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From Theory to Practice: an Analytical Study of Sartre's Fiction

Description: The purpose of this study is to ascertain the major aspects of the theoretical structure of Sartrian existentialism and to examine the portrayal of these in Sartre's fiction. The theoretical investigation is based largely on Sartre's "L'Être et le néant" and "L'Existentialisme est u humanisme." The fictional works are "La Nausée," the trilogy "Les Chemins de la liberté," and "Le Mur." The study is prefaced by an examination of the term existentialism and a brief historical comparison of essentialist and existentialist philosophy. The aspects of Sartrian existentialism discussed are: the question of the existence of God and its importance to Sartre's philosophy; the premise of existence preceding essence; the fact of contingency on absurdity and its attendant nausea; the doctrines of freedom and responsibility; the dilemma of choice, anguish, and commitment; and the themes of authenticity, transcendence, and death.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Duran, Richard Gilbert

Genic Differentiation and Evolution in the Ground Squirrel Subgenus Ictidomys (Spermophilus)

Description: The genetic structure of 26 natural populations of three species (S. tridecemlineatus, S. mexicanus, and S. spilosoma) of the Ictidomys subgenus of ground squirrels was analyzed using chromosomal and electrophoretic techniques. Chromosomal variation was not observed in S. mexicanus, and only slight karyotypic variation was found in the other two species. Chromosomal evidence indicated hybridization between S. tridecemlineatus and S. mexicanus, placing these species within the classical definition of semispecies. Analysis of electrophoretic variation at 29 genetic loci indicated close genetic relationships between these species. Evolution in Ictidomys appears to be linked with Pleistocene events, and speciation appears to have occurred within the last 155,000 years.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Cothran, E. Gus, 1951-

Induction of 16α Hydroxylase in Human Cultured Lymphocytes

Description: A method is presented for 160hydroxylase (SAH) induction in cultured human lymphocytes. SAH, a microsomal-associated enzyme, effects the oxidative conversion of 17pestradiol to estriol, which competes for cytoplasmic binding sites. 17,-estradiol and estrone are known mammary carcinogens, while estriol and its epimers have been suggested to have anticarcinogenic properties. To substantiate genetic variations of hydroxylase activity, an analysis of estrogen-induced cultured human lymphocytes was conducted to evaluate the frequency distribution of low, intermediate, and high SAH activity. Frequency analysis indicated that the control population distribution of SAH activity does not corroborate a proposed trimodal expansion of human SAH activity. A log normal distribution of SAH activity does exist, which suggests a polygenic mode of genetic control. SAH activity in a population of breast cancer patients and relatives of breast cancer patients showed no statistical difference from the SAH activity in the control population.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Muijsson, Ingrid E.

Infant-Caregiver Attachment and Separation: Single vs. Multiple Caregivers

Description: This study investigates (1) whether infants cared for by a single caregiver exhibit more attachment behaviors than do infants cared for by multiple caregivers and (2) whether sex differences are found in these behaviors. Twenty-six Black infants, nine to twenty-three months of age, in a day-care center, were observed during one brief low-stress separation from a caregiver. Data were taken using six indices of attachment: maintaining proximity, visual regard, touching, protesting, seeking proximity, and greeting. Where subjected to a two-way analysis of variance, the obtained results showed no significant differences in the effects of the two types of care. However, visual regard and greeting behaviors were observed significantly more frequently in females than in males.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Martin, David Wayne

Linear Operators

Description: This paper is a study of linear operators defined on normed linear spaces. A basic knowledge of set theory and vector spaces is assumed, and all spaces considered have real vector spaces. The first chapter is a general introduction that contains assumed definitions and theorems. Included in this chapter is material concerning linear functionals, continuity, and boundedness. The second chapter contains the proofs of three fundamental theorems of linear analysis: the Open Mapping Theorem, the Hahn-Banach Theorem, and the Uniform Boundedness Principle. The third chapter is concerned with applying some of the results established in earlier chapters. In particular, the concepts of compact operators and Schauder bases are introduced, and a proof that an operator is compact if and only if its adjoint is compact is included. This chapter concludes with a proof of an important application of the Open Mapping Theorem, namely, the Closed Graph Theorem.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Malhotra, Vijay Kumar

