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The Reaction of Jonathan Swift to Viscount Bolingbroke's Ethical Views

Description: The problem investigated in this paper is the unlikely friendship of Swift and Bolingbroke. The purpose is to assess the reaction of Swift to the ethics of Bolingbroke. Under examination are the conflicting opinions of these men in regard to morals, money, and ethics. Chapter I contains immoral actions of Bolingbroke. Chapter II shows Swift's manner of life and his reaction to Bolingbroke's immorality. Chapter III gives Swift's attitude to money, Bolingbroke's attitude, and Swift's reaction to Bolingbroke's opinion. Chapter IV contains Bolingbroke's ethical philosophy. And Chapter V reveals Swift's religious views and his reaction to Bolingbroke's ethics. The conclusion is that Swift disapproved of Bolingbroke's ethics, but did not break with him on account of them.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Camp, Paul W., 1908-

Relationship of Internal-External Locus of Control and Performance in a Weight-Control Program

Description: This study explores the relationship between internal-external locus of control and some characteristics of overweight subjects in a weight-control program in the summer and fall of 1973. Only white, female, over-weight, and obese subjects were used. From this study, it appears that Rotter's I-E concept applies to weight loss. This one significant finding lends support to research that internals control their impulses better than externals and that internals seem to learn and retain relevant information better than externals.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Thomas, Bruce M.

The Rhetorical Strategies and Tactics of the Black Panther Party as a Social-Change Movement: 1966-1973

Description: This thesis is concerned with the identification, description, analysis and evaluation of the rhetorical strategies and tactics of the Black Panther Party as a specific social-change movement from 1966 to 1973. Evidence is presented to indicate that the rhetorical strategies and tactics of the Black Panther Party played a vital role in the movement's rise and decline and that their choice of a power orientation and a rhetoric of coercion brought about the decline of the movement. This study also indicates that rhetoric in a social movement is of crucial importance to the development of the movement's ideology, leadership, membership, and methods for effecting change.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Edwards, Patricia Bowman

Spaces of Closed Subsets of a Topological Space

Description: The purpose of this paper is to examine selected topologies, the Vietoris topology in particular, on S(X), the collection of nonempty, closed subsets of a topological space X. Characteristics of open and closed subsets of S(X), with the Vietoris topology, are noted. The relationships between the space X and the space S(X), with the Vietoris topology, concerning the properties of countability, compactness, and connectedness and the separation properties are investigated. Additional topologies are defined on S(X), and each is compared to the Vietoris topology on S(X). Finally, topological convergence of nets of subsets of X is considered. It is found that topological convergence induces a topology on S(X), and that this topology is the Vietoris topology on S(X) when X is a compact, Hausdorff space.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Leslie, Patricia J.

The Standardization of the Basic Movement Performance Profile for Profoundly Retarded Institutionalized Residents

Description: The problem of this study was to standardize the Basic Movement Performance Profile with male and female profoundly retarded residents from the ten Texas state schools for the mentally retarded. To standardize the Basic Movement Performance Profile, the following objectives were formulated: 1. To determine if the test items found in the Basic Movement Performance Profile were valid and appropriate items to measure the basic movement skills of profoundly retarded residents of state institutions. 2. To establish the reliability of the Basic Movement Performance Profile test items utilizing the test-retest method with thirty profoundly retarded males and thirty profoundly retarded females at the Denton State School for the Mentally Retarded. 3. To establish performance level norms utilizing percentile ranks for both sexes on the Basic Movement Performance Profile.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Ness, Richard A.

A Study of Failure in First and Second Grade and Intervention Through Group Counseling

Description: This investigation of failure in the first two grades and the effectiveness of group counseling upon the failing children seeks first to determine whether students who have failed hold a different self-concept or attitude toward school from those of students who have not. The second aim is to determine the effect of group counseling on self-concept and attitude toward school of failing students. The third purpose is to analyze the implications of these findings for elementary school counselors and teachers. The investigation's two phases include a survey study and an experimental study. The ninety-six subjects for the survey phase were selected by identifying forty-eight first and second grade students who failed their grade level in the 1972-1973 school year, and by randomly selecting a control group of forty-eight second and third grade students who had not failed a grade. For the experimental phase of the study, the forty-eight failing students were divided into an experimental group and a control group. Twenty-four were randomly placed in the counseling groups, with the remaining twenty-four as a control group.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Millaway, Jack Harmon

A study of food product recalls and the development of guidelines for the construction of recall programs for small food processors

Description: This study was concerned with the capability of food processors to conduct a product recall, when necessary, with the least time and cost expenditures. An evaluation was made of the effectiveness of the procedures, policies, and organization by which food processors have conducted or would conduct a product recall. Based upon this assessment, a model product recall program was designed to enhance the ability of food processors to conduct product recalls more efficiently.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Harrison, Mary Carolyn

A Study of Press Freedom in South Africa

Description: The problem of the study was to analyze conditions of the South African press, including effects of apartheid legislation on the free flow of information. The method of research was mail questionnaire to editors of twenty-two South African daily newspapers. The study showed that the South African press is restricted by legislation and additional laws are expected. Other information from the study includes the following: at least four main laws impede the free flow of information; the press has ready access to government officials; Die Burger and The Star are considered the most influential newspapers; and Prime Minister Vorster's recent advice that the press "put your house in order" seems aimed largely at key English-language newspapers.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Levy, Joyce Carol

A Study of Selected Savings and Loan Clubs and Their Marketing Functions, with Implications of the Club Concept for the Savings and Loan Industry and for Manufacturers and Middlemen of Certain Consumer Goods and Services

Description: This study investigates the use of the consumer buying club concept in the savings and loan industry. The major purposes of the study were to determine the effectiveness of savings and loan clubs as promotional tools and to reveal some broader marketing implications of the savings and loan club concept. The study's findings provided support for the following hypotheses: I. If savings and loan clubs were independent business operations in the channels of distribution for the goods and services they offer members, these clubs, based upon the marketing functions they perform, would be classified as two or more different types of distinct marketing institutions. II. Rather than being temporary promotional tools, savings and loan clubs are permanent organizational units of some savings and loan associations. III. Savings and loan clubs offer access to a large market for manufacturers and middlemen of certain goods and services. Primary data on the operations and activities of savings and loan clubs were collected in semi-structured interviews with executives of ten clubs that are believed to represent every type of club program existing in the fall of 1973. A mail survey of selected regulatory authorities provided information about the present and future regulatory environment in which clubs operate. Analyses of the data suggest that there are qualitative and quantitative differences in club programs based upon the geographic scope of a club's operation and the size of the sponsoring savings and loan association; however, the club concept appears to be an effective and relatively inexpensive promotional tool when matters of club objectives and design are carefully considered. The regulatory environment for club operations may be described as a passive one, and the findings indicate that this environment will not change in the near future. Savings and loan clubs are consumer-oriented and service-oriented promotional tools indicative of ...
Date: August 1974
Creator: Detweiler, Priscilla

A Study of the Correlates of Vocational Bias in Elementary Students

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine if any correlation exists between the presence of vocational bias in elementary students and (1) the presence of bias in the textbooks they use, (2) father's occupation, (3) student grade level, (4) level of intelligence, and (5) sex of the student. The population for the study consisted of 368 kindergarten, third-grade, and sixth-grade students from two North Texas school districts. The instrument used to measure student vocational bias was the Were I a Worker attitude inventory developed by P. K. Yonge Laboratory School at the University of Florida under the direction of the Fusion of Applied and Intellectual Skills Research Project. The instrument used to categorize the father's occupations into professional and non-professional groups was the "Two-Factor Index of Social Position" developed by A. B. Hollingshead. The data were collected by having each student respond to the attitude inventory under the supervision of the participating classroom teacher. In addition, the student's I.Q., grade level, sex, and father's occupation were recorded on the test booklet. A notation was also placed on each instrument indicating the type of textbook used by that student. After all the data were collected, the attitude inventory was hand scored and the results were recorded on data sheets along with the student information involving the other variables. All statistical computations necessary to this study were done by the North Texas State University Computer Center. Two statistical tests were used to check for relationships between student vocational bias and the other variables being examined. A t-test analysis was used to test for significant differences, and multiple regression analysis was done to more accurately determine what impact the various variables had on vocational attitudes.
Date: August 1974
Creator: King, Francis Michael

A Study of the Epithalamiums, Elegies, and Epyllion of Gaius Valerius Catullus

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to determine the limits of evidence concerning the biography of the Roman poet Catullus, the texts of his poems, and the earlier poetic influence on his longer works and to compare scholarly opinions about those topics. To attain those objectives, both classical authors and modern scholars were used as sources. This work has five chapters. The first outlines the problems of Catullan scholia. The second and third discuss his life and texts. The fourth and fifth concern Catullus' poetic creed and his borrowings from earlier poets and poetic traditions. This paper's conclusion is that, although no full assessment of the poet can be made without additional evidence, Catullus remains a major poetic figure deserving of additional study.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Duggan, John H.

A Survey Study of a Human Relations Training Program for a Select Group of Airport Public Safety Officers

Description: The problem of this study was to survey the perceived effectiveness of a human relations training program for a select group of Public Safety Officers at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. In relation to this select group of Public Safety Officers, the purposes of the study were as follows: (1) to describe the selection procedures, (2) to provide a general overview of the procedures involved in a thirteen-week police training program, (3) to describe the human relations training aspects of the thirteen-week police training program, (4) to describe the public safety officer trainees in terms of their performance on various criteria measurements, (5) to assess and describe the personality characteristics of the Public Safety Officer trainees, and (6) to determine the Public Safety Officers' perceptions of, and reactions to, the human relations training aspects of the thirteen-week police training program.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Hutto, Emmette R.

A Theoretical Investigation of Bound Roton Pairs in Superfluid Helium-4

Description: The Bogoliubov theory of excitations in superfluid helium is used to study collective modes at zero temperature. A repulsive delta function shell potential is used in the quasiparticle excitation energy spectrum to fit the observed elementary excitation spectrum, except in the plateau region. The linearized equation of motion method is used to obtain the secular equation for a collective mode consisting of a linear combination of one and two free quasiparticles of zero total momentum. It is shown that in this case for high-lying collective modes, vertices involving three quasiparticles cancel, and only vertices involving four quasiparticles are important. A decomposition into various angular momentum states is then made. Bound roton pairs in the angular momentum D-state observed in light-scattering experiments exist only for an attractive coupling between helium atoms in this oversimplified model. Thus, the interaction between particles can be reinterpreted as a phenomenological attractive coupling between quasiparticles, in order to explain the Raman scattering from bound roton pairs in superfluid helium.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Cheng, Shih-ta

Topics in Category Theory

Description: The purpose of this paper is to examine some basic topics in category theory. A category consists of a class of mathematical objects along with a morphism class having an associative composition. The paper is divided into two chapters. Chapter I deals with intrinsic properties of categories. Various "sub-objects" and properties of morphisms are defined and examples are given. Chapter II deals with morphisms between categories called functors and the natural transformations between functors. Special types of functors are defined and examples are given.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Miller, Robert Patrick

The Transcendental Experience of the English Romantic Poets

Description: This study is an exploration into the Romantics' transcendence of the dualistic world view and their attainment of a holistic vision. Chapter I formulates a dichotomy between the archaic (sacrosanct) world view and the modern (mechanistic) world view. Chapter II discusses the reality of the religious experience in Romanticism. Chapter III elucidates the Romantics' use of mystic myths and noetic symbols. Chapter IV treats the Romantic transcendence of the dualistic world view and the problems of expressing the transcendental experience in aesthetic form. Supporting theories include those of Henri Bergson, Martin Buber, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and M. H. Abrams. The study concludes by assessing the validity of the Romantic vision in the modern world.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Berliner, Donna Gaye

The Validity of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking

Description: The purpose of this study was to assess content and concurrent validity of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT). The subjects were thirty-four art majors at North Texas State University between the ages of nineteen and thirty-nine. Content validity for the TTCT, as assessed by seven judges (art professors), was very high; concurrent validity was very low. Only one judge's ranking of the criterion was significantly intercorrelated with that of the other judges (p<.05). There were no significant rho correlations between the TTCT and the criterion (p<.05). The t-ratio differences between the males and females, for all tasks of the TTCT, were non-significant (p<.05). It was concluded that the TTCT were not appropriate for use with adult art majors.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Avner, Brett K.

Visuo-Spatial Abilities and Reading Achievement in First- and Fifth-Grade Children

Description: This study attempted to clarify the relationship between visuo-spatial abilities and reading achievement at the first and fifth grades. Groups of good and poor readers were selected at each grade level on the basis of student's scores on the Wide Range Achievement Test in Reading. All subjects had obtained an I.Q. score of ninety or better. The sample was composed of twenty-one females and twenty-seven males. Four tests from the Reitan-Indiana Neuropsychological Battery were given to assess visuo-spatial ability. It was hypothesized that visuo-spatial abilities are related positively to reading achievement and that this relationship is approximately equal at the two grade levels. Statistical analyses of results gave partial support to the first hypothesis.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Wilcox, Peggy Ann

Wiener's Approximation Theorem for Locally Compact Abelian Groups

Description: This study of classical and modern harmonic analysis extends the classical Wiener's approximation theorem to locally compact abelian groups. The first chapter deals with harmonic analysis on the n-dimensional Euclidean space. Included in this chapter are some properties of functions in L1(Rn) and T1(Rn), the Wiener-Levy theorem, and Wiener's approximation theorem. The second chapter introduces the notion of standard function algebra, cospectrum, and Wiener algebra. An abstract form of Wiener's approximation theorem and its generalization is obtained. The third chapter introduces the dual group of a locally compact abelian group, defines the Fourier transform of functions in L1(G), and establishes several properties of functions in L1(G) and T1(G). Wiener's approximation theorem and its generalization for L1(G) is established.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Shu, Ven-shion

A Working Bibliography on the Art of Drawing

Description: This working bibliography of 835 publications on the art of drawing is presented in five categories: Educational and Psychological, Historical, "How-to," Technical, and Techniques of Teaching Drawing. The latter category is annotated, offering a synthesis of the areas of art education and drawing. This bibliography is designed for scholars, artists, and teachers as well as students of the many facets of drawing.
Date: August 1974
Creator: Adair, Rosalind Emily