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Primary view of Measurement of Dielectric Constant and Dipole Moment of Liquids
Fielder, Joseph T., Jr.
Primary view of A Positive Ion Source
Hannah, Kenneth W.
Primary view of The Stereochemistry of Diphenylhexatriene
Secrest, Everett Leigh
Primary view of Superconductivity
Ward, M. B.
Primary view of Absolute Beta Counting Using Thick Sources
Anderson, Miles E., 1926-
Primary view of Dipole Moments of Diphenyl Compounds with Conjugated Double Bonds
Spalding, Dan W.
Primary view of A Reverberation Time Meter
Stockard, Raymond
Primary view of Electrolysis of Aluminum Solutions in a Magnetic Field
Wood, Charles E.
May 1950
Primary view of A Determination of the Bothe Depression Factor for Discs in Water
Patton, Bob
August 1950
Primary view of A Continuously Sensitive Cloud Chamber
Hughes, James E.
Primary view of Crystalline Polymorphism of Nitrates
Shepherd, Jimmie G.
Primary view of A Deuterium-Deuterium Type Neutron Source
Windham, Pat M.
Primary view of Dipole Moments of Olefenic Diesters
Shipley, Floyd D.
Primary view of Dipole Moments of Olefinic Esters
Poteet, Horace M.
Primary view of Potential Distribution of an Electrical Source-Sink Combination Along the Axis of an Infinite Cylinder
Parish, Edward R.
Primary view of A Method for Calculating Foil Depression Factors
Workman, Billy J.
June 1953
Primary view of Design and Testing of a Positive Ion Accelerator and Necessary Vacuum System
McKay, Vern A.
August 1953
Primary view of Operation and Control of a Radiofrequency Ion Source
Paulissen, George T.
August 1953
Primary view of Variational Wave Function for Sodium
Smith, Daniel Montague
August 1953
Primary view of Neutron Density Depression Due to an Oblate Spheroidal Detector
Trammell, Margaret Ruth
January 1954
Primary view of Foil Depression Factors for Disc-shaped Detectors
Gallagher, Tom Lewis
June 1954
Primary view of Analyzing Magnet System for the Electrostatic Accelerator
Young, Thomas E.
August 1954
Primary view of A Two-Dimensional Model Study of Elastic Waves
Fulton, Thomas K.
Primary view of The Angular Distribution and Total Flux of Neutrons Obtained from the Deuterium-Tritium Reaction
Duggan, Jerome L.