Machiavelli and Myth

Description: This work presented the question: to what extent did each period and its events have on the development of the various schools of thought concerning Niccolo Machiavelli. The age of Reformation in its quest for theological purity gave birth to the myth of the evil Machiavelli. The Enlightenment, a period which sought reason and science, founded the myth of the scientific Machiavelli. The eruption of nationalism in the nineteenth century created Machiavelli, the patriot, and this was quickly followed in the twentieth century, an age of unrest, by the rebirth of all previous interpretations. These schools of thought developed as much from the changing tide of events as from the scholarly research of the writers. One of the reasons for the diversity of the Machiavellian literature was that each writer sought his antecedents on the basis of myth rather than where it might realistically be found. Machiavelli and Machiavellianism were abused and misused because modern man did not know himself. He viewed his origin incorrectly and thus could rest on no one explanation for himself or -Machiavelli. Machiavellianism developed from a collection of myths, each started in an attempt to explain the unexplainable, man. Not Machiavelli's politics, but what man appeared to be in them, was the drawing power of Machiavelli's work. What Machiavelli meant to say or did not mean to say was unimportant when compared to what scholars believed him to have said.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Hunt, Melanie

Macro Control Structures for Structured Programming in ALC

Description: This thesis describes a set of computer program control structures which permits the application of certain structured programming techniques to the IBM/360 assembly language (ALC). The control structures are implemented by programmerdefined instructions known as macros. A history of computer software is presented, providing a basis for the emergence of structured programming. A survey of the major concepts of structured programming with special attention to control structures and their significance to structured programming follows. The macros developed in this study include DO, ENDDO, LEAVE, CASE, and ENDCASE. They provide a looping control structure, a loop-escape construct, and a selective control structure. Examples of usage are given.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Connally, Kim G.

Prediction of Susceptibility to Learned Helplessness

Description: A fifty-item questionnaire, representing personality attributes related to behaviors used to index the phenomenon of learned helplessness, was administered to 152 undergraduate students. Based upon factor analysis of the results, six subscales were developed to predict latency of response, failures to solve, and trials to task criterion of anagram solving, this being used to index the phenomenon of learned helplessness. The subscales comprised a ninety-item questionnaire given to seventy-seven undergraduate students three days before participation in the experiment proper. The subjects attempted to solve Levine (1971) discrimination problems (designed to be insolvable) and then attempted to solve patterned anagrams. Contrary to the learned helpless model of depression (Miller and Seligman, 1973), depression was curvilinearly related to latency of response and failures to solve in the anagram task. In addition, internal locus of control was linearly related to trials to criterion.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Foelker, George A.

The Press and Alger Hiss

Description: This study examines and analyzes the treatment accorded Alger Hiss by the American press from August 3, 1948, to January 25, 1950. Information sources included the forty-one newspaper articles submitted by Hiss's attorneys in their motion for a change of venue at the second trial, and those sections of books, newspapers, and magazine articles relative to the press's coverage of the case. Six chapters cover the changing press image of Hiss, newspaper articles submitted in evidence, and the relationships of Richard M. Nixon and Whittaker Chambers to the press. The study analyzes historically the differing attitudes toward Hiss and concludes that since the press reflected the nation's fears that its leaders had Communist ties, press coverage of the case lessened Hiss's chances for a fair trial.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Russell, Jessica

Projecting Occupational Employment in 1980 in the Dallas and Fort Worth SMSAs

Description: The purpose of the paper is to develop projections of occupational employment in the Dallas and Fort Worth Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSA) using Area Projection Method A, developed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) . An objective of the paper is to determine whether reasonable projections can be made for the Dallas and Fort Worth areas using the method. The projections and results can be used by local manpower and education planners to satisfy their planning requirements. The final chapter concludes that Method A does produce reasonable projections, but points out that the projections lack detail. Their value lies in projecting the overall trend and direction of the composition of employment, and their usefulness is primarily in policy making.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Hughes, Mark R.

The Recruiting of Prospective Teachers of Industrial Arts Education

Description: The purpose of this study was to investigate recruitment practices used .in industrial arts education programs and to identify factors which influence students in deciding to prepare for teaching industrial arts. Findings led to these conclusions: 1. Teacher-respondents were mostly unaware of or apathetic to the -problem of recruiting for the future. 2. Teachers used three types of recruitment practices: (a) presentations about industrial arts teacher education; (b) motion pictures and slides on industrial arts; and (3) articles in periodicals written about teaching and college activities.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Donnell, Roland G.

