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Properties of Order Relations and Certain Partly Ordered Systems

Description: The purpose of this paper is to present a study of partly ordered sets. It includes a rigorous development of relations based on the notion of a relation as a set, lattices, and theorems concerning the lattice of subgroups of a group.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Barros, David Nicholas

The Wave Equation in One Dimension

Description: It is intended that this paper present an acceptable proof of the existence of a solution for the wave equation.
Date: January 1961
Creator: Carlson, Kenneth Emil

Theory of Congruences

Description: This thesis presents a series of theorems along with proofs to establish a theory of congruences.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Green, Harold Rugby

Convergence Preserving Matrices

Description: This paper is the result of a study of triangular matrices with particular emphasis on those which are convergence preserving transformations.
Date: August 1961
Creator: Line, Harrell Harvey

A Development of the Real Number System

Description: The purpose of this paper is to construct the real number system. The foundation upon which the real number system will be constructed will be the system of counting numbers.
Date: August 1961
Creator: Matthews, Ronald Louis

The Runge-Kutta Method

Description: This paper investigates the Runge-Kutta method of numerically integrating ordinary differential equations. An existence theorem is given insuring a solution to the differential equation, then the theorem is modified to yield an analytic solution. The derivation of the method itself is followed by an analysis of the inherent error.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Powell, Don Ross

Linear Algebras

Description: This paper is primarily concerned with the fundamental properties of a linear algebra of finite order over a field. A discussion of linear sets of finite order over a field is used as an introduction to these properties.
Date: August 1961
Creator: Smith, Nickie Lee

Some Theorems from Plane Lobachevskian Geometry

Description: This paper will investigate the geometry that results when Euclid's fifth postulate is replaced by the Lobachevskian assumption. The investigations will be limited to the plane.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Walker, Henry L.