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Tracing Messiaen in Naji Hakim's Le Tombeau d'Olivier Messiaen

Description: Olivier Messiaen and Naji Hakim are both representative composers of the twentieth century. For the performer this "modern" music is difficult to analyze because of the increased complexities of its harmonic language. Therefore the purpose of this study is to demonstrate a way to approach Naji Hakim's Le Tombeau d'Olivier Messiaen through Messiaen's own musical language. This study examines how Hakim has borrowed Messiaen's theory and used it in his own piece. Chapter I outlines the purpose and motive of this study. Chapter II briefly outlines the piece, introduces the meaning of Tombeau in music history, and presents Messiaen's modes of limited transposition, one of the main sources used in the composition of Le Tombeau d'Olivier Messiaen. Chapter III details Messiaen's influence in Hakim's piece. This influence consists of four elements: melody, mode, harmony, and extra-musical ideas. This chapter is the primary portion of the document. After examining the influence of Messiaen, a conclusion of this study is offered in Chapter IV. Four appendixes are attached to this document: an interview with Naji Hakim about Le Tombeau d'Olivier Messiaen; the modes of limited transposition in Le Tombeau d'Olivier Messiaen; a biographical sketch of Naji Hakim; and program notes from Le Tombeau d'Olivier Messiaen.
Date: December 2006
Creator: Lee, Hye-Young

Unique Contributions for Oboe in the Classical Period: Jacques Christian Michel Widerkehr's Duos for Oboe and Piano and François Devienne's Six Sonatas for Oboe and Basso Continuo

Description: Sonatas for oboe in the classical period are classified as 'solo sonatas.' These 'solo sonatas,' which originated in the baroque period, consist of a melody instrument and basso continuo. Solo sonatas for oboe, which account for a sizeable repertory in the baroque period, continued to be composed in the classical period but in the baroque style. The basso continuo setting for sonatas gradually disappeared toward the end of the period, developing into the duo sonata in which a solo instrument and piano played an equal role in presenting melodic material. While the fully developed classical sonata was written for piano alone, and duos for violin and piano and cello and piano, the sonatas for oboe did not make this transition. The duo sonatas for oboe and piano by Jacques Christian Michel Widerkehr are exceptions to the baroque style 'solo sonatas.' Widerkehr's sonatas are the only true 'duo sonatas' for oboe and piano written in the classical period. François Devienne's sonatas deserve special recognition as the only 'solo sonatas' for oboe written predominantly in the classical style. In addition to presenting an overview of sonatas for oboe, biographical information on Widerkehr and Devienne, current state of research of Widerkehr's sonatas, changes in performance venue and instrumental design of the oboe, an examination of Widerkehr's Duos for Oboe and Piano in E Minor and C Major will follow. Examples of classical style elements and procedures are identified in each analysis with an emphasis on the duo setting. Devienne's Sonata in G Major, Op. 71, No. 1, serves as an example of his six oboe sonatas. Although the work is composed in a basso continuo setting, examples of classical style characteristics are identified in an analysis of the three movements.
Date: December 2006
Creator: Schindler, Angela N.

Viability of the job characteristics model in a team environment: Prediction of job satisfaction and potential moderators.

Description: Much of the history of management and motivation theory is rooted in the desire to understand the factors that contribute to having a satisfied workforce. Job satisfaction is the most widely studied construct in the history of industrial/organizational psychology. The job characteristics model (JCM) holds that if jobs are enriched with high levels of specific job characteristics (i.e., task significance, task variety, task identity, autonomy and feedback), employees will report higher levels of job satisfaction. While this claim enjoys wide support in studies conducted in traditional, hierarchically based organizational environments, few studies have tested the JCM in team based organizational designs. This study also evaluated possible moderating influences of growth need strength (GNS; the need for personal growth and development within the job environment) and emotional reactivity (a measure of frustration with perceived obstacles in the work environment). It was hypothesized that employees with higher levels of GNS would respond more positively (via higher job satisfaction ratings) to enriched jobs than would employees with lower levels of GNS. Alternatively, it was hypothesized that employees with lower levels of emotional reactivity would respond more positively (via higher job satisfaction ratings) to enriched jobs than would employees with higher levels of emotional reactivity. Results indicated that four job characteristics (task significance, task variety, task identity and feedback) served as significant positive predictors of job satisfaction, while GNS moderated the relationships between task significance and task variety with job satisfaction in a way that supported the research hypothesis. Emotional reactivity was not found to moderate any of the relationships between individual job characteristics and job satisfaction. Overall, results support the relevance of the JCM to team based organizations, providing support for the assertion that the relationship between enriched jobs and higher levels of job satisfaction persists across professional work contexts, as well as ...
Date: December 2006
Creator: Hunter, Philip Edward

VO2 response profile in heavy intensity cycling after heavy intensity arm or leg exercise.