Regulation of the Frequency of Part-Word Repetitions Using Electromyographic Feedback

Description: This study investigated the use of electromyographic feedback in regulating the frequency of part-word repetitions. Two adult stutterers, one female (Subject A) and one male (Subject B) were employed. The frequency of part-word repetitions during baserate, EMG uV raising, and EMG uV lowering conditions was assessed for Subject B. As hypothesized, results indicate that there was a notable decline in the frequency of part-word repetitions during the EMG uV lowering sessions. However, contrary to the second hypothesis, (i.e. that an increase in EMG uV would correspond with an increase in part-word repetitions) there was also a decline in the frequency of part-word repetitions during the EMG raising sessions.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Pachman, Joseph S.

The Relationship of Personality to the Selection of a Required Physical Education Activity by College Women

Description: This investigation was designed to determine whether or not a significant relationship existed between personality and the selection of a required physical education activity and whether or not personality traits exhibited by freshman women were related to specific type activities. Sources of data were 107 freshman women enrolled in activity classes at North Texas State University, 1974-75. The Cattell 16 Personality Factor Inventory, Form A and an information sheet were the instruments utilized in the study. An analysis of variance was calculated to ascertain whether or not differences existed among the four groups in personality scores. This study concluded that no significant relationship appeared to exist between personality and the selection of specific physical activities.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Pulliam, Janet M.

The Rise of the Nazi Party as a Rhetorical Movement, 1919-1933

Description: This interpretative study attempts to ascertain why the Nazi movement gained the support of German voters by examining its persuasive strategies. The growth of the movement was divided into three periods. In each period, the verbal and non-verbal rhetorical strategies were explored. It was found that the movement's success stemmed largely from the display of party unity, the display of power through the Storm Troopers' use of violent street rhetoric, and the spread of Nazi ideals through speeches at meetings, on tours, and especially at the Nuremberg Party Rallies. Their communication capitalized skillfully on the conditions in Germany between 1919 and 1933. Hopefully, the findings of this study add to our knowledge of the role of rhetoric in creating mass movements.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Crosby, Debra

The Role of Simulation in the Teaching of Interpersonal Communication: a Descriptive Case Study

Description: This investigation opened with justification of the association of simulation and rhetoric found in the works of Bitzer, Bryant, Burke, and Nichols. It then focused on some advantages that association provides in the classroom: provides learning experiences for diverse groups, applies to problem solving, gives variety to lecture approach, develops social behavior, and increases awareness of alternatives. A list of simulation procedures was provided for specific rhetorical principles: cooperation/competition; decision making; reasoning; recall; perspective; negotiation; and goal setting. Existing, modified, and original games were included. Simulation with a college Interpersonal Communication class provided two case studies. Procedures, results, and evaluative feedback described degrees of effectiveness, and future application and research were also provided.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Love, Nancy Lorene

The Role of the Peasant Masses in Marxian Political Theory and Practice: a Comparison of Classical and Indian Marxian Views

Description: The central thesis is classical Marxian views concerning the peasant masses have been adopted regarding India; two causal factors are the Hindu Caste system and parliamentary democracy. Descriptive and analytical methodology is utilized to study classical and Indian Marxian theory and its relationship to "Marxist" practice in India. Four major elements involved are: wealthy landowners, poor and landless peasants, the Indian government, and Indian communists. Nonimplemented land reforms and recent capitalist farming compounded the problem. Attacks were launched on the Congress government by three communist parties. Government coalition has included the CPI, and has implemented agrarian reforms advocated by the CPI(M), thereby postponing possible militant communist success.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Mathews, Eapen P.

Salvador Allende: the Rise and Fall of a Chilean Marxist

Description: This study is concerned with describing and analyzing the factors that led to the election and subsequent defeat of Salvador Allende. The research information was selected from leading books, periodicals, government documents, archives, and newspapers. The thesis presents the political history of Allende's rise to power, the social structure that made his victory possible, the development of major programs that facilitated his ascension and that made his decision inevitable, and, finally, an analysis of his administration with observations as to why he failed. The importance of the lower class, the middle class, the military, and the United States are presented as factors contributing to Allende's victory and later accelerating Allende's fall from power.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Speaks, David L.

Selected Poems: Does This Pen Write?

