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Primary view of The Devil in Heaven: A Near-Death Experience with both Positive and Negative Facets
Irwin, Harvey J. & Bramwell, Barbara A.
Autumn 1988
Primary view of Psychic Phenomena Following Near-Death Experiences: An Australian Study
Sutherland, Cherie
Winter 1989
Primary view of Near-Death Experiences and the Pursuit of the Ideal Society
Kellehear, Allan
Winter 1991
Primary view of Guest Editorial: Avoiding the Columbus Confusion: An Ockhamish View of Near-Death Research
Wren-Lewis, John
Winter 1992
Primary view of Death and Renewal in The Velveteen Rabbit: A Sociological Reading
Kellehear, Allan
Autumn 1993
Primary view of The Near-Death Experience as a Dissociative Phenomenon: An Empirical Assessment
Irwin, Harvey J.
Winter 1993
Primary view of The Mystery of Frightening Transcendent Experiences: A Rejoinder to Nancy Evans Bush and Christopher Bache
Jambor, Mishka
Winter 1997
Primary view of An Hawaiian Near-Death Experience
Kellehear, Allan
Autumn 2001
Primary view of Shared Near-Death and Related Illness Experiences: Steps on an Unscheduled Journey
Howarth, Glennys & Kellehear, Allan
Winter 2001
Primary view of Prevalence of Near-Death Experiences in Australia
Perera, Mahendra; Padmasekara, Gayan & Belanti, John
Winter 2005
Primary view of Near-Death Experiences in Suicide Attempters in Sri Lanka
Kuruppuarchchi, K. A. L. A.; Gambheera, Harischandra; Padmasekara, Gayan & Perera, Mahendra
Summer 2008