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Edward Larrabee Barnes's Dallas Museum of Art: An Architectural Development Study

Description: This study examines the development of Edward Larrabee Barnes's design concepts for the Dallas Museum of Art, from preliminary concepts and program statements by Director Harry Parker and Dallas Museum trustees, through initial planning and architect selection, to site selection, the Program and Space Study, Barnes's early conceptual plans, and his Dallas Arts District master planning. Influences on Barnes's work and his career development leading to the Dallas commission, his most ambitious museum to date, are examined. Discussion and documentation of design development is based on schematic studies, presentation drawings, models, and trustees' minutes. Design changes during construction and all phases of expansion planning are also discussed. The conclusion summarizes historical influences on the design and Barnes's fulfillment of program concepts.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Koerble, Barbara Lee

The Chaconne Bass as a Musical Topos in Mozart's Fantasia Music

Description: This thesis provides evidence that a particular "topos" from the high Baroque's exalted style, the so-called chaconne bass, made a profound impact on a considerable body of Mozart's compositions from the last ten years of his life in Vienna. After identifying the topos in the first chapter, a detailed study in chapter two shows how Mozart's faith in the extraordinary emotional power carried by this topos was enough for him to work it into all of the completed keyboard fantasias. Chapter three illustrates that an understanding of the chaconne bass and its unmistakable association with the fantasia style can shed new light on three of Mozart's most enigmatic compositions from his final period, K. 465, K. 491, and K. 527.
Date: August 1990
Creator: Spicer, Mark Stuart

Synthesis of Polycyclic "Cage" Molecules

Description: The synthesis of a novel, cage spiro-oxetane was carried out. Pentacyclo[^2,6.0^3,10.0^5,9]undecane-8- one (PCUD-8-one) undergoes one-carbon homologation to a mixture of endo- and exo- PCUD-carboxaldehydes which then are converted into 8,8-bis(hydroxymethyl)PCUD. The monotosylate obtained via reaction of 8,8- bis(hydroxymethyl)PCUD with tosyl chloride(1 equivalent) reacts with sodium hydride to afford the corresponding spiro-oxetane via intramolecular Williamson reaction. Six new substituted heptacyclo[^2,6.0^3,13.0^4,11. 0^5,9.0^10,14]tetradecanes (HCTD) were synthesized. These compounds will be used as substrates in a photoelectron spectroscopic study. The ring-expansion reaction of PCUD-8-one with ethyl diazoacetate in the presence of BF_3:OEt_2 was performed. The major product was converted into an alcohol, and the structure of the 3,5-dinitrobenzoate of this alcohol was elucidated by single crystal x-ray structural analysis.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Ren, Chien-Tai

The Development of Commercial Advertising in Saudi Television from 1986-1988

Description: The story of Saudi television began in 1962 when King Faisal, who was then the crown prince, pointed out that the government intended to utilize the medium of television as a tool for information, guidance, culture, and recreation (Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Information, 1985). From July 17, 1965, when the first transmission signal went out simultaneously from stations in Riyadh and Jeddah until the transfer to the new Riyadh Television Complex in 1982. Saudi television has gone through many phases of development. The most recent development was the introduction of commercial advertising in 1986. Saudi television commercials have taken the form of 10 to 20 minute blocks which are taped and then aired many times during the broadcasting hours. Because Saudi television is a governmental operation, all of the funds required to maintain its expenditures are provided by the Saudi government, and commercial advertising is a new development. Thus, there was a need for a study which told the story of commercial advertising's development in Saudi television.
Date: August 1989
Creator: AlFardi, Abdullah A. A.

Echocardiographic Assessment of the Left Ventricle in the Spinal Cord Injured Patient

Description: Ten caucasian male quadriplegics were compared with eight sedentary caucasian male controls in regards to left ventricular dimensions and mass obtained from echocardiograrns. The interventricular septum (IVS), left ventricular posterior wall (LVPW) and left ventricular internal diameter (LVII) were within normal limits for both groups. However, the INS in the SCI were significantly thicker than controls (p <0.05). Myocardial thickness was larger in SCI subjects (p <0.05). Absolute left ventricular mass (LVM) and total left ventricular volume was not different ( p > 0.05), but SCI subjects had significantly greater LVM to lean body mass ratios. Echocardiographically, SCI patients demonstrate concentric hypertrophy. This suggests adaptive response to chronic increase in afterload pressure secondary to their daily activities and muscle spasticity.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Nock, Bonnie J. (Bonnie Jean)

Dubuisson: A Study of His Music for Solo Bass Viol

Description: Dubuisson (fl.1666-c.1685) is the sole French viol player-composer between Nicolas Hotman (1613-1663) and Le Sieur de Sainte-Colombe (d.c.1700) whose works are extant. His four suites from a Library of Congress manuscript (1666) are the oldest dated French music for the bass viol; his approximately 125 pieces are contained in five manuscript sources. This thesis brings together, for the first time, all the music from the five sources for study and analysis. Together with the few biographical details, this material is used to assess his position within the French viol school. Brief histories of the viol and the suite in France precede a discussion of Dubuisson's contributions to the evolution of the genre.
Date: December 1988
Creator: Cheney, Stuart G.

Adenylate Energy Charge Determinations of Soil Bacteria Grown in Soil Extract Medium

Description: The adenylate energy charge values of twenty bacteria isolated from soil and cultured in a medium consisting of soil and distilled water were determined by the luciferin-luciferase bioluminescense method. The purpose of this study was to examine the growth and energy charge values of these organisms in soil extract medium, and to determine what effect the addition of glucose has on their energy charge values. Three of the organisms employed in this study showed energy charge values similar to those reported for bacteria grown in enriched media. The remainder of the isolates demonstrated low energy charge values, and scant growth in the soil medium.
Date: August 1988
Creator: Rodriguez, Luis A. (Luis Antonio)

A Study of the Interdependence of Four Major Stock Markets Using a Vector Autoregression

Description: The question for this thesis is whether the four major stock markets--the United States, Great Britain, West Germany, and Japan are interdependent or segmented. The study period runs from February 1979 to June 1987, with the Wall Street Journal as a source of data. The Granger causality test is used to test for relationships among the four major stock markets. The thesis is divided into five chapters-- 1) statement of the problem; 2) survey of literature; 3) methodology; 4) results and 5) conclusions. The overall findings of this thesis indicate that there are few or no comovement similarities among all the four stock markets. However, the findings do point out the significant influence of the United States stock market on the other three stock markets.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Cheong, Onn Kee

A Macroeconomic Approach to the Growth of the Bolivian Informal Sector

Description: This thesis attempts to measure the growth of the Bolivian informal sector. The study estimates the growth of the informal sector by defining it as the difference between the formal sector's reported real gross national product (GNP) and forecasted values of real GNP. The first chapter describes the Bolivian economy, defines its informal sector, and presents reasons for this sector's growth. Related research in informal activity, theoretical discussions, and perspectives are presented in the second chapter. Chapter III describes methodological research used in the analysis of the data. Chapter IV describes the results of the investigation. Conclusions and recommendations for the informal sector are provided in chapter V. The results show that it is possible to measure informal activity in a macro setting
Date: August 1989
Creator: Albarracin, Tania

Permeability of Selves and Compliance with Therapeutic Homework

Description: A model of the person as a "community of selves" was used to investigate how adopting the perspective of different selves influenced anticipated compliance with therapy homework designed to decrease academic procrastination. A model of resistance to change derived from personal construct theory was used to predict which selves subjects would tend to see as more likely to take on the role of carrying out the homework. Focusing on different selves was found to influence anticipated compliance, and the model of resistance to change was partially successful in predicting which selves would be seen as more likely to carry out the homework. Implications for therapy and research are discussed within the framework of a model of first and second order change.
Date: December 1988
Creator: Scott, Gregory Brian

The Teratogenic Effects of Nocodazole and Acrylamide in Mus Musculus

Description: In two separate experiments, weight adjusted doses of nocodazole and acrylamide were injected intraperitoneally at various time intervals into twelve week old female mice. Within the nocodazole experiment, the doses were injected at varying time intervals before and after mating. On day seventeen of gestation, the female mice were sacrificed and their uterine contents examined. Nocodazole induced a significant increase in reproductive pathology per total implants when administered one hour after mating to the (SECxC57BL)F, stock: 5.00% total deads, 70.23% moles, and 3.41% abnormal fetuses. Acrylamide treatment produced a significant reduction in live births when administered six hours after mating: 50.86% moles and 46.46% living fetuses per total implants.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Oliva, Jean L. (Jean Louise)

A Normative Study of the Pitch Pattern and Dichotic Digits Tests in Children Aged 6 through 12

Description: Responses of 122 children were obtained on two measures of central auditory processing to establish normative data. Children aged 6.5 through 12.5 years were tested for humming and tapping responses to the Pitch Pattern Sequence Test (PPST) and the two- and four-digit Dichotic Digit Tests (DDT). Children between ages 6.5 and 9.5 years showed progressively better scores on the tapping response of the PPST and on the four-digit DDT. Children above 9.5 years of age demonstrated adult-like responses on both tests. No differences were demonstrated in performance of children aged 6.5 through 12.5 years on the two-digit DDT or on the humming response of the PPST.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Caudle, Judith A. (Judith Ann)

Stones, Beer Cans, and Other Pieces of These Poems

Description: This collection of poetry contains a brief introduction, one half discussing Gary Snyder's ideas on poetry in his essay, "Poetry and the Primitive," the other half of the introduction examining the successive revisions of a poem of mine. The examination is not an explication, but rather a look at the technique used in composing this poem. The body of the thesis is a collection of my poetry which I have written within the last four years. The poems speak both of experience and postulation of ideas. Though they do not follow any select pattern of thought or form, there is some connection between them in their subject matter.
Date: December 1988
Creator: Taylor, James D. (James David), 1962-

A C Navigational System

Description: The C Navigational System (CNS) is a proposed programming environment for the C programming language. The introduction covers the major influences of programming environments and the components of a programming environment. The system is designed to support the design, coding and maintenance phases of software development. CNS provides multiple views to both the source and documentation for a programming project. User-defined and system-defined links allow the source and documentation to be hierarchically searched. CNS also creates a history list and function interface for each function in a module. The final chapter compares CNS and several other programming environments (Microscope, Rn, Cedar, PECAN, and Marvel).
Date: May 1989
Creator: Hammerquist, James D. (James Daniel)

Psychoneurological Responses Associated with Chemicals in Serum of Environmentally Ill Patients

Description: The purpose of the present study was to determine the degree of relationship between neurotoxic chemicals in the blood of chemically sensitive patients and psychoneurological functioning. Blood samples were drawn from 30 patients being treated for environmental illness. All patients were administered a standardized intermediate psychoneurological examination. Results indicate a significant positive relationship between psychoneurological (cognitive neurobehavioral) functioning and the number of and total parts per billion of certain environmental toxins (solvents) in the blood of the subjects. The symptoms most commonly exhibited included deficits in short-term memory, problems with coordination and motor sequencing, somatosensory deficits, and cognitive dysfunction.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Baldridge, Jeffrey T. (Jeffrey Turner)

The Religious and Political Reasons for the Changes in Anglican Vestments Between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Description: This study investigates the liturgical attire of the Church of England from the seventeenth through the nineteenth century, by studying the major Anglican vestments, observing modifications and omissions in the garments and their uses, and researching the reasons for any changes. Using the various Anglican Prayer Books and the monarchial time periods as a guide, the progressive usages and styles of English liturgical attire are traced chronologically within the political, social and religious environments of each era. By examining extant originals in England, artistic representations, and ancient documentation, this thesis presents the religious symbolism, as well as the artistic and historical importance, of vestments within the Church of England from its foundation to the twentieth century.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Albright, Andrea S.

Authorial Subversion of the First-Person Narrator in Twentieth- Century American Fiction

Description: American writers of narrative fiction frequently manipulate the words of their narrators in order to convey a significance of which the author and the reader are aware but the narrator is not. By causing the narrator to reveal information unwittingly, the author develops covert themes that are antithetical to those espoused by the narrator. Particularly subject to such subversion is the first-person narrator whose "I" is not to be interpreted as the voice of the author. This study examines how and why the first-person narrator is subverted in four works of twentieth-century American fiction: J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to , and Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus
Date: December 1988
Creator: Russell, Noel Ray

Determining the Impact of Selected Variables on the Sale Price of Real Estate

Description: This paper presents the results of a study dealing with a number of issues regarding real estate investment. Utilizing a data set consisting of real estate transactions, questions relative to the impact of certain variables on the sale price are addressed. This analysis addresses the question of the impact of financial, physical, and location characteristics on the sales price of commercial grade real estate.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Martin, Jon E. (Jon Egan)

In the Midst of Tears and Loud Voices, and Other Short Stories

Description: In the Midst of Tears and Loud Voices, and Other Short Stories consists of five short stories. The first story, in the Midst of Tears and Loud Voices, is set in the Missouri Ozarks and told by Becky Bricker about an odd aunt. The second story relates an aged man's transition experience in Belgrave Leaves New York. The third story, Dorcas and Deborah, is told by Deborah about her unusual relationship with Dorcas Weatherby. The next, story is a Southern "local color" piece about a single day, The First of May in Battle Ridge. The fifth story, Good Coffee. Cheap Ketchup, Cold Sheets, details the strange meeting of a man and woman whose lives have other, unknown, connecting threads.
Date: December 1988
Creator: Dean, Nancy D. (Nancy Diane)

The Effects of "Game" and "Test" Instructions on the WISC-R Performance of High- and Low-Test-Anxious Children

Description: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of "game" and "test" instructions on the intelligence test performance of high- and low-test-anxious children. Eighty-one subjects diagnosed as learning disabled were given the Test Anxiety Scale for Children (TASC) to determine their level of test anxiety. Based on TASC scores, 44 subjects were classified as either fljgj- or low- test-anxious. These subjects were given the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R) using either game or test instructions to introduce the test. The resulting 10 and subtest configuration scores were used to compare high- and low-test-anxious subjects by the type of instructions they received prior to testing. This comparison yielded no significant differences between high and low-test-anxious subjects, indicating that the way the WISC-R is Introduced does not play a significant role in the WISC-R performance of high- and low-test-anxious children.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Martin, Laura Paige

On the Development of Descriptive Set Theory

Description: In the thesis, the author traces the historical development of descriptive set theory from the work of H. Lebesgue to the introduction of projective descriptive set theory. Proofs of most of the major results are given. Topics covered include Corel lattices, universal sets, the operation A, analytic sets, coanalytic sets, and the continuum hypothesis The appendix contains a translation of the famous letters exchanged between R. Baire, E. Borel, J. Hadamard and H. Lebesgue concerning Zermelo's axiom of choice.
Date: August 1988
Creator: Schlee, Glen A. (Glen Alan)

Acculturation and Locus Of Control: Their Relationship to the Use of Inhalants

Description: This study analyzed the effects of acculturation, locus of control, and incidence of inhalant use on Mexican Americans. Information was collected from 275 subjects at three middle schools and one treatment center. The instrument consisted of Levenson's Locus of Control Scale, the Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans, and an incidence of use and family relationship questionnaire developed for this study. Statistical analysis indicated a relationship between acculturation and inhalant use. Further examination revealed relationships between a family members' use and subjects' inhalant use; subjects' alcohol use and inhalant use; and subjects' marijuana use and inhalant use. Information implied that prevention and intervention programs should focus on children of substance users and further research is needed surrounding the role of acculturation.
Date: July 1989
Creator: Davis, Lynn Matthew

The Effects of Biofeedback-Assisted Relaxation in Stress Management Training with Traumatically Head Injured Adults

Description: This study investigated the use of biofeedback as part of stress-management training program with head injured adults. The single cases examined were four males with head injuries of moderate severity who were in the post-acute stages of recovery. Treatment involved bi-weekly relaxation training, using EMG biofeedback in combination with deep breathing, autogenic training and/or imagery. Individual subject response to relaxation training was examined during treatment sessions, as was the frequency of stress-related symptomatology outside of sessions, and overall functional adaptation. While all subjects showed evidence of relaxation during treatment sessions, such factors as the nature of the functional disturbance and personal motivation appear to be related to the degree of carryover to the external environment.
Date: May 1989
Creator: Lysaght, Rosemary

Degradation of Phenolic Acids by Azotobacter Species Isolated from Sorghum Fields

Description: Sorghum plants excrete phenolic acids which reduce subsequent crop yields. These acids accumulate in field soil by combining with soil and clay particles to form stable complexes which remain until degraded by bacterial metabolism. The amount of phenolic acids in soil samples were obtained by gas chromatography measurements, while Azotobacter populations were obtained by plate counts in 40 sorghum field samples from Denton County, Texas. One can conclude that increasing the Azotobacter population in the soil increased the degradation rate of phenolic acids proportionally. It is proposed that seed inoculation will introduce selected strains of Azotobacter into the soil. The presence of Azotobacter should increase crop size in subsequent plantings.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Al-Hadhrami, Mohamed N. (Mohamed Nasser)