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Interpolation and Approximation

Description: In this paper, there are three chapters. The first chapter discusses interpolation. Here a theorem about the uniqueness of the solution to the general interpolation problem is proven. Then the problem of how to represent this unique solution is discussed. Finally, the error involved in the interpolation and the convergence of the interpolation process is developed. In the second chapter a theorem about the uniform approximation to continuous functions is proven. Then the best approximation and the least squares approximation (a special case of best approximation) is discussed. In the third chapter orthogonal polynomials as discussed as well as bounded linear functionals in Hilbert spaces, interpolation and approximation and approximation in Hilbert space.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Lal, Ram

Power Politics in a Federal Agency: a Policy Study in Federal Aid Programs for Students in Higher Education

Description: This paper determines relationships between three elements of the American policy process: legislature, agency, and administrative clientele. It concerns interrelationships between these elements and their affect to agency functions. A model is constructed; revealing the policy process, illustrating behavior patterns responsible for normal functioning and failure of policies and programs. The model develops through study of a single policy area. Supplemental data are provided from a survey. The paper concludes that the process is based on legislation-- causing activity in an agency or substantial change in programs; agency actions, seated in its own organizational objectives, and resultant to internal conflicts; and by clientele behavior, determined by agency actions or inactions. This model may help predicting policy outcomes, but only after similar but more comprehensive studies.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Allen, Robert Lloyd

Prediction of Job Performance from Factorially Determined Dimensions of Biographical Data

Description: Twenty factors identified through a factor analysis of a 102-item biographical inventory were used as predictors in a multiple regression equation to predict on-the-job performance (supervisory ratings) of oil field employees. This yielded a multiple R of .41. A total of 295 subjects participated in the study. Cross-validation yielded a correlation coefficient of .06. The t-test analyses of the factor means of equipment operators and field mechanics proved that two factors could discriminate between the groups, Mechanical Experience (p<.01) and Social Orientation (p<.05). The results of this study indicate that conducting a factor analysis of unvalidated biographical items and attempting to predict performance would be less appropriate than factor analyzing predictive items to gain an understanding of their underlying dimensions.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Germany, Patrick J.

The Role of Illusion in the Making of the Versailles Treaty (1919)

Description: This investigation is concerned with the role played by the illusions of security, Bolshevism, and American innocence in the making of the Versailles Treaty of 1919. The main sources used in this thesis were the U.S. State Department publications The World War and The Paris Peace Conference and Paul Mantoux's Proceedings of the Council of Four. The drafting of the Versailles Treaty is approached chronologically with special emphasis accorded the problems emanating from the questions of Russia and the Rhine. The study concludes that the peacemakers were manipulated by the illusions of security, Bolshevism, and American innocence.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Baker, Bonnie Riddle

Selection of Warehouse Employees Using a Weighted Application Blank

Description: The purpose of this study was to develop a weighted application blank (WAB) which would aid in the selection of employees who would be more likely to remain on the job for 3 months or more. The 31 biographical items for long- and short-tenure employees were compared to see which items differentiated. A somewhat improvised approach which compared trends of both groups (weighting group N = 169, holdout group N 89), produced five items which were significant at the .05 level and resulted in a 70% improvement over the previous method of selection. The long-tenure employee could be described as a slightly older (20 years or more) married person who lives close to the job, less educated (8th grade or less), and who can list three references.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Parker, Larry L.

Self-Concept Related to Sex Information, Experience, and Attitudes

Description: This study investigates whether sex information, experience, or attitudes are related to self-concept. The subjects were 120 students enrolled in a university sex-education course, All students completed questionnaires measuring sex information, experience, and attitudes. The Tennessee Self-Concept Scale was given to obtain self-concept scores. Correlation coefficients and correlation ratios were computed between sex information, sexual experience, sex attitudes, self-concept, and course grades. No pattern of relationships emerges between self-concept and the other variables studied. A strong negative correlation (P < .01) was found between sex experience and sexual attitude orthodoxy. Consistent with other research, males report more sex experience (D < .01) and more liberal sex attitudes (P < .01) than females.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Stovall, Joseph H.

Simulation of the IBM System/7

Description: This thesis describes the simulation of the IBM SYSTEM/7. The research leading to this thesis involved the development of a PL/I computer program that runs on an IBM 360/50 computer and simulates the IBM SYSTEM/7. Various methods of simulation are examined and guidelines for computer simulation of another computer are established. The SYSTEM/7 simulator (SIM/7) is the heart of this thesis. SIM/7 simulates the IBM SYSTEM/7 entirely with software as opposed to an emulator which involves the combined use of hardware and software to perform the simulation process. This thesis contains a general introduction to computer simulation, reason for simulation, a user's guide for SIM/7 and a definition of the SYSTEM/7 processor using the Vienna Definition Language.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Lewis, Ted C.

