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Anxieties of White and Negro Elementary and Secondary Student Teachers in Biracial Participation

Description: The purposes of this study were to determine the extent to which anxieties are created among student teachers by assigning Negro or white student teachers to cooperating teachers of the opposite race, and to analyze the implications of the anxiety on white and Negro student teachers for teacher education institutions interested in the optimum adjustment of student teachers.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Carter, Vertie Lee

The Effects of Weight Loading and Repetitions, Frequency of Exercise, and Knowledge of Theoretical Principles of Weight Training on Changes in Muscular Strength

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of weight loadings and repetitions, frequency of exercise, and knowledge of theoretical principles of weight training on changes in muscular strength. Another purpose was to analyze these effects and determine implications for coaches, physical educators, physical therapists, and others interested in determining the optimum combination of the three variables for increasing muscular strength.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Henderson, Joe Mack

Light and Electron Microscope Studies on the Chemotherapeutic Effect of a Combination of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Hematoxylin on a Transplantable Lymphosarcoma

Description: Investigations concerning the cellular response of tumor tissue to treatment with dimethyl sulfoxide and hematoxylin have not been reported. To establish the response of neoplastic tissue and cells to this combination of agents, this study was undertaken to determine the effects of dimethyl sulfoxide and hematoxylin on a transplantable lymphosarcoma in mice.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Rogers, Thomas D., 1939-

The Relationship of Physical Education to the Personal-Social Growth of Elementary School Children

Description: The primary purpose of this study is to determine to what extent pupils who are found to be in the lowest third of their class on sociometric questions, a self-esteem inventory, and an attitude toward school scale can be helped in improving their status by calculated efforts to do so.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Del Forge, Clarence Joe

The Relationship of the Self-Concepts of Negro and White College Freshmen to the Nature of Their Written Work

Description: This study sought to determine whether any differences existed in the degree of relationship between the self-concepts of Negro and white college freshmen as measured by the mean scores achieved by them on the Tennessee Self Concept Scale and the nature of their performance in written expression as measured by the mean evaluations received by them for certain aspects of their written work.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Johnson, Helen E. W.

Syntheses of Antimetabolites

Description: In these studies several different types of antimetabolites were synthesized, and their biological effects were examined in various assay systems. More extensive investigations were done in microbial systems in which many of the compounds proved to be inhibitory to growth, and attempts were made to determine the mode of biochemical action by adding supplements of the appropriate natural metabolite.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Clifton, George Gil

The Life and Works of Antonius Divitis

Description: Antonius Divitis (ca. L4715-ca. 1525) was born in Louvain, Belgium, and belonged to the generation between Josquin and Gombert. Divitis is listed in various sources as Antoine de Rycke, Le Riche, Davitz, Davtitz, and possibly Richardus Antonius, all of which mean "Anthony the Rich." His extant works include three complete masses, two parts of masses, three magnificats, five motets, two fragments (probably parts of motets) and one chanson. The purpose of this study was to collect, transcribe, and collate all existing manuscripts and prints of Divitis' compositions as well as biographical information about the composer, and to analyze the compositions for information about his techniques, as well as those of his contemporaries. Only two compositions came to the investigator in modern notation, with the remainder in various manuscripts and printed editions by such notable printers as Attaingnant, Gardane, Giunta, Petreius, Petrucci, Rhaw and Rotenbucher, from the first half of the sixteenth century. All variants in the sources were recorded and, in several instances, included in this edition wherever they seemed'to improve the musical readings.
Date: May 1970
Creator: Nugent, B. A.

A New Gravitational Approach to Least Transportation Cost Warehouse Location

Description: The purpose of this study is to examine single facility warehouse location models. The need for such a study is primarily two-fold. First, single facility warehouse location models which determine an alleged optimum location through a coordinate system have been developed. Secondly, the need for additional research is necessary because the approaches involving linear programming, simulation, or heuristic programming do not by definition generate an optimal location.
Date: May 1970
Creator: Van Auken, Stuart, 1941-