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Ernesto Bozzano and the Phenomena of Bilocation

Description: Italian psychical researcher Ernesto Bozzano was a well-known student of parapsychological phenomena and a strong defender of the concept of survival of bodily death. This paper includes an excerpt of what Bozzano referred to as the phenomena of bilocation.
Date: Summer 2005
Creator: Alvarado, Carlos S.

Neglected Near-Death Phenomena

Description: Article suggesting several topics for further work in the area of near-death phenomena.
Date: Spring 2006
Creator: Alvarado, Carlos S.

Remarks on Ernesto Bozzano's La Psiche Domina la Materia

Description: Article discussing Ernesto Bozzano's study on the subject of physical phenomena around the time of someone's death, including a critique of his dogmatic approach to the interpretation of the cases, and the use of cases lacking relevant information.
Date: Spring 2007
Creator: Alvarado, Carlos S.

Guest Editorial: Beginnings and Endings

Description: Article asserting that the field of near-death studies needs to embrace other models and groups of professionals if it hopes to understand the near-death phenomenon. According to the author, no one can validate a near-death experience (NDE) except the experiencer; it is the aftereffects that impart real meaning to the experience and give it greater impact, and the "classical NDE model" that guides most near-death research can be limiting and misleading.
Date: Autumn 2004
Creator: Atwater, P. M. H.

Does Paranormal Perception Occur in Near-Death Experiences?

Description: Article that serves as Part 1 of a critique of survivalist interpretations of near-death experiences (NDEs), reviews the quality of the evidence for veridical observations during NDEs, and finds the case for veridical paranormal perception during NDEs wanting.
Date: Summer 2007
Creator: Augustine, Keith

Near-Death Experiences with Hallucinatory Features

Description: Article surveying near-death experiences (NDEs) incorporating out-of-body discrepancies, bodily sensations, encounters with living persons and fictional characters, random or insignificant memories, returns from a point of no return, hallucinatory imagery, and unfulfilled predictions. Though attempts to accommodate hallucinatory NDEs within a survivalist framework are possible, they signal a failure to take the empirical evidence against a survivalist interpretation of NDEs seriously.
Date: Autumn 2007
Creator: Augustine, Keith

"Near-Death Experiences with Hallucinatory Features" Defended

Description: Article purporting that near-death experience (NDE) reports are sometimes open to multiple interpretations, that different kinds of NDEs should be distinguished according to their diverse physiological mechanisms, and that transformations following NDEs but not other hallucinatory experiences require special explanation if NDEs are hallucinations.
Date: Autumn 2007
Creator: Augustine, Keith

A "Little Death": The Near-Death Experience and Tibetan Delogs

Description: Article exploring a phenomenon remarkably like the near-death experience that has been uncovered in Tibetan culture. Anthropologists have gathered accounts of contemporary and historical cases of remarkable people called delogs. Seemingly dead for several hours or days, these people revive spontaneously and tell detailed accounts of otherworldly journeys. These delogs are a bridge between contemporary near-death experiences and ancient shamanic practices.
Date: Spring 2001
Creator: Bailey, Lee W.

The Divine Light and Ecstasy in Religious and Near-Death Experiences: A Retrospective Glance and a View for the Future

Description: Article discussing the interpretation and religious aspects of near-death experiences (NDEs). NDEs can be viewed as the latest stage in a long history of a phenomenon that transcends cultural and temporal boundaries. The article purports that by focusing on where such profound human experience shares common ground, we will be able to see humanity itself at perhaps its most sublime level.
Date: Summer 2006
Creator: Bain, Brian A.

Guest Editorial: The Significance of Light in the Near-Death Experience

Description: Abstract: Light has long been recognized a s a principal characteristic of the near-death experience (NDE). However, its significance has been widely debated. This paper details the significance of light in the NDE, and it further suggests that science supports the contention that the light of the NDE represents the presence of a loving and concerned Creator. I cite well-established and celebrated physics experiments to support the argument that light exhibits supernatural - even conscious qualities. The relationship of light to the NDE, quantum physics, and descriptions of God throughout the world's literature serve to illuminate the argument that God and the light may well be one and the same
Date: Summer 2005
Creator: Baumann, T. Lee

A Quantum Biomechanical Basis for Near-Death Life Reviews

Description: Article introducing the unifying paradigm of the quantum hologram as a non-local carrier of information, and investigating the interrelated phenomena of non-local communications and the electromagnetic zero-point field.
Date: Spring 2003
Creator: Beck, Thomas E. & Colli, Janet E.

A Child's Encounter with the Devil: An Unusual Near-Death Experience with Both Blissful and Frightening Elements

Description: Abstract: I describe the near-death experience (NDE) of a 6-year-old boy who encountered both the devil and God following a near-fatal car accident, and compare recent recollections of the event with those made four years earlier. I discuss the aftereffects of this experience, and review the findings of earlier studies of frightening NDEs.
Date: Winter 2001
Creator: Bonenfant, Richard J.

A Near-Death Experience Followed by the Visitation of an "Angel-Like" Being

Description: Abstract: I describe a near-death experience (NDE) followed by a religious experience 15 years later in which the subject was visited by the same "angel-like" figure that she saw in the NDE. I describe details of the NDE and of the subsequent visitation; note transformational changes in behavior and associated aftereffects; examine childhood experiences possibly related to the NDE; review the presence of angels in Biblical and mystical literature and in contemporary media; and suggest a possible relationship between latent paranormal abilities and the occurrence of a variety of exceptional experiences.
Date: Winter 2000
Creator: Bonenfant, Richard J.

The Induction of After-Death Communications Utilizing Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: A New Discovery

Description: Article describing a new induction technique that produces after-death communications (ADCs) in a more reliable, rapid, and efficient manner. ADCs induced by this new technique provide a more elaborated experience that often fosters complete resolution of grief. These induced ADCs also appear to be much more like near-death experiences (NDEs) than do spontaneous ADCs, which suggests that NDEs and ADCs may be essentially the same phenomenon.
Date: Spring 2000
Creator: Botkin, Allan L.

Hyperdimensional Perspectives in Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article examining the possibility of additional dimensions (hyperdimensions), what they would seem like, and whether they seem to be described by the unusual visual perspectives found in out-of-body and near-death experience accounts, as well as examining some implications of a hyperdimensional model of the universe.
Date: Summer 2003
Creator: Brumblay, Robert J.