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Primary view of Growing Your Custom Holdings
Johnston, Pamela
March 15, 2017
Primary view of Enhancing the Discovery of Unique Collections
Robson, Diane; Yanowski, Kevin & Sassen, Catherine
April 19, 2017
Primary view of News, new roles & preservation advocacy: Moving Libraries into action
Halbert, Martin; Skinner, Katherine; Wilson, Marc & Zarndt, Frederick
June 7, 2016
Primary view of Enhancing Discovery of Unique Collections: Get Ahead of the Game
Robson, Diane; Yanowski, Kevin & Sassen, Catherine
April 19, 2017
Primary view of Turning Students On To Your Library's Web Site: using web site usability techniques to improve student use of your library's site
Thomsett-Scott, Beth
February 5, 2004
Primary view of Enhancing Bibliographic Access to Dissertations
Sassen, Catherine
December 12, 2016
Primary view of Yeah, I Found It!: Performing Web Site Usability Testing to Ensure that Off-Campus Students Can Find the Information They Need
Thomsett-Scott, Beth
May 2004
Primary view of Providing a Complete Menu: Using Competitive Usability in a Home Page Usability Study
Thomsett-Scott, Beth
December 10, 2004
Primary view of X Marks the Spot: Creating and Managing a Single Service Point to Improve Customer Service and Maximize Resources
Venner, Mary Ann & Keshmiripour, Setareh
June 8, 2016
Primary view of Owning Your Labor Is A Skill
Keralis, Spencer D. C.
January 8, 2017
Primary view of Promoting Positive Changes with Assessment in a Public Services Setting
Hargis, Carol & Venner, Mary Ann
October 21, 2016
Primary view of Tips and Tricks for Usability Studies
Thomsett-Scott, Beth
November 3, 2003
Primary view of Childhood Studies at the Digital Turn
Keralis, Spencer D. C.
January 6, 2017
Primary view of It Starts at the Top: Developing a Motivational Leadership Style That Moves Mountains
Keshmiripour, Setareh & Venner, Mary Ann
November 17, 2016
Primary view of Web Site Usability Testing at the Libraries
Thomsett-Scott, Beth; Byerly, Gayla & May, Frances A.
Primary view of British-Style Brass Bands in U.S. Colleges and Universities
Taylor, Mark Amdahl
December 2016
Primary view of University Coursework and Field Experiences: Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions and Experiences with Key Components of Response to Intervention
Hovey, Katrina A
December 2016
Primary view of Special Education Teachers Self-Reported Use of Evidence-Based Practices for Students with Autism in Texas Public Schools
Cowan, Angela K.
December 2016
Primary view of What's on Tap, Texas?  Homebrew to Craft Brew
Dobson, Mark Douglass
December 2016
Primary view of An Evaluation of Interactive Computer Training to Teach Discrete Trial and Naturalistic Instruction to Novice Therapists
Nielsen, Olivia
December 2016
Primary view of The Impact on Achievement from Student and Parent Attitudes towards Using Smartphones in School
Gordesky, Joshua
December 2016
Primary view of Human-Animal Relational Theory: A Constructivist-Grounded Theory Investigation
Otting, Tiffany L
December 2016
Primary view of Infusing Automatic Question Generation with Natural Language Understanding
Mazidi, Karen
December 2016
Primary view of Innovation Output and the Cost of Funds
Almomen, Adel Abdulkareem
December 2016