Description: The elevated CO2 levels, elevated temperature, and lower blood pH that may occur during exercise should enhance O2 delivery to the exercising muscles. It was hypothesized that performance of prior exercise (PE) would result in a faster VO2 response, as well as a reduced slow component contribution, in subsequent exercise bouts. Five women (21 ± 1 yr) and 10 men (23 ± 2 yr) performed nine 6-min bouts of heavy intensity cycle ergometer exercise (i.e., above the ventilatory threshold, individually determined by an incremental test). Three bouts were performed without prior heavy exercise (noPE), three were performed 6 min after a 6-min bout of heavy intensity arm cranking (PEA), and three were performed 6 min after a 6-min bout of heavy intensity cycle ergometer exercise (PEL). Breath-by-breath VO2 data from each of the three sets of three tests were combined and fitted to a two-component model, which ignores the cardiodynamic phase. The primary and slow component amplitudes were truncated to reflect actual increases in VO2 in each phase. The effects of PE on the time constant of the primary component were inconsistent. As hypothesized, the amplitude of the slow component was reduced by PE (noPE vs PEA vs. PEL: 25% > 16% < 14%; p < .05). It is concluded that heavy intensity PE affects characteristics of the VO2 profile in a subsequent bout of heavy intensity leg exercise.
Date: December 2006
Creator: Ptak, April Louise

Well-Being of Gifted Students Following Participation in an Early-College-Entrance Program

Description: The concepts of well-being and life satisfaction are explored in this study of the experiences and psychological traits of highly-gifted students who have been radically accelerated into an early-college-entrance program. The study was conducted after participation in the early-college-entrance program. The primary focus of the study is on personal well-being and life satisfaction including the variables of subjective well-being, efficacy, and the dispositional traits of cheerfulness, seriousness, and bad mood. These variables are gathered as the initial phase of a longitudinal study of the early-college entrants' personal and professional experiences, their life satisfaction, and dispositions. The subjects for this study were participants in the Texas Academy of Math and Science (TAMS). TAMS is a state run early-college-entrance program at the University of North Texas in Denton.
Date: December 2006
Creator: Boazman, Janette Kay

What makes a quality Ph.D. program in library and information sciences?

Description: The intent of this study was to establish and validate criteria for use to assess the quality of a library and information sciences (LIS) Ph.D. program. The Ph.D. student-centric topology for quality Ph.D. programs was developed from a 2001 position statement by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) regarding the quality indicators in research-focused doctoral programs in nursing. Topology components were tested using a survey instrument to establish their importance to the community of practice and their potential use to assess a Ph.D. program. Survey participants were asked to rank terms or concepts in a balanced incomplete block (BIB) design then rate, on a Likert-type scale, statements about the applicability of these terms or concepts to assessing a quality LIS Ph.D. program. Survey participants were from the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Open Lib/Info Sci Education Forum jESSE Listserv. Of 225 survey participants affiliated with universities or schools from North America who submitted usable surveys, slightly less than two-thirds (64.4 %) were female while 35.5 % were male. Ninety-eight participants (43.6 %) were faculty, 114 (50.7 %) were Ph.D. students or candidates, and 13 (5.8 %) were in other roles. Statistical analysis of survey responses showed consistent results between the different demographic groups. The topology was validated by the results of the statistical analysis of the research data. Every component of the topology was acknowledged as very important to assess the quality of a LIS Ph.D. program. Faculty was the highest ranked item in the BIB analysis with a statistically significant difference (p < .0001) in the mean rank order from the next highest ranked item, Ph.D. students. The rank order from the BIB analysis was as follows: faculty, Ph.D. students, programs (courses) of study, teaching, learning environment, resources, and evaluation. Faculty was also the ...
Date: December 2006
Creator: Klingler, Scott Lavell

Working Lifestyles and Sleepless Nights: The Role of Work in Patient Explanatory Models of Insomnia

Description: Interviews conducted with patients receiving treatment for insomnia at one of two sleep medicine clinics, located in Texas and Oregon, suggest that work is a pivotal influence in shaping the respondents' interpretations, explanations and behaviors relating to insomnia. "Work" includes such facets as the nature of one's occupation, the associated volume or amount of work required, mental demands related to work, work schedules and work-related stress. Specifically, results reveal: 1) nearly 60% of the sample identify work as a primary or perpetuating cause of their insomnia, 2) respondents often report work as influencing the nature and importance of their sleep, 3) sleep is considered a problem, and medical intervention is solicited, after work is affected, and 4) work performance is a major consideration in determining treatment efficacy and compliance.
Date: December 2006
Creator: McClellen, Dana L.

Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Climate Change Science Program, 2007

Description: This Fiscal Year 2007 edition of Our Changing Planet describes a wide range of new and emerging observational capabilities which, combined with the Climate Change Science Program’s analytical work, lead to advances in understanding the underlying processes responsible for climate variability and change. The report highlights progress in exploring the uses and limitations of evolving knowledge to manage risks and opportunities related to climate variability, and documents activities to promote cooperation between the U.S. scientific community and its worldwide counterparts.
Date: November 2006
Creator: U.S. Climate Change Science Program

The Unresolved Land Reform Debate: Beyond State-Led or Market-Led Models

Description: In response to the problem of inequalities in the distribution of land, this Policy Research Brief points toward a land reform model that could both satisfy legitimate and urgent demands for social justice and develop an agrarian system that is economically viable. It draws primarily on a UNDP-ISS supported set of country studies and analytical papers.
Date: November 2006
Creator: Saturnino M. Borras Jr. & Terry McKinley

Stern Review: The Economics of Climate Change

Description: The Review's executive summary states that "the Review first examines the evidence on the economic impacts of climate change itself, and explores the economics of stabilizing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The second half of the Review considers the complex policy challenges involved in managing the transition to a low-carbon economy and in ensuring that societies can adapt to the consequences of climate change that can no longer be avoided". The report's main conclusion is that the benefits of strong, early action on climate change considerably outweigh the costs.
Date: October 30, 2006
Creator: Peters, Siobhan; Bakhshi, Vicki; Bowen, Alex; Cameron, Catherine; Catovsky, Sebastian; Crane, Di et al.

Curators' Evaluation of WAS Release 1

Description: This report discusses the curators' evaluation of Web Archiving Service (WAS) release 1, as part of the Web-at-Risk project. This report summarizes the feedback received from the curators and provides details details to illustrate the areas that were either confusing or problematic to them. Their recommendations as well as some considerations for future development are also included. Additionally, many of the observations and suggestions in the Quick Heuristic Evaluation of the WAS echo the feedback received from the curators. These commonalities are noted in the document.
Date: October 20, 2006
Creator: Murray, Kathleen R. & Hsieh, Inga K.

Biodiversité: Quelle Recherche Dans 15 Ans?: Enjeux, Chercheurs, Contextes

Description: Proceedings of a meeting of the French Institute of Biodiversity (IFB), setting a course of research for the next fifteen years. The IFB, composed of government agencies, research organizations, and NGOs, is a scientific interest group promoting scientific research in biodiversity. The IFB is devoted to coordinating research on biodiversity in all natural and social sciences, to promoting biodiversity research at the national, European, and international levels, and to disseminating knowledge and providing educational outreach to the general public.
Date: October 2006
Creator: Institut Français de la Biodiversité

Climate Change and Insurance: An Agenda for Action in the United States

Description: This report is the first report of its kind that attempts to overlay a detailed distillation of climate change science with U.S. insurance industry activities around climate change. This report aims to go beyond an investigation of only hurricanes to also address the implications for the U.S. insurance industry of other impacts of climate change including forest fires, floods, and storm surge (although storm surge is not commercially insured, this report describes how government insurance backstops interact intimately with commercial insurance products and with consumer perception of risk). The report finds that U.S. insurers are far ahead of many of their overseas counterparts in assessing current catastrophic (cat) risk through sophisticated cat risk modeling that is based on historical weather events; however, U.S. insurers appear to lag behind their European peers who have begun to conduct studies of climate change and are beginning, though slowly, to incorporate future climate change scenarios into cat risk models, particularly for flooding.
Date: October 2006
Creator: Anderson, Miranda; Dobardzic, Saliha & Gardiner, David

Dryland futures: East and Southern Africa-Three Critical Factors

Description: The publication looks to the prospect for the East and Southern African drylands in the context of recent history and the changes that have occurred in the realms of policy, economic and social conditions and the environment. It further points out three of the biggest challenges facing East and Southern Africa in the foreseeable future— climate change, land tenure and HIV/AIDS.
Date: October 2006
Creator: Drylands Development Centre

The Global Carbon Cycle

Description: A brochure explaining the likely dynamics of the carbon-climate-human system with projections for the future, and recommendations for points of intervention and windows of opportunity for human societies to manage this system.
Date: October 2006
Creator: Global Carbon Project

Lone Star Ink: Exploring Texas through Historic Newspapers, 1880-1910: Grant Materials

Description: These grant materials were prepared for the National Digital Newspaper Program, a project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to provide access to historic American Newspapers. The Library of Congress serves as the technical adviser for the NDNP. NEH designated this proposal a “We the People” grant, and it was provided by NEH as an example grant in the following year’s grant round. The award funded digitization of Texas historical newspapers. For the grant, UNT served as the lead institution with partners at the Center for American History at the University of Texas, and Texas Tech University. This proposal was funded for $397,552.
Date: October 2006
Creator: Belden, Dreanna & Hartman, Cathy Nelson