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Development of a watershed prioritization strategy using remote sensing and the geographic resource analysis support system. Case study: city of Carrollton, Texas

Description: This study used a geographic information system (GIS) and an empirical pollutant load model to estimate average annual pollutant loads contained in storm water charges from the City of Carrollton, Texas.
Date: December 1996
Creator: Coffey, Jeffery M. (Jeffery Morgan)

Assessment of changes in aquatic macrophyte occurrence following introduction of triploid grass carp in a North Texas reservoir

Description: The objectives of this project were to measure changes in frequency of occurrence of submerged macrophytes over the first two growing seasons following stocking with triploid grass carp at two fish per acre and to measure differences in macrophyte biomass between areas excluded from herbivory and adjacent control sites after 16 months following establishment of exclosures. The project also seeks to measure concentrations of fluridone following the herbicide treatment, and to compare two methods of aquatic vegetation sampling.
Date: August 1997
Creator: Bickel, Ken (Kenneth E.)

Adélaide Labille-Guiard and Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun: portraitists in the age of the French Revolution

Description: This thesis examines the portraiture of Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun and Adélaide Labille-Guiard within the context of their time. Analysis of specific portraits in American collections is provided, along with an examination of their careers: early education, Academic Royale membership, Salon exhibitions, and the French Revolution.
Date: August 1996
Creator: Carlisle, Tara McDermott

Some physical characteristics and heavy metal analyses of cotton gin waste for potential use as an alternative fuel

Description: This study examines the waste of cotton gins as a potential alternative energy source, on account of its heat content, availability, and low emission rates. To confirm that this potential energy source meets minimum industrial fuel standards, this research has carried out an investigation of some important physical characteristics and toxic element analysis of cotton gin waste.
Date: August 1996
Creator: Kim, Sungsoo

Daniel's Battery: a narrative history and socio-economic study of the Ninth Texas Field Battery

Description: This thesis combines a traditional narrative history of a Confederate artillery battery with a socio-economic study of its members. A database was constructed using the Compiled Service Records, 1860 census, and county tax rolls. The information revealed similarities between the unit's members and their home area.
Date: December 1995
Creator: Perkins, John Drummond

An analysis of elements of jazz style in contemporary French trumpet literature

Description: French trumpet works comprise a large portion of the contemporary standard repertoire for the instrument, and they frequently present unique stylistic and interpretive challenges to performers. The study establishes the influence of jazz upon Henri Tomasi, André Jolivet, Eugène Bozza and Jacques Ibert in their works for solo trumpet. Idiomatic elements of jazz style are identified and discussed in terms of performance practice considerations for modern-day trumpeters.
Date: August 1991
Creator: Schmid, William A. (William Albert)

The effect of teacher training in the use of computer graphing software on the achievement of Algebra II students

Description: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of carefully designed teacher training in the use of the computer to teach graphing skills associated with Algebra II conic sections. Three areas were studied: the teachers' attitude toward mathematics, and the effect on students' achievement in the area of graphing skills.
Date: August 1991
Creator: Loop, Sallie Bell Jackson

Anisotropy of conduction electrons in n-InSb and extrinsic and intrinsic properties of HgCdTe

Description: The anistropy of the orbital and spin properties of conduction electrons in InSb has been measured simultaneously using a cyclotron-resonance type experiment. This represents the first time that the anistropy of effective mass in InSb has been directly measured using an optical method.
Date: August 1991
Creator: Yoon, Im T. (Im Taek)

User satisfaction in a government library: a case study of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia

Description: The problem of this study was the lack of knowledge about user satisfaction with the library services which are provided at the library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the study were two-fold: (1) to measure, evaluate, and analyze user satisfaction with the library services provided at the MFA Library for the employees; and (2) to develop a model for evaluation of user satisfaction of library services in government libraries in Saudi Arabia.
Date: August 1991
Creator: Tameem, Jamal Abbas

Gender bias in textbooks in selected kinesiology courses in Texas colleges and universities

Description: The purposes of this study were to analyze current kinesiology literature to determine if gender bias was present and if so, was the gender of the author associated with the presence of bias. A third purpose was to compare the results of this study with previous related research.
Date: August 1991
Creator: Munt, Glada C. (Glada Carole)

An algebraic characterization of stability groups

Description: The goal of this paper is to establish necessary and sufficient conditions for a subgroup of the full homeomorphism group of a manifold to be the stability group of a point in the underlying space. Such subgroups are useful in identifying the underlying space in terms of its homeomorphism group even in cases in which this space is not necessarily a manifold. Thus, stability groups are useful in classifying various spaces.
Date: August 1991
Creator: Wright, William G. (William Glenn)

The craft of the old English glossator: Latin hymns in The Anglo-Saxon Hymnarium

Description: The ten hymns of this study cover such overlapping categories as doctrine, solemn occasions in the rites of the Anglo-Saxon Church, and hymns prescribed in the Regularis concordia for the "little hours" of the daily office, as well as a historical overview from the fourth to the early tenth centuries.
Date: August 1991
Creator: McKenzie, Hope Bussey

An exploratory examination of the profitability impact of quality dimensions for consumer goods and industrial capital goods

Description: The specific focus of the proposed research is to address the question: Can factors be identified which contribute to an explanation of why certain companies have experienced fewer problems competing successfully on quality while the majority of U. S. firms have encountered difficulty in gaining recognition as providers of quality products?
Date: December 1991
Creator: Menon, Ajay