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The history of the keyed brasses
This study examines what makes a keyed brass instruments, early keyed brass instruments,and examines keyed brass instruments of today.
Nineteenth-century New Orleans composers
The simplest reason for a study of these composers is the fact that they composed Even though few of the compositions studied in this thesis deserve reviving, they nevertheless deserve sufficient investigation to provide a basis for such a judgement. The composers under consideration here are important for their distinctive contribution to the advancement of music in New Orleans and, thereby, the entire nation.
Poems of love and the rain by Ned Rorem
In this thesis, Ned Rorem's Poems of Love and the Rain is analyzed, with conclusions being drawn in the sphere of musico-textual relationships within individual songs.
A history of the clarinet and its music from 1600 to 1800
It is the purpose of this thesis to present a study of music written for the clarinet during the period from 1600 to 1800. The first part is a history of the clarinet showing the stages of development of the instrument from its early predecessors to its present form. The second part deals with composers and their music for the clarinet.
A study of the design possibilities and techniques of pounding plants into fabric and paper
The problem of investigating the possibilities of direct design transfer from plant to fabric and paper was divided into two parts. The first part is concerned with the exploration of the mechanics of the transfer. The second part of the problem is concerned with the exploration of the design possibilities of the medium.
Organ compositions on the motive BACH
Since the time of Johann Sebastian Bach many musical compositions have been written on the letters of his last name. In German musical notation, these letters are the equivalents of out B flat, A, C, and B natural. This study traces the use of this motive in works written for the organ throughout the past two centuries.
The development of the clarinet as a solo instrument during the eighteenth century
This study examines the development and creation of the clarinet in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, and the start of their use as a solo instrument in the eighteenth century.
An investigation of the effectiveness of programmed learning in the teaching of harmonic dictation in a beginning college music theory course
The problem of the study was to investigate the comparative effectiveness of two methods of teaching harmonic dictation to beginning college music students. The methods were (1) the conventional teacher-classroom approach as suggested by Robert Ottman's Elementary Harmony, and (2) a linear programed book to be used in conjunction with a series of tape recordings.
An analysis of Brahms' Quintet in B minor, op. 115, for clarinet and strings
Although many volumes concerning the life and works of Johannes Brahms have been written, it has been found that the majority of these writings treat the material of the subject in a rather poetic and romanticized fashion. This is especially unfortunate in those volumes where the works of Brahms are analyzed with pragmatic implications, since Brahms himself eschewed the use of extramusical elements in his composition. This