer Delineation Equation [RBDE] and the Buffer Improvement Potential Percentage [BP]
Yesildirek, Monica Veale
May 2019