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Primary view of Family Sex Talk: Analyzing the Influence of Family Communication Patterns on Parent and Late Adolescent's Sex Conversations
Allen, Evette L.
August 2010
Primary view of A Rhetorical Analysis of Major Oil Companies' Advertisements in 1990 : A Semiotic Approach
Barton, Mica Waggoner
May 1998
Primary view of Mediated chameleons: An integration of nonconscious behavioral mimicry and the parallel process model of nonverbal communication.
Beatty, Keturi D.
May 2009
Primary view of Shall We Play a Game?: The Performative Interactivity of Video Games
Beck, Michael J.
August 2014
Primary view of The Power of the Servant Teacher
Brandon, Joshua R.
August 2016
Primary view of Beyond Rocking the Vote: An Analysis of Rhetoric Designed to Motivate Young Voters
Brewer, Angela
August 2007
Primary view of This Isn't About Me: Communication Privacy Management Theory and Public Confession
Brittain, Kära Ann Caskey
May 2013
Primary view of A Study of the Relationships among Teachers' Immediacy of Dress Factors and Affective Learning Factors: a Relational Communication Perspective
Burks, Mark
December 1998
Primary view of Re-Branding Palliative Care: Assessing Effects of a Name Change on Physician Communicative Processes During Referrals
Burt, Stephanie
May 2011
Primary view of Androgyny and Managerial Effectiveness in a Total Quality Management Organization
Byers, Lori A. (Lori Ann)
August 1994
Primary view of Incorporating Flow for a Comic [Book] Corrective of Rhetcon
Castleberry, Garret
May 2010
Primary view of The twain have met: Self-disclosure in the formation and development of intercultural friendships in the case of Taiwanese versus native English speakers.
Chen, Yea Wen
August 2006
Primary view of "The Buck Stops With Me" : An Analysis of Janet Reno's Defensive Discourse in Response to the Branch Davidian Crisis
Davis, Shannon Renee
August 1998
Primary view of Living with s(k)in: An analysis of tattoo removal.
Downing, Emily
August 2004
Primary view of Social Drama at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary : The Dilday Controversy
Drake, Webster F. (Webster Ford)
December 1995
Primary view of Connecting the Circuit:  Analyzing Jurors' Cognitive Gaps and Damage Awards in Patent Infringement Trials
Drescher, L. Hailey
May 2013
Primary view of Protecting Patriarchy: an Historical/Critical Analysis of Promise Keepers, an All-Male Social Movement
Eddleman, Libby Jean
December 1998
Primary view of An Analysis of Gay/Lesbian Instructor Identity in the Classroom
Giovanini, Heather
May 2008
Primary view of The Relationship Between Interpersonal Communication Satisfaction and Biological Sex: the Nurse-Physician Relationship
Glenn, Theresa Hammerstein
August 1994
Primary view of Performing Culture, Performing Me: Exploring Textual Power through Rehearsal and Performance
Gonzales, Melinda Arteaga
December 2005
Primary view of Organizational Rhetoric in the Academy: Junior Faculty Perceptions and Roles
Gordon, Cynthia K.
December 2008
Primary view of The Relationships Among Whistle-blowing, Retaliation, and Identity: a Narrative Analysis
Gravley, Dianne Yvonne
May 2012
Primary view of Faculty Identification: Effects on Culture in a Metropolitan Research University
Gray, Marlene E.
May 1999
Primary view of A Correlative Study of Gender and Social Style.
Gross, Amanda
May 2002