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Primary view of The Disruption of the Social Order in the South During the Reconstruction Era
Bennett, Leo
August 1937
Primary view of History of Railway Development in China
Dawson, Homer W.
May 1939
Primary view of Colonization of the East Texas Timber Region Before 1848
Baker, Willie Gene
August 1939
Primary view of Development of the Oil Industry in Texas
Roberts, Grace
August 1939
Primary view of Indians of Southeast Texas
Carlton, Lessie
August 1939
Primary view of The Development of Russian Industry
Rowden, W. C.
Primary view of The Influence of William Jennings Bryan on the Democratic Party
Campbell, Lola M.
Primary view of The Status of the German Woman from 1871 to 1938
Saunders, Venezuela
Primary view of A Survey of the Educational, Vocational, and Social Rehabilitation Efforts for the Blind in the United States
Bass, Charles A.
Primary view of The History of the Texas Negro and His Development Since 1900
Chambers, Bill
August 1940
Primary view of The Importance of Red River in the History of the Southwest
Rains, Cleo
August 1940
Primary view of European Agriculture During the Middle Ages and How it was Influenced by the Monastery
Flesher, Virgil
Primary view of Franco-German Diplomatic Relations 1871-1939
Madeley, Henry
Primary view of The Growth of German Militarism
Williams, Preston Buckner
Primary view of The Rebirth of Poland
McCarty, Tom R.
Primary view of The Rise of the National Socialist Party in Germany
Looney, Droel H.
Primary view of Social Reform Movements of the 1830's and the 1930's: a Comparative Study
Attebery, Wilma Pace
Primary view of A History of the Education of Spanish-Speaking People in Texas
Dorsey, Georgia Lee
June 1941
Primary view of Early Settlement of the Concho Country
Allen, S. T.
August 1941
Primary view of Civil Service Reform in the United States during the Nineteenth Century
Debenham, James A.
Primary view of The National Policy toward Reclamation and Conservation of Natural Resources since 1900
Rutledge, Jo Clark
Primary view of The Position of Texas in the Relations Between the United States and Mexico from 1876 to 1910
Alexander, Gladys M.
June 1942
Primary view of Theodore Roosevelt and His Foreign Policies
Lowrance, Mary Lois
Primary view of The United States-Mexico Oil Relations
Watkins, Carrie May