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Primary view of Scientific Assessment of the Effects of Global Change on the United States
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. National Science and Technology Council.
May 2008
Primary view of Planning Climate and Global Change Research: A Review of the Draft U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan
Committee to Review the U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan
Primary view of Arctic Flora and Fauna: Recommendations for Conservation
Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)
Primary view of Aligning National Environmental Policy Act processes with environmental management systems: A Guide for NEPA and EMS Practitioners
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
April 2007
Primary view of A Citizen's Guide to the NEPA: Having Your Voice Heard
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
December 2007
Primary view of Collaboration in NEPA: A Handbook for NEPA Practitioners
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
October 2007
Primary view of Considering Cumulative Effects Under the National Environmental Policy Act
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
January 1997
Primary view of Incorporating biodiversity considerations into environmental impact analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
January 1993
Primary view of Interim Framework for Effective Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
December 9, 2009
Primary view of Modernizing NEPA Implementation
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
September 2003
Primary view of Proposed National Objectives, Principles and Standards for Water and Related Resources Implementation Studies
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
December 3, 2009
Primary view of Recovery Through Retrofit
Council on Environmental Quality (U.S.)
Primary view of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Pathways: In the UNFCCC Process up to 2025
Criqui, P.; Kitous, A.; Berk, M.; den Elzen, M.; Eickhout, B.; Lucas, P. et al.
October 2003
Primary view of Kyoto Protocol Implementation
Criqui, Patrick & Kitous, Alban
May 2003
Primary view of Two Long-Term Instrumental Climatic Data bases of the People's Republic of China
Primary view of DIVERSITAS Science Plan
September 2002
Primary view of Mongolia Assessment Report on Climate Change 2009
Dagvadorj, D.; Natsagdorj, L.; Dorjpurev, J. & Namkhainyam, B.
Primary view of The Interplay between Climate Change, Forests, and Disturbances
Dale, Virginia H.; Joyce, Linda A.; McNulty, Steve & Neilson, Ronald P.
March 25, 2000
Primary view of Understanding the Policy Contexts for Mainstreaming Climate Change in Bhutan and Nepal: A Synthesis
Davis, Marion & Li, Lailai
Primary view of Carbon Forestry Projects in Developing Countries: Legal Issues and Tools
Davis, Patsy
April 2000
Primary view of Improving Market Access for Dryland Commodities in East Africa: Synthesis Report
Dawson, John
October 2009
Primary view of Air Contaminant Emission Inventory Reporting Requirements
Department of Natural Resources
December 2005
Primary view of Leading the Way: A Comprehensive Approach to Reducing Greenhouse Gases in Washington State
Departments of Ecology and Community
February 2008
Primary view of The Miombo Network: Framework for a Terrestrial Transect Study of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in the Miombo Ecosystems of Central Africa
Desanker, Paul V.; Frost, Peter G. H.; Justice, Christopher O. & Scholes, Robert J.