Description: This thesis is a collection of poetry written between 1970 and 1975. The quality of the poems is admittedly uneven, but the inclusion of earlier, weaker poems may indicate a progression in the areas of flexibility, control of material, and strength of poetic voice. The poems are arranged into five sections, entitled "Love," "Rabbits," Poetry about Poetry," "Religion and Ancestors," and "Henry. Poems collected here are intended to demonstrate that experimentation with various forms contributes to an increased ability to control poetic material and technique. By confining a poem to particular forms, one is forced to be more creative, imaginative, and exact. Both control and flexibility are important in contemporary poetry, and my hope is that the following poems demonstrate a balance of those qualities.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Shaw, Delora V.

Selecting Technical Competencies for Beginning Industrial Arts Woodworking Teachers in a Competency-Based eacher Education Program

Description: The problem was to identify the technical competencies necessary for beginning industrial arts woodworking teachers in Texas public secondary schools. Twenty-seven clusters of competencies were listed on a questionnaire sent to ninety-one supervisors of industrial arts in eighty-six Texas school districts requesting that these supervisors evaluate each cluster as "Essential," "Desirable," or "Unnecessary." Sixty-six questionnaires were returned (72.53 percent). A weighted rating scale was used to determine an overall evaluation for each cluster, with the result that twenty-five of the clusters were judged to be "Essential" and the two remaining clusters were judged to be "Desirable." It was concluded that the clusters judged to be "Essential" should be part of the required curriculum and that more training in tool maintenance be given.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Hay, William C.

Serpent Imagery in William Blake's Prophetic Works

Description: William Blake's prophetic works are made up almost entirely of a unique combination of symbols and imagery. To understand his books it is necessary to be aware that he used his prophetic symbols because he found them apt to what he was saying, and that he changed their meanings as the reasons for their aptness changed. An awareness of this manipulation of symbols will lead to a more perceptive understanding of Blake's work. This paper is concerned with three specific uses of serpent imagery by Blake. The first chapter deals with the serpent of selfhood. Blake uses the wingless Uraeon to depict man destroying himself through his own constrictive analytic reasonings unenlightened with divine vision. Man had once possessed this divine vision, but as formal religions and a priestly class began to be formed, he lost it and worshipped only reason and cruelty. Blake also uses the image of the serpent crown to characterize priests or anyone in a position of authority. He usually mocks both religious and temporal rulers and identifies them as oppressors rather than leaders of the people. In addition to the Uraeon and the serpent crown, Blake also uses the narrow constricted body of the serpent and the encircled serpent to represent narrowmindedness and selfish possessiveness. The second chapter deals with the serpent as a symbolic force of energy itself. Blake uses the serpent to represent birth, the life force, guardian of life forces, inner strength, resurrection, forces of destruction, and rebellion against tyranny. The Orc figure, a mythological creation of Blake, is the major representative of all phases of energy. He is a Promethean figure of rebellion and often described by Blake as having a "serpent body." His birth represents the awakening of a terrible, uncontrolled energy which will bring war, destruction, and death. He ...
Date: December 1975
Creator: Shasberger, Linda M.

A Stylistic Analysis of Liszt's Settings of the Three Petrarchan Sonnets

Description: This is a stylistic study of the four versions of Liszt's Three Petrarchan Sonnets with special emphasis on the revision of poetic settings to the music. The various revisions over four versions from 1838 to 1861 reflect Liszt's artistic development as seen especially in his use of melody, harmony, tonality, color, tone painting, atmosphere, and form. His use of the voice and development of piano technique also play an important part in these sonnets. The sonnets were inexplicably linked with the fateful events in his life and were in a way an image of this most flamboyant and controversial personality. This study suggests Liszt's importance as an innovator, and his influence on later trends should not be underestimated.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Van der Merwe, Johan

Thèmes Dominants Dans Le Père Goriot

Description: Four themes dominate Balzae's Pere Goriot: Paris, ambition, money, superman. Paris is described physically, socially and morally all strata of society are cruel and corrupt. The contrast between poverty and luxury arouses the ambition of young provincial Rastignae. While his ambition is mainly social, most of the characters of the novel have financial ambitions; money is their only valued Vautrin would kill and Goriot's daughters would reduce their father to pauperism for profit. Beth Vautrin and Goriot are presented as supermen, but while the former is a strong-willed ruthless ex-convict, the latter is a monomaniac, utterly blinded by paternal love. The four themes reflect contemporary society as well as Ralzac's own life and character. They recur throughout the Comdie Humalne but are skilfully condensed in Le Pere Goriot.
Date: December 1975
Creator: Habib, Joseph