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Primary view of Providing Inclusive Services to Transgender Customers
Keralis, Spencer D. C.; Leuzinger, Julie & Rowe, Jennifer
September 2017
Primary view of Tracing Our Global Connections: A Bibliographic Analysis of UNT Digital Library Item Usage Among Global ETDs
Andrews, Pamela; Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw; Harker, Karen & Klein, Janette
August 6, 2017
Primary view of A cooperative for big data in scholarly publishing
Hawkins, Kevin S.
August 4, 2017
Primary view of Is Print REALLY Dead? Exploring the Relationship between the Technology Acceptance Model and Use of E-books at a Large Research University
Smith, Susan; Rodriguez, Allyson; Dewitt-Miller, Erin; Xu, Lu & Billings, Emily
June 24, 2017
Primary view of Aquiline Books at UNT: A Progress Report
Hawkins, Kevin S.
June 2, 2017
Primary view of Academic Librarians as STEM Retention Partners
O'Toole, Erin
May 2017
Primary view of Collaboration in scholarly communication: Opportunities to normalize open access
Rodriguez, Allyson
May 2017
Primary view of Succession Planning Through Mentoring in the Library
Leuzinger, Julie & Rowe, Jennifer
Primary view of Enhancing Bibliographic Access to Dissertations
Sassen, Catherine
December 12, 2016
Primary view of The Impact of Physically Embedded Librarianship on Academic Departments
O'Toole, Erin; Barham, Rebecca & Monahan, Jo
July 2016
Primary view of Finding the Target: An Experiment in Benchmarking
Enoch, Todd & Henley, Mark
June 27, 2016
Primary view of X Marks the Spot: Creating and Managing a Single Service Point to Improve Customer Service and Maximize Resources
Venner, Mary Ann & Keshmiripour, Setareh
June 8, 2016
Primary view of News, new roles & preservation advocacy: Moving Libraries into action
Halbert, Martin; Skinner, Katherine; Wilson, Marc & Zarndt, Frederick
June 7, 2016
Primary view of First You Get the Money, Then You Get the Reviews, Then You Get the Internet Comments: A Quantitative Examination of the Relationship Between Critics, Viewers, and Box Office Success
Berg, Jeremy & Raddick, M. Jordan
April 28, 2016
Primary view of Assessment of Cataloging Services in an Academic Library
Sassen, Catherine; Loafman, Kathryn & Welch, Rebecca
December 30, 2015
Primary view of Complex Visual Imagery and Cognition During Near-Death Experiences
BatthyƔny, Alexander
Winter 2015
Primary view of Dreams from Another Dimension?
Krippner, Stanley
Winter 2015
Primary view of Editor's Foreword
Holden, Janice Miner
Winter 2015
Primary view of Paranormal Aspects of Pre-Existence Memories in Young Children
Rivas, Titus; Carman, Elizabeth M.; Carman, Neil J. & Dirven, Anny
Winter 2015
Primary view of Editor's Foreword
Holden, Janice Miner
Autumn 2015
Primary view of Of Love and Light: A Case Report of End-of-Life Experiences
Tassell-Matamua, Natasha A. & Steadman, Kate
Autumn 2015
Primary view of Shedding Light on the Tunnel and Light in Near-Death Experiences: A Case Study
unknown creator
Autumn 2015
Primary view of Two Cases of Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences of Near-Death Experiencers
Foster, Ryan D.; Lee, Deborah & Duvall, Ann Grau
Autumn 2015
Primary view of Evaluating the University of North Texas' Digital Collections and Institutional Repository: An Exploratory Assessment of Stakeholder Perceptions and Use
Waugh, Laura; Hamner, Jesse; Klein, Janette & Brannon, Sian
September 8, 2015