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Meeting the Digital Resource Preservation Challenges: The University of North Texas Libraries Initiative
This presentation describes the University of North Texas Libraries' initiatives to ensure long-term access to various digital resources.
The Future is in the Preservation Metadata
This presentation discusses the issue of digital preservation and how metadata provides a critical part of the solution to the preservation challenges from detecting preservation threats to promoting preventative measures.
Web Site Usability Testing at the Libraries
This presentation from the 2003 Texas Library Association Conference discusses the purpose and procedures for conducting website usability testing.
XML for Text Markup: An Introduction to XML Markup
This presentation introduces the extensible markup language (XML) for text markup. It explains where XML came from, the advantages, gives a comparison of XML to HTML, and discusses how XML works and can be used.
Annexation of Texas Project
Presentation for the 2003 GODART Preconference at the American Library Association Annual Conference. This presentation outlines the "From Republic to State: Debates and Documents Relating to the Annexation of Texas, 1836-1856" project. This grant funded project involved digitizing 6000 objects.
Electronic Archives and Partnerships - Preserving Government Information for Tomorrow
This presentation discusses electronic archives, partnerships, and preserving government information. In this presentation, the authors discuss digital libraries and the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). They present the background of the FDLP, developing the Memorandum of Understanding, the CyberCemetery, and gives a current status of the FDLP.
Tips and Tricks for Usability Studies
This presentation from the 2003 Internet Librarian Conference shares some experiences from two “real-life” Web site usability studies, including tips and tricks for carrying out a Web usability study.
Metadata and XML
This presentation discusses how XML can help store metadata. The University of North Texas (UNT) Digital Projects Unit developed the UNTL metadata element set with IndexData that tailored the data to meet their needs.
What's My Leadership Color?
This presentation discusses leadership skills in relation to colors. The topics relate to the "True Colors" quiz, leadership colors, attributes and stressors, and esteem and colors. The discussion is based on "True Colors - An Approach to Understanding Self and Others" by Julie Ray, Partners in Learning.
Ensuring Universal Access for the Global Information Flow: Responding to the Demands of Scholarship in the Digital Age
This presentation was presented in Session 6.4 Reports of Current Research (Juried Papers), at the 2005 ALISE Conference. It summarizes current situations and developing trends in information technologies. Africa is used as a case to illustrate how local policies have played important roles in the process of information globalization.
The Portal to Texas History: Harnessing Technology to Enable Collaboration with Small Museums and Libraries
This presentation discusses how The Portal to Texas History is harnessing technology to enable collaboration with small museums and libraries. This presentation includes information on the workflows, planning, metadata elements, and goals for the Portal project.
Needs Assessment Toolkit
This presentation discusses the needs assessment toolkit created for the Web-at-Risk project. This presentation outlines the details related to the web archive development process and the activities related to the needs assessment.
Web-Published Materials: Preservation and NDIIPP Sponsored Research
This presentation discusses web-published materials, preservation and the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP).
Footholds and Foundations: Setting Freshman on the Path to Lifelong Learning
This presentation discusses an assessment in which the researchers collaborated with a software developer to create an online survey form for college freshman. This assessment was conducted to determine what skills college freshman have in relation to the libraries and research.
Digitization Basics for Museums
This presentation discusses The Portal to Texas History and illustrates what types of items are in the collection and the resources available to museums, educators, and partners. It also discusses the future goals of The Portal to Texas History.
Music in the Church Library
Presentation for the 2006 North Texas Chapter of the Church and Synagogue Library Association meeting. This presentation discusses music in the church library.
At Risk: Capturing and Preserving Web Resources
This presentation discusses the Web-at-Risk project and the issues related to capturing and preserving web resources. It introduces collection development issues, organization and metadata issues, and the findings that support the needs for a web archiving service.
Federated Search
This presentation discusses federated and faceted searching including target audiences, expectations, approaches, protocols, uses, and issues.
Teaching With The Portal to Texas History
This presentation discusses The Portal to Texas History and how the collections and resources for educators are used to enhance learning and as teaching aids.
Preserving Born-Digital Government Information: UNT's Congressional Research Service Reports Archive
This presentation describes the University of North Texas' Congressional Research Services (CRS) Report Archive project. The idea is to capture all CRS reports made available on the web and archive them in one searchable and browsable spot.
Creating Online Tutorials
This presentation is for Graduate Library Assistant training at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries. In the presentation, the author discusses how to create successful online tutorials.
Creating a Culture of Collaboration: Collaborative Models for Digital Libraries in a Heterogeneous Institutional Landscape
This presentation gives a brief overview of the collaborative efforts of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries Digital Projects Unit and its partners in digitization projects.
Facet Forward: Faceted Navigation of Federated Search Results for Cultural Heritage Materials
This presentation discusses the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' web harvesting system organization.
Metadata Madness: Quality Issues in Metadata Management
This presentation provides an introductory discussion on metadata quality issues. It outlines factors that influence metadata quality including the resource types, local requirements, collaborators' requirements, and cost issues and addresses how to manage metadata quality.
Real World Metadata Management with the University of North Texas Libraries' Metadata Analysis Tool
This presentation gives a brief introduction to the University of North Texas Libraries' digital initiatives, their collections and projects, what metadata management is, and metadata analysis tools.
Research, Rummage, and Reconnoiter: Online Exploration at The Portal to Texas History
This presentation discusses what The Portal to Texas History is and the benefits that it provides to the community and to educators. It also illustrates how to use The Portal to Texas History, shows examples of the collections, and discusses future goals.
Enhancing the Quality of Metadata: Modular Approach to Digital Resource Lifecycle Management
This Tech Talk presentation discusses digital resource management. Templates, validation, controlled vocabularies, analysis tools, graphical reports, and more are explained in this presentation.
JSTOR: Preservation, Storage, Access
This presentation discusses JSTOR, the scholarly journal archive. The author discusses the JSTOR mission of preservation, storage, and access.
Collaborations, Best Practices, and Collection Development: Born-Digital and Digitized Materials [Presentation]
This presentation discusses the phases of web collection development, challenges with web archives, and the need and benefit for preserving web materials.
Building Search Systems for Digital Library Collections
This presentation describes the infrastructure and collection in the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries Digital initiatives. This discusses issues related to searching and explains possible solutions to best enhance metadata and searching capabilities.
Making it Work, Making it Fun: Metadata in Action
This presentation discusses metadata and how to ensure quality. It illustrates how the University of North Texas (UNT) utilizes a metadata analysis tool and a metadata template creator.
Turning Challenges into Opportunities: How Law Libraries Can Capture and Preserve Government Web Resources
This presentation discusses issues for law libraries and how law libraries can capture and preserve government web resources. It gives a background and new issues encountered when collecting web published resources, research, and collection development planning tools.
Introduction to METS: UNT Libraries' Tech Talks
This Tech Talk presentation explores METS. The Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) is an initiative of the Digital Library Federation. Maintained by the Library of Congress, it provides a standard vocabulary and set of data structures for encoding hierarchical digital object content and metadata. In this presentation the author explains more about these parts of METS, and discusses how METS may be applicable to digital collections in the UNT Libraries.
An Introduction to MODS: The Metadata Object Description Schema
This Tech Talks presentation offers an introduction to MODS. The presenter utilizes real life examples to show how MODS can be used with the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS).
Teaching Information Literacy: A Performance Based Cycle
This presentation discusses teaching information literacy and a project to assess student searching skills. It includes background information on the project, discusses the performance cycle of information literacy, active teaching, learning, and assessing, student navigation skills, and software and strategies.
Circulation Myth Busters!
This presentation discusses circulation in the libraries and what the policies, processes, services, and resources are for the UNT Libraries circulation department.
Integrating Folksonomies into Cultural Heritage Digital Collections: The Challenges and Opportunities of Web 2.0
In this presentation, the author defines Folksonomy and the advantages and disadvantages of Folksonomy. He begins with a background on information retrieval and changing technologies, discusses trends in technologies, and explains the use of tags and Folksonomy.
Maintaining Quality Metadata: Toward Effective Digital Resource Lifecycle Management
This presentation discusses the critical issues of metadata quality in digital libraries and describes the efforts being made by the University of North Texas Libraries to ensure metadata quality at various levels of digital resources' life cycle.
Rolling Your Own Digital Library System
This presentation discusses the topic of building your own digital library system. It explains why the University of North Texas built their own system and some of the initial challenges and the advantages associated with the process.
Update on Digitization at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries
This presentation gives an update on the digital collection at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries in their Digital Collection and The Portal to Texas History in 2008.
The Man on the Beat: John Gilliland and The Pop Chronicles
Presentation for the 2008 Association for Recorded Sound Collections Annual Conference. This presentation discusses John Gilliland and The Pop Chronicles.
Collaborations: How Ussachevsky Interacted with Other Composers in the Creation of Electronic Music
Presentation for the 2008 Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses collaborations and how Vladimir Ussachevsky interacted with other composers in the creation of electronic music.
The E-Quality Service Model: Collaboration between the Reference and Circulation departments as a means to improve the library experience for distance education patrons in an academic library
This presentation discusses collaboration between the reference and circulation departments as a means to improve the library experience for distance education patrons in an academic library. The two authors give perspectives from the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Enemies of History: Murderers of the Past
This presentation is about a workshop for high school students. The workshop focused on preservation and how it relates to the study of history.
Exploring the Texas Revolution Online through The Portal to Texas History
This presentation illustrates examples of items held in The Portal to Texas History collection and how these works contribute to learning about the history of the Texas Revolution.
Nuts & Bolts: Preserving Digital Content at the University of North Texas
This presentation discusses the preservation and digitization of content at the University of North Texas (UNT). The topics include a background of the digital initiatives at the UNT Libraries, the organization of the digital initiatives, the collaborative projects, the collections held by the UNT Libraries, and areas of research.
Web Archiving Workshop: Overview
This presentation gives a brief overview of the history of web archiving and explains key terms and concepts related to web archiving and harvesting with illustrated examples.
Web Archiving Workshop: Tools Overview
This presentation offers a brief discussion of web archiving tools. Tools include Wget, HTTrack, Heritrix, Wayback, and NutchWAX.
Using Archival Resource Keys (ARKs) for Persistent Identification
This presentation discusses the usefulness of an Archival Resource Key (ARK) and how the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries and the Digital Projects Unit use ARKs in their system.
Building Digital Archives
This presentation is about the steps followed in the development of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Library infrastructure, the lessons learned along the way, and the opportunities that are available today.