The String Quartets of Franz Berwald

Description: This thesis is concerned with the historical context and evaluation of the string quartets of Franz Berwald. It will establish the environment within which Berwald composed these quartets, and show the results of his efforts. The material for this investigation was gathered from musical scores and literature about music. Chapter I gives an introduction to the thesis and a short biographical sketch of Berwald. Chapter II surveys the string quartet in the first half of the nineteenth century, citing the work of major composers. This chapter concludes with an examination of the influences on Berwald's musical styles. Chapter III surveys Berwald's musical output and describes the Quartet in G Minor. Chapter IV describes his last two quartets. The evaluations and conclusions are presented in Chapter V.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Coffman, Randall Edson

A Student Interior Design Laboratory Manual for Perspective Drawing 134

Description: This paper is to present a student interior design laboratory manual for Perspective Drawing 134. A mechanical and freehand approach to the grid method of perspective is used. Chapter I reviews the significance of the problem, definitions of terms of perspective, data sources and method of procedure. Chanter II explains a brief overview of perspective from primitive man to its present use in interior design. Chapter III reviews the general principles of perspective. Chapter IV presents the grid method to one-point and two-point perspective, both mechanical and freehand approaches. Included are step by step illustrations and explanations of the method. Chapter V summarizes the intent of this study.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Farias, Anna Laura

Study of the Programs of Professional Preparation in Physical Education Colleges in India; Comparison of the Programs with the Recommendations Made by a National Conference on Professional Preparation in Health Education, Physical Education and Recreation Education, Washington, D. C., 1962

Description: Data were obtained through the syllabi and the questionnaires returned by the head of physical education institutes in India. From a total of thirty-seven questionnaires sent, sixteen were returned representing fourteen different institutions. The programs in India showed some diversity among the institutions regarding the length of time required to complete the courses and minimum qualifications prescribed for admission to the program. The programs did not meet the recommendations of the conference either in length or content. The newer programs more nearly met the recommendations.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Quraishi, Abdul S.

A Study of the Water-Soluble Antigens from Virulent and Attenuated Biotypes of Brucella abortus

Description: Through chemical analysis and ion exchange chromatography of watersoluble antigens, this investigation supports the view that the majority of differences between the biotypes are quantitative. It was also found that strains demonstrate distinct, qualitative differences when compared to the attenuated strain 19 by immunodiffusion and thin-layer polyacrylamide gel, isoelectric focusing. These differences include the presence of antigens on virulent strains that are absent on strain 19. In addition, one antigen absent on strain 19, was found common to each virulent biotype. Finally, the results from immunodiffusion experiments, employing adsorbed and non-adsorbed immune globulins, indicate that at least some water-soluble antigens are exposed on the cell surface and that their distribution among the biotypes varies.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Brodeur, Richard D.

Theories of Stress Assignment in Spanish Phonology

Description: This thesis examines existing theories of Spanish stress assignment in generative phonology and proposes an alternative theory that is more effective in predicting the surface representations of Spanish stress. Stress is characterized according to traditional textbook standards and examples are given (Chapter I). The current theoretical setting, especially the theories of James W. Harris, is then described (Chapter II). This writer's own theory, based upon an underlying distinction between tense and lax vowels, is delineated (Chapter III) and defended (Chapter IV). The new stress assignment rule--along with a rule of vowel laxing before a word boundary (#) and a rule of stress adjustment--shows stress in Spanish to be predictable and, therefore, not phonemic.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Garner, Kathryn C.

Two Stories

Description: The protagonist of each of these stories has the same problem. Without really willing it, he finds himself involved with people whom he really does not like. These people have little regard for his individuality or for his welfare because they are so immersed in their own worlds that they cannot imagine anyone existing outside them. In both stories the protagonist realizes finally that he is being dragged into these worlds against his will. More importantly, both characters realize that passive resistance will not work, that they must resist actively if they are to retain personal dignity and their very identities. Sammy, in "A Cimmerian Holiday," rejects the Ashburns' world by walking away; Andy, in "Darkling I Listen," repudiates the various worlds of his acquaintances by withdrawing into the solitary world of books and music.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Howard, William L.