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Measures of Local Fiscal Ability to Supoort Public Schools

Description: The primary purposes of this study are fourfold, namely: (1) to summarize the writings of specialists in school finance and public finance which are judged to have significance concerning the nature, source, control, and measurement of local fiscal ability; (2) to develop an analytical evaluation of the "bases" of the proposed measures; (3) to develop a criterion of the relative taxpaying ability of Arkansas counties in terms of the actual valuation of real property; and (4) to determine the significance of the association among the three measures and the relative significance of the degree of relationship of each measure to the criterion.
Date: January 1959
Creator: Wetherington, Allen Burton

Effectiveness of the Undergraduate Curriculum in Teacher Education in Developing Desired Teaching Competencies

Description: The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate the competencies that a person who desires to teach should possess in order to be an effective classroom teacher. Identification of these competencies will be made from evidence obtained through a consensus of student's opinions, these opinions to be solicited from students currently enrolled in courses required for a major in elementary education, and from the consensus of faculty members who ware currently teaching these courses.
Date: August 1959
Creator: Turkett, Arlie Keith

The Relationship between Personality Traits and Preferences for Instructional Methods

Description: The purpose of this study is to develop an instrument that will measure student preference toward different classroom teaching methods; and to test whether significant differences exist between each of the Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey scales for individuals preferring group-oriented and lecture-oriented instruction.
Date: August 1959
Creator: Patterson, Howard Roscoe

Family Occupational Status of Elementary Public School Teachers and Differential Behavior of Teachers Toward Children of Different Occupational Status Families

Description: Are elementary public school teachers who have been upwardly mobile occupationally more helpful, as measured by Anderson-Brewer "Dominative-Socially Integrative" observation scheme, to children of lower and upper occupational status families than teachers who have not engaged in upward occupational mobility?
Date: January 1960
Creator: Hart, Joseph Wesley

An Analysis of Junior Executive Training Programs in Department Stores in Texas

Description: The problem was to determine the significance of various relationships between job-performance ratings and selected factors associated with the college curricula of junior executive trainees. Job-performance ratings were made by personnel directors and immediate supervisors of college graduates enrolled as participants in junior executive training programs in department stores in Texas.
Date: June 1960
Creator: Ermert, Gene Oliver

An In-Service Educational Program for Beginning Teachers of Spanish in the Elementary Grades

Description: The problem of the study was to determine the effectiveness of an in-service education program as a means of providing qualified foreign language teachers for elementary schools. Specifically, the problem was concerned with a statistical comparison of the achievement of two groups of pupils. One group was composed of fourth-grade pupils who were taught Spanish by teachers who had had a maximum of three college hours in Spanish and who had participated in an in-service education program. The other group was composed of fourth-grade pupils whose teachers had had a minimum of twelve college hours in Spanish but had not participated in an in-service education program.
Date: June 1960
Creator: Robertson, John Clifford

The Serenades and Divertimenti of Mozart

Description: This study has two divisions: Part I, an historical and analytical summary of the emergence and development of the divertimento and the serenade in the eighteenth century, and Part II, the culmination of these structures in the works of W. A. Mozart. Two primary purposes are envisioned: 1) to further our knowledge of how German Gesellshafts-musik evolved toward its peak in the second half of the eighteenth century, and 2) to furnish a useful analytical handbook of Mozart's works in these genres.
Date: June 1960
Creator: Gibson, O. Lee (Oscar Lee)

An Analysis of Purchasing Practices in Small School Systems of Texas

Description: The purpose of this investigation is to make a study of practices in the purchasing of school supplies in small school systems of Texas. The specific purposes are to measure the efficiency of supply purchasing in these school systems, and, secondarily, to develop purchasing procedures that can be used as a handbook in the purchase of school supplies.
Date: August 1960
Creator: Shields, Mayron

The Appropriateness of Teaching Certain Religious Concepts to Children Between the Ages of Six and Twelve

Description: The problem for this study is to determine the appropriateness of presenting the concepts contained in the "Objectives of Christian Teaching and Training" to children ages six through twelve. The appropriateness of presenting these concepts will be based upon a comparison of research figures with the "Objectives of Christian Teaching and Training."
Date: August 1960
Creator: Daniel, James Harris

A Comparison of Learner-Centeredness in Teacher Attitudes and Verbal Behavior

Description: The problem of this study was to determine whether teachers' attitudes as revealed by responses to an attitude instrument reflect teachers' classroom behaviors as implied by a behavior record of verbal comments to pupils. This research, in effect, was a check on the predictive validity of the attitude instrument used in the study, the Minnesota Teacher Attitude Inventory.
Date: August 1960
Creator: Harder, Nancy Alliene

The Relationship of School Entrance Age to Sociometric Status, Mental Health, and School Attitudes in Intellectually Superior Children

Description: The problem of this study consists of two phases: 1) to determine the relationship of a) sociometric status, and b) mental health, to intellectual level in a selected sample of sixth-grade children who entered school before the age of six; and 2) to determine the relationship of a) sociometric status, b) mental health, and c) attitudes toward school to the school entrance age in a selected sample of intellectually superior fifth and sixth-grade children who entered school at different ages.
Date: August 1960
Creator: Stokes, Elizabeth H.

A Study to Determine Some Relations Between Changes in Reading Skills and Self-Concepts Accompanying a Remedial Program for Boys with Low Reading Ability and Reasonably Normal Intelligence

Description: The problem of this study was to determine some relations between changes in reading skills and changes in certain selected aspects of self-concept accompanying a remedial-reading program for elementary school boys with low reading ability and reasonably normal intelligence.
Date: August 1960
Creator: Seay, Lesten Clare

A Study to Determine the Differences in Gains in Reading Ability between Two Methods of Instruction in Language Arts

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in gains in reading ability for two seventh-grade groups taught by two different methods of instruction in language arts. The two methods were: 1) instruction with a reading-improvement program utilizing the SRA Reading Laboratory, and 2) regular instruction in language arts.
Date: August 1960
Creator: Boyd, Danny Wayne

An Evaluation of the Leadership Education Program of the Methodist Church in the Central Texas Conference

Description: The problem of this study is to compare the present practice in the field of leadership education in certain representative local Methodist Churches in the Central Texas Conference with 1) the procedures recommended by the Methodist Church, and 2) the specific needs of the local churches.
Date: January 1961
Creator: Wonders, Alice W.

An Historical Perspective Accompanying The Development of A Program in Humanities for the Junior College Curriculum

Description: The volume contains a view of history based on ten time-zones. The countries of the world and the achievements in varied fields of learning are scanned in such a way as to present a general overview. Within this overview are summaries of work in certain fields, and there are glimpses of single individuals and events.
Date: January 1961
Creator: Trieber, Jacob Marshall

The Relationships between Teacher Morale and the Ability to Establish Rapport with Pupils and Other Selected Variables

Description: The problem of this study was to determine and analyze the relationships between teacher morale as determined by the Group Dimensions Descriptions Questionnaire and the ability to establish rapport with pupils as determined by the Minnesota Teacher Attitude Inventory. The purpose of this study was to discover possible implications from the relationships between teacher morale and the ability to establish rapport with pupils and other selected personal and professional characteristics.
Date: May 1961
Creator: Hill, Thomas Barlow

A Field Follow-Up Study of Beginning Elementary Teachers

Description: The present study was made to determine the relationship between the level of teaching effectiveness of beginning elementary teachers and three individual characteristics of prospective teachers. A secondary purpose was an attempt to improve the service rendered by the School of Education at North Texas State College, Denton, Texas, in the selection and guidance of students who indicate a desire to enter the program for preparing elementary teachers.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Tate, James Oliver, 1929-

The Relationships between Eight Situational Factors and High and Low Scores on the Leadership Behavior Dimensions of Instructional Supervisors

Description: The problem of this study was to determine whether there is a significant relationship between certain situational factors and high and low scores on the leadership behavior dimensions of industrial supervisors. The behavior dimensions studies were the two dimensions of Consideration and Initiating Structure, as measured by the instrument used in the study.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Campbell, Ona Lee, 1908-