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Relationships between Level of Aspiration and Psychological Needs at the College Level

Description: The concept of level of aspiration bears directly on goal setting behavior; it is a convenient and important variable in understanding human motivation in a variety of situations. Thus it was the purpose of this study to investigate the relationships between levels of aspiration and the psychological needs of achievement, dominance, autonomy, change, and aggression.
Date: January 1966
Creator: Skelton, Sanford Kent

The Relation of Sociometric Status, Frequency of Verbalizations, and a Measure of Self-Actualization

Description: It is felt that additional research concerning the relationship of mental health to sociometric status is needed in view of the fact that Mill concluded that the Rorschach variables were not sufficiently sensitive for group comparison. The POI, an objectively scored test, was selected for the purpose of the present study.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Boozer, Howard O.

A Comparison on Certain Rorschach Indices between Successful and Unsuccessful Students

Description: It was the purpose of this study to determine the relationship between a subject's performance as revealed by intellectual indices of the Rorschach, his intellectual ability as revealed by the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, and academic success or failure in the form of promotion or nonpromotion.
Date: June 1966
Creator: Kendrick, Sherrill Robertson

The Effect of Feelings of Insecurity on Personality Characteristics of Institutionalized Adolescent Boys

Description: This study was an investigation of the relationship between feelings of insecurity of institutionalized delinquent boys and the following personality variables: Ascendancy, Responsibility, Emotional Stability, Sociability, Cautiousness, Original Thinking, Personal Relations, and Vigor.
Date: August 1965
Creator: Kanady, Berlin L.

A Study of Sick Leave Practices of Texas Independent School Districts

Description: The problem of this study is threefold: (1) to determine whether the sick leave policies and practices differ significantly between school districts of different sizes; (2) to determine whether there is significant relationship between the number of days of sick leave allowed and the number of days taken by teachers; and (3) to determine whether significant trends in sick leave policies and practices can be detected between the years 1957 and 1960.
Date: August 1961
Creator: Ferrell, Keith H.

Some Aspects of Self-Concept

Description: The purpose of this study is fourfold: (1) to investigate any differences in self-concept scores of a normal (adjusted) and abnormal (maladjusted) population; (2) to investigate any difference in self-concept scores between psychotic and non-psychotic hospitalized patients, (3) to investigate changes in self-concept concomitant with psychotherapy, and (4) to investigate any sex differences in self-concept.
Date: January 1962
Creator: Ratliff, William Randall

Sex-Role Identification as a Determinant of Choice on the Bonney-Fessenden Sociograph

Description: It is the purpose of this study to utilize three psychometric measures in order to quantitatively assess the group of subjects on the basis of the trait heterosexuality, as measured by the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, and in turn make predictions on the basis of these data as to choices made on the Bonney-Fessenden Sociograph.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Robertson, John R.

The Effects of Four Short Duration Exercise Routines on Physical Fitness of Male Junior College Students

Description: The purposes of this study are 1) to investigate the development of physical fitness through the medium of fifteen-minute exercise routines in junior college physical education classes; 2) to determine the relationship between each of four exercise routines and the improvement of physical development in a specific body area; and 3) to compare the results of intensive, isometric, calisthenic, and continuous exercise routines to determine if any one routine was of greater value to three alternate routines in assisting the individual to attain a higher degree of physical fitness development.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Cole, Francis Vernon

Suggestibility in Primary Grade Teachers as Revealed by the Rorschach

Description: Rorschach records of children tend to contain a high percentage of percepts which pertain to animals and animal details. Since teachers of primary grades deal with many animal pictures and stories in their daily work routine, it may be possible that the records of these persons may show a higher percentage of animal responses than might ordinarily be expected of intelligent adults in the normal population.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Cox, Betty L.

A Test of Incremental and All-or-None Theories of Acquisition by a Measure of Retention of Paired-Associate Learning

Description: Recent research has found that subjects learning a list of paired-associates under conditions requiring one-trial learning are capable of learning a list of paired items in as few a number of trials as subject learning similar lists of paired-associates under a condition using repetition.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Breckenridge, Robert L.

Preadolescent Developmental Tasks in Recent Fiction

Description: The problem of this study is to determine if there are fictional books usable by teachers in helping preadolescent boys solve their problems of adjustment. The problem involves the analyses of twenty-five fiction books taken from those books listed by Virginia Bryson Blair in her study, "Directed Reading through the Library for Improving the Social Adjustment of Older Children."
Date: August 1954
Creator: Franklin, Joseph M.