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Joseph Wood Krutch's Intellectual Quest

Description: Joseph Wood Krutch, literary critic, biographer, and naturalist, played an important role in twentieth-century American intellectual thought. As a drama critic at The Nation in the 1920's, he was disturbed by his fellow intellectuals' wholehearted acceptance of the verdict of science on modern man. Krutch believed that science lessened the stature of man when it refused to see men as anything but animals. Thus, the modern intellectuals subjected themselves to an attempt by communists and common men to overthrow western culture. The 1930's saw a concerted effort to defend communism by intellectuals, ironically, Krutch believed, at their own peril. Krutch's bitter argument with Marxists eventually forced him to nurture Thoreauvian individualism which culminated in a move to Arizona and a new career as a naturalist. He embraced a pantheistic philosophy. His search for order in a chaotic world made Krutch an interesting figure in American intellectual life.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Forst, Eugene R.

The Jay Treaty: Ratification and Response

Description: This study focuses on the reaction in the United States to Jay's Treaty, 1794-96. Though crucial in the development of American diplomacy, the treaty's greatest impact was on the domestic politics of the young nation. The most important sources were the correspondence of the participants. Other materials include newspapers, diaries, government documents, and secondary sources. The thesis argues that the treaty was in the best interests of the United States, and the nation was fortunate to be led at this time by the Federalist party.
Date: May 1980
Creator: Wilkin, Mark

Wawrzyniec Goslicki: The Counsellor

Description: Wawrzyniec Goslicki's De optimo Senatore was published in Venice in 1568. Subsequent translations of the work had an impact on political thought in England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Goslicki's work has received little attention since, and this paper is an effort to restore to Goslicki his place of importance in Polish history and western political thought. The paper provides a brief biography of Goslicki; an account of the English translations and historiography surrounding De optimo Senatore; an analysis of Goslicki' s political thought; and, an explanation of his influence on William Shakespeare.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Sharp, Betty C.

Mathematical Messiah: Robert Recorde and the Popularization of Mathematics in the Sixteenth Century

Description: Robert Recorde (c. 1510-1557) was a pioneer in the teaching of mathematics in the English language. His attempt to popularize mathematics, in fact, was without precedent in any language. Mathematics in the 1500s was still exclusively reserved for mathematicians, and people in general had no interest in the subject. Within a hundred years after Recorde had popularized mathematics, however, this situation had changed. The scientific revolution of the seventeenth centuty occurred and mathematics became an indispensible aspect of man's knowledge. This thesis examines the background and development of Recorde's attempt to popularize mathematics and evaluates that attempt in terms of its relation to the position of science in the modern world.
Date: August 1980
Creator: Thavit Sukhabanij