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Primary view of University-industry Alliances : A Study of Faculty Attitudes Toward the Effects of Alliances on the Governance and Operations of Institutions of Higher Education
Abegunde, Olufemi
August 1992
Primary view of The Relationship Between Supplemental Instruction Leader Learning Style and Study Session Design
Adams, Joshua
May 2011
Primary view of The Effects of Interactive Reviews and Learning Style on Student Learning Outcomes at a Texas State University
Adams, Wesley
May 2008
Primary view of Identification of College Freshmen According to Scholastic and Persistence Potential
Adams, William F. (William Franklin)
December 1992
Primary view of High-Temperature Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys: Oxide-Alloy Interactions and Sulfur Interface Chemistry
Addepalli, Swarnagowri
December 2000
Primary view of Strategic Planning in Higher Education : A Study of Application in Arkansas Senior Colleges and Universities
Agwu, Patrick A. (Patrick Agbai)
August 1992
Primary view of Characteristics of Administrative Leadership Behavior : A Comparative Study of Municipal and University Administrators
Akidi, Valentine E. (Valentine Emeka)
August 1993
Primary view of Perceptions of Student Affairs Services by Students and Student Affairs Personnel at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan
Akos, Hosea Dodo
December 1995
Primary view of Higher Education and Entrepreneurship: The Relation between College Educational Background and Small Business Success in Texas
Al-Zubeidi, Mohammad
May 2005
Primary view of Self-Perceived Administrative Leadership Styles of Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Deans in Public Community and Junior Colleges inTexas
Ali, Hamad Abdulkareem
August 1994
Primary view of Attitudes toward Research and Teaching: Differences Between Faculty and Administrators at Three Saudi Arabian Universities
Alsouhibani, Mohammed A.
May 2000
Primary view of The Contributions of George S. Benson to Christian Education
Altman, Ted M.
December 1971
Primary view of The Impact of Student-Faculty Informal Interpersonal Relationships on Intellectual and Personal Development in the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
Aluko, Stella Ola
May 1994
Primary view of Predictive Relationships among Learner Characteristics, Academic Involvement, and Doctoral Education Outcomes
Anderson, Baaska
December 2011
Primary view of The Relationship Between Economic Development and Higher Education in Iran from the Period 1953-1979
Anvari, Behrooz
May 1987
Primary view of Factors Influencing Freshmen Students' College Choice at the University of North Texas: a Focus Group Study
Armstrong, Jami J. (Jami Joi)
August 1997
Primary view of The Anatomy of Academic Dishonesty: Cognitive Development, Self-Concept, Neutralization Techniques, and Attitudes Toward Cheating
Arvidson, Cody Jean
August 2004
Primary view of Early Second-career Faculty: a Phenomenological Study of Their Transition Into a New Profession
Assaad, Elizabeth A.
August 2015
Primary view of The Effect of Hand-Held Weights and Exaggerated Arm Swing on Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Ratings of Perceived Exertion during Submaximal Walking
Austen, Karen Christine
December 1994
Primary view of College Student Adaptability and Greek Membership: A Single Institution Case Study
Ayres, Amy R.
May 2007
Primary view of The Differences in Perceived Needs Between Practicing Teachers and College Instructors Concerning Inservice Education Programs in Teachers Colleges in Thailand
Ayuwathana, Wanida
May 1986
Primary view of Covering the Campus: The History of The Chronicle of Higher Education
Baldwin, Patricia L. (Patricia Lynne)
December 1993
Primary view of The Role of Contract Training by Academic Institutions in Corporate Education and Training Programs
Ball, Jennie (Jennie Lou)
December 1994
Primary view of The Assessment of Cognitive Development and Writing Aptitude Within Learning Communities
Barnard, Miriam K.
August 2001