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Primary view of Factors Affecting Academic Interest and Self Perception of Adolescent Hispanic Females
Abel, Karen
August 2007
Primary view of The Effects of Adlerian Play Therapy on Maladaptive Perfectionism and Anxiety and in Children
Akay, Sinem
August 2013
Primary view of Assessing the Adlerian Personality Priorities: A Formal Instrument for Therapeutic Practice
Allen, Elizabeth Gayle Soules
May 2005
Primary view of Effects of a Trained Therapy Dog in Child-Centered Play Therapy on Children's Biobehavioral Measures of Anxiety
Athy, Annette L.
May 2005
Primary view of Pilot of a Learning Management System to Enhance Counselors' Relational Qualities Through Mindfulness-based Practices
Ballinger, Julie Ann
May 2013
Primary view of A Phenomenological Exploration of Counselors' Experiences in Personal Therapy
Bevly, Cynthia
May 2017
Primary view of Individual and Group Child-Centered Play Therapy:  Impact on Social-Emotional Competencies
Blalock, Sarah M.
May 2016
Primary view of The impact of school-based child centered play therapy on academic achievement, self-concept, and teacher-child relationship stress.
Blanco, Pedro J.
May 2009
Primary view of The Effect of Intensive Remotivation Techniques on Institutionalized Geriatric Mental Patients in a State Mental Hospital
Bovey, John A.
August 1971
Primary view of Descriptive Analysis of Counseling Techniques Used by Selected Child Welfare Workers
Brannon, James Larry
May 1977
Primary view of Counseling Students' Technological Competence
Bullock, Melanie M.
August 2003
Primary view of Process of identifying a guiding theory: An exploratory study.
Burwell-Pender, Lezlie
August 2009
Primary view of Effects of a Play-Based Teacher Consultation (PBTC) Program on Interpersonal Skills of Elementary School Teachers in the Classroom
Carlson, Sarah E.
August 2011
Primary view of Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) with Adoptive Families: Effects on Child Behavior, Parent-Child Relationship Stress, and Parental Empathy
Carnes-Holt, Kara
May 2010
Primary view of School-based child parent relationship therapy (CPRT) with low income first generation immigrant Hispanic parents: Effects on child behavior and parent-child relationship stress.
Ceballos, Peggy
May 2008
Primary view of The Impact of Family Resilience Factors and Parent Gender on Stress Among Parents of Children with Autism
Cheatham, Kelly L.
August 2016
Primary view of The Impact of Kinder Training on Early Elementary School Children’s On-task Behavior: a Single Case Design
Chen, Szu-Yu
August 2015
Primary view of Impact of Child-centered Group Play Therapy on Social-emotional Assets of Kindergarten Children
Cheng, Yi-Ju
August 2015
Primary view of Adventure Based Counseling: Exploring the Impact of Abc on Adaptive Functioning in High School Males
Christian, David D.
August 2013
Primary view of Marital Satisfaction and Stability Following a Near-Death Experience of One of the Marital Partners
Christian, Sandra Rozan
August 2005
Primary view of Confirming the Constructs of the Child Interpersonal Relationship and Attitudes Assessment
Chung, Chiao-Feng
August 2013
Primary view of Comparative Results of the Six Major Forms of Marriage Counseling
Cookerly, John Richard
December 1973
Primary view of Filial Therapy and the Family: Examining the Impact of Child Parent Relationship Therapy (Cprt) on Family Functioning
Cornett, Nicholas A.
May 2012
Primary view of Child-Centered Group Play Therapy with Children with Speech Difficulties
Danger, Suzan
August 2003