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Primary view of A Report on Studies Made by Various Agencies and Individuals Relative to Certain Effects of the Depression upon Education in the United States
Floyd, Faye
Primary view of Basic Elements Necessary for Permanent World Peace
Mitchell, Joe
Primary view of A Contrast of the Classical and Institutional Theories of Production and Waste
Burns, Thornton E.
Primary view of A Comparison and Contrast of the Classical and Institutional Theories of Monopoly
Robertson, Jack E.
August 1949
Primary view of Pre-Marital Environment as a Factor in the Declining Birth Rate of College Women
Hackett, Bettye Curry
August 1949
Primary view of Economic History of the Development of the Oil Industry in Southeast Texas
Kennedy, Emery L.
January 1952
Primary view of A Study of Selected Dichotomous Typologies in Modern Social Theory
Middleton, Russell
August 1952
Primary view of The Result of the Taft-Hartley Closed Shop Ban
Qvale, Frederick Gromann
August 1954
Primary view of The Economic and Psychosocial Impact of Industrial Injuries
Weeks, Leonard Christopher
May 1955
Primary view of The Keynesian Concept of Savings
Ott, David Jackson
Primary view of The Evolution of Capitalist Values
Staig, Mary Sue Garner
August 1956
Primary view of A Study of Opinions of a Selected Group of Ministers Toward Race Relations
Milligan, Alfred Ray
Primary view of The Growth of the Canadian Oil Industry
Stanley, Philip Arnold
Primary view of A Study of Juvenile Delinquency in Erath County, Texas, January 1, 1938, Through December 31, 1958
Isbell, Phoebe B.
August 1959
Primary view of Demographic Trends in the Older Population of Texas, 1900 To 1960
Dillingham, John William
June 1961
Primary view of The Impact of the Closing of Camp Edward Gary Upon the Economy of San Marcos, Texas
Smith, Edgar Grant
August 1961
Primary view of The Employment Act of 1946: Original Intent Versus Current Interpretation, The Forces Underlying the Modification and the Implications thereof
Reasoner, Harrell Edward
January 1962
Primary view of The Evolution of Capital Formation Theory
Hodgson, Richard Corrin
August 1962
Primary view of Residential Mobility and Living Arrangements of a Group of Aged Persons Prior to Institutionalization
Martin, Cora Ann
January 1963
Primary view of England and the International Monetary System of the Nineteenth Century
Murray, Jack W.
May 1963
Primary view of An Exploratory Study of Victim Reactions to Two Disasters
Miller, James J.
August 1963
Primary view of Involvement in Admission to Two Homes for the Aged
Howze, Glenn Ray
August 1963
Primary view of Ministerial Roles: A Study of the Professional Roles of the Minister as they are Conceived by his Reference Group, the Church Members
Ethridge, Franklin Maurice
August 1963
Primary view of A Restricted Analysis of the Relationship between Property Tax Assessments and Electric Utility Earnings in Denton
Rudd, Edwin Derle
May 1964