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The development of an elementary class method of band instruction and theory

Description: The purpose of this study is to create a curriculum for beginning instrumentalists who have no background in music and are young students not yet capable of deciphering highly technical and academic sentences, phrases, and terms. This method is designed to give the student a foundation in theory without taking undue time from the instrumental phase of the curriculum and at the same time to increase the tempo of training in both phases.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Ford, Benjamin D.

The materials and methods employed in the pedagogy of woodwind instrument classes at the college level

Description: It is the purpose of this thesis to present some of the material to be employed in the pedagogy of the woodwind instrument classes at the college level in order that this material may serve as a useful and beneficial guide for the students and teachers of the woodwind instrument classes.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Hudgins, Jack William, 1927-

Personal study and comparative analysis of the track men the football men at North Texas State Teachers College for the period of ten years

Description: This study deals with an investigation of letterman in track in North Texas State Teachers College during the ten- year period of 1930-31 through 1939-40, as compared with football lettermen of the same period. More especially, it is a study of the program, the accomplishments, and the later occupations followed by the individual athletes who earned letters in track.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Brown, Elmer Arthur

The suitability of five Denton County clays for use in high school ceramics classes

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the suitability of five clays from the vicinity of Denton, Texas for use in high-school ceramics classes. The abundance of natural clays in Denton County and throughout the state of Texas, the ease with which clays may be obtained, and the ease with which they may be refined for use provide almost unlimited teaching possibilities in high-school art classes.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Tooley, Martin P.

Popular choices in modern printed textiles on the Dallas market

Description: In order to develop a program whereby people can be educated to appreciate and choose the best contemporary designs among the many textiles that are available, it is necessary to know which types of textiles, if any, among those designed in the modern manner, the public accepts, which it rejects, and the factors that influence selection. This study was made to discover those factors -- such as color, subject matter, and utility -- that determine popular choices in a representative group of well-designed modern printed textiles which were available on the Dallas market. The textiles were placed on public exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.
Date: June 1949
Creator: Wood, Bess

String Quartet

Description: The first movement is probably best catalogued as highly altered sonata-allegro in form. Exposition of the main thematic material is in the form of a fugue. The main thematic germ of this entire work may be found in the first three ascending fourths.
Date: June 1949
Creator: Thomson, William, 1927-

A Transcription for Band of Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait From the Orchestral Score

Description: The problem of this study was to make a transcription of Lincoln Portrait for symphonic band. There is a drastic need for music of a better quality and music by modern composers for symphonic band.The problems of this study concern the following major phases: first, the instrumentation of the work;second an analysis from the point of view of the problem; third, a band transcription of Lincoln Portrait for symphonic band.
Date: June 1949
Creator: Williams, Johnnie N.

Fantasy For Orchestra

Description: Fantasy for Orchestra was first conceived as a symphony in one movement of about twenty minutes duration in sonata-allegra form. It was to include the diversity of moods and materials generally associated with the three, or four movement sonata, or symphony, as had my sonata for violin and piano. The plan of this previous work is as follows: A, Scherzo, B, Closing Theme, Development, A, Slow Movement, B, Closing Theme, Coda.
Date: January 1949
Creator: Fischer, Gilbert, 1917-

Chamber music for children

Description: This study is a progressive series of string quartets for children ages six to eight. A picture and a story for the child accompany each of the twenty lessons. The stories are written about animals, birds, and incidents that exist in the child's world. They are designed to arouse associations between familiar subjects or incidents and unfamiliar problems at hand.
Date: August 1948
Creator: Cornelius, Marjory Lunt

Organization and Production of an Original Musical Playlet, A May Comedy

Description: The purpose in writing this thesis is to describe program material for a musical performance to be presented by the public school music classes of the Stephenville Public Schools, Grades IV to VIII, and the means taken to further musical growth on the part of several hundred children through participation in this program. Most musical plays provide for only a small number of main characters and only one chorus. To fit the need of classes in this particular school, a large cast is necessary, and also a play in which several different groups or choruses may participate. To illustrate this need for program material in the public school music classes, this musical playlet, "A May Comedy", was written, and the details of its presentation given.
Date: August 1948
Creator: Heptinstall, Bobbie B.

A study of superstitions and customs affecting health practices among the people of Starr County, Texas

Description: The superstitions and customs considered in this thesis are limited to those found in Starr County, Texas, and to those that most deeply affect and shape the lives of the people of the county. It is necessary to probe into the background of their lives from many angles; namely, history, geography, economic conditions and health conditions.
Date: August 1948
Creator: Longoria, Gladys L.

Theme and Mutations

Description: The purpose of this composition is to demonstrate the creative stimuli offered a composer by The Schillinger System of Musical Composition. To illustrate this creative stimuli offered a composer, the writer has composed an extremely diverse, yet homogenous musical continuity from the elements contained in an eight measure theme. The sections of this composition are titled mutations, for though they are all inherently related to the theme, this relationship often appears fortuitous. The term variation usually implies structural alterations that are readily apparent.
Date: August 1948
Creator: Dolch, John P. (John Parker)

A Transcription for Band of the Second Movement of Cesar Franck's Symphony in D Minor : From the Orchestral Score

Description: The problem of this study was to make a transcription of the second movement of Franck's Symphony in D Minor for a college symphonic band. A thorough discussion of problems of instrumentation and analysis, a brief history of the composer's life and works, and an evaluation of the contribution of the project is included in this document.
Date: August 1948
Creator: Franck, C├ęsar, 1822-1890

Symphonic piece for band

Description: The objective of this composition was to provide a piece for concert band in a large form with the ultimate aim of submitting the number for publication for performance by a college, or good high school band, with the additional hope this number might eventually be included on a high school band contest list. With the thought of publication in mind, it was necessary to cross-cue certain parts and limit the technical scope of the composition.
Date: June 1948
Creator: Hill, Charles Lee, 1910-