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Primary view of A Comparison of Methods in Teaching Gregg Shorthand
Bellows, Gladys Pauline
Primary view of The Valuation of Conglomerate Companies
Betty, Winfield Parker, 1937-
May 1969
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Business Department of the Pilot Point High School to Study its Adequacy for Meeting Student and Community Needs
Bevers, Gertrude
Primary view of A Survey to Determine the Relationshiops of Certain Factors to Success in Elementary College Accounting at North Texas State College
Brooks, Paul A.
Primary view of A Comparative Analysis of the Business Administration Offerings with Special Emphasis upon Marketing in Thirty-two Senior Colleges of Texas with Similar Offerings at North Texas State College, 1954-1955
Bucklew, J. W.
Primary view of An Analysis of the Philosophy and Trends of the High School Commercial Curriculum
Burden, Aline Smith
Primary view of Career Decisions and Job Values of Seniors in the College of Business Administration, North Texas State University
Burton, Gene E.
August 1974
Primary view of The Effect of Personality Characteristics on Information Selection, Utilization and Decision-Making
Carothers, Samuel Gilbert, 1938-
December 1972
Primary view of A Survey of the Qualifications, Duties, and Problems of the Business Manager in the Public School Business Office
Cook, Jimmie F.
August 1954
Primary view of A Comparison of Student and Teacher Objectives at Brantley-Draughon College, Fort Worth, Texas
Cox, Kenneth
Primary view of Significant Changes in Selected Financial and Operating Ratios of Twenty Leading Corporations for the Years 1940, 1944, 1946, and 1947
Cox, Maple K.
Primary view of An Analysis of Commercial Courses Offered in District Eight by Thirty-One Texas Public High Schools, Members of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Craver, Harold F.
Primary view of Accounting Releases of the United States Securities and Exchange Commision
Duke, Charles Marcus
Primary view of Growth Based on Corporate Profits for Selected Periods, 1925-1954
Eldridge, Thomas Edwin
Primary view of The Relationship between Identifiable Attributes and Decision-Making Ability of Purchasing Personnel as Measured by the Results of a Management Game
Ellis, Norman Dean, 1933-
May 1973
Primary view of Seasonal Market Trends for Feeder and Stocker and for Slaughter Steers for the Years 1940 through 1948
Embry, J.C.
June 1950
Primary view of A Proposed Curriculum at North Texas State College School of Business for Training Business Managers for the Public Schools of Texas
Gillen, Norman K.
Primary view of Curricular Offerings in Business Education in the Junior Colleges of Texas
Green, William B.
Primary view of A Selective Reference List in Business Education for the Senior High School Library
Hedrick, James A.
Primary view of Wholesale Quarterly Prices of Fifty Leading Commodities Adjusted to the Purchasing Power of the 1926 Dollar and Charted as a Ratio of all Commodity Prices for the Period 1940 through 1949
Helm, Rufus G.
Primary view of A Cross-Racial Study of Small Business Managers
Howard, Kenneth W.
August 1973
Primary view of A Systematic Approach to Corporate Planning
Johanson, Richard (Richard Claude)
May 1969
Primary view of The Role of the State Supervisor in Business Education
Kemper, Troy David
Primary view of The Advancement of the Negro within Business and Professional Enterprise in Texas Since 1900
Knowles, Pattie R. Covington
August 1951