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The effect of seat back angle on responses during recumbent cycling

Description: The purpose of this study was to evaluate metabolic, cardiorespiratory, and perceptual responses during recumbent cycle ergometry performed at various seat back angles and different work rates. Healthy college-aged men performed steady-state exercise at two work rates, 100 watts (n=46) and 150 watts (n=26), using five back seat angles, 90, 105, 120, 135, and 150 degrees.
Date: December 1990

A study of relationships between moral development and empathy in a church's peer ministry training program for adolescents

Description: This study was designed to assess the effects of a peer ministry training course upon adolescents' ability to respond empathetically and upon their level of moral development. Volunteers from a church's high school group were blocked by gender and randomly divided into two groups . Adolescents in the treatment group were trained in thirteen sessions basic helping skills (emphasizing empathy) and measured before and after training on variables of empathy, moral development, and internality - externality. Adolescents in the second group were used as a control and were measured with the same assessment devices.
Date: December 1990
Creator: Scott, Frank H. (Frank Hooper)

The relationship of selected variables to math achievement in a computer-assisted instructional setting

Description: The purpose of this study was to explore the variables of I.Q., sex, instructional organization, classroom instructional time, and time in computer assisted instruction (CAI) in the third and fifth grades in order to determine which of these variables or combinations of variables were the best predictors of mathematics computation and concepts achievement.
Date: December 1990
Creator: Rigg, Lynne P. (Lynne Porter)

Gestures and fields

Description: Gestures and Fields is a twenty minute work for chamber orchestra and dancers. It is scored for flute (doubling piccolo), oboe (doubling English horn), Bb clarinet (doubling Eb clarinet), bassoon Bb trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, percussion, piano, and strings. The percussion consists of a suspended cymbal, large tam-tam, 5 temple blocks, xylophone, marimba, tumba, snare, tenor drum, 4 tom-toms, bass drum and timpani. The work is in 5 movements, each inspired by an abstract expressionist painting: Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock, Light, Earth and Blue by Mark Rothko, Mahoning by Franz Kline, Vir Heroicus Sublimus by Barnett Newman, and Excavation by Willem de Kooning.
Date: December 1990
Creator: Muncy, Thomas R.

Quality assurance practices by Indian manufacturing organizations: a conceptual framework and an empirical investigation

Description: The purpose of this study is three-fold. First, based on the synthesis of literature on quality concepts, critical factors that must be practiced to achieve effective quality management in an organization were identified. A framework to be used by organizations to evaluate their quality assurance practices were developed. Second, a field survey was conducted to identify the degree to which quality assurance is being practiced in Indian Manufacturing organizations and to locate the organizational areas where better management control can make the quality assurance system more effective. Finally, an attempt was made to develop models that could be used to forecast the level of quality achieved.
Date: December 1990
Creator: Motwani, Jaideep G.(Jaideep Gridhari)

Ethnicity and cognitive complexity of chronic pain patients

Description: Sixty subjects divided equally among Anglo-Americans, Black Americans, and Hispanic Americans participated in this study. They were classified as chronic pain patients by medical diagnosis and duration of pain. Their cognitive complexity-a measure of individuals' ability to construe their feelings, events of their lives, and their world in a meaningful manner-were evaluated.
Date: December 1990
Creator: Murry, Joe Mitchell

The perceptions of coaches of the role of athletic directors

Description: The problem of this study was the role of athletic directors in providing stress reduction for athletic coaches in selected sports in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division II. Subjects were selected form the 1989-1990 National Directory of College Athletics. The coaches were asked to indicate their agreement or disagreement with 36 statements in both the Real situation and the Ideal situation.
Date: December 1990
Creator: McCann, Kathleen P. (Kathleen Patricia)

The effects of structured approaches to computer implementation in small businesses: a study of the relationships between level of systematic approach and implementation time, implementation cost, user satisfaction and level of integration

Description: The purpose of this research is to determine the effects of systematic approach to computer integration on implementation cost, implementation time, user satisfaction, and level of integration in small business environments. It is believed that decreased costs and implementation time result from the use of systematic approaches to computer integration. Systematic approaches may also result in higher user satisfaction and a higher level of system integration.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Savoie, Michael J.

The last years of Dallas Bible College (1983-1985)

Description: This study explores the reasons behind the close of the Dallas Bible College in 1985. It surveys the history but emphasizes the events from 1983 to 1985. The study investigates the change of mission, location, and name which occurred in the final year of existence. Also included is an extended study of disunity on the board of directors. Exploration is made of reasons why no strong leadership emerged to step in and save the school as it was on its downward path.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Martin, John A.

Parental and children's experiences and adjustment in maternal versus joint custody families

Description: This research project assessed the advantages and disadvantages of two types of post divorce arrangements by comparing joint custody families to mother custody families. Several categories of variables were used in making this comparison including the parent child relationship, the interparental relationship, mechanics of alternations, similarities/dissimilarities of home environment, characteristics, of children, and social demographic variables.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Rockwell-Evans, Kim E. (Kim Evonne)

Ferruccio Busoni's musical thinking: a study of his Sonatina seconda and Toccata

Description: The objective of the dissertation is to examine certain correlations between Busoni the philosopher and Busoni the composer. His aesthetic and theoretical points of view, which are of vital importance for an appreciation of his compositions, are reviewed. The manifestation of his musical thinking in his own compositional practice is substantiated through analysis of two of his late works for the piano: the Sonatina seconda and the Toccata.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Lim, Chong-Pil

Attitudes of nursing faculty toward patients with AIDS and patients with a homosexual lifestyle

Description: The purposes of this study were (1) to determine whether patients with AIDS are stigmatized by nursing faculty, (2) to determine whether practicing homosexuals are stigmatized by nursing faculty, (3) to determine whether faculty attitudes toward practicing homosexual patients are influenced by the patients disease.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Reynolds, Carol A. (Carol Ann)

Stress in academic administrators in public and private universities in Thailand

Description: The purposes of this study were to measure and compare stress levels of academic administrators in public and private universities which are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of University Affairs in Thailand. The administrators surveyed included vice presidents, deans, department chairpersons, and secretary officers from five public and five private universities. The four administrative stress factors studied included role-based stress, task based stress, conflict-mediating stress, and social confidence stress.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Kittikorn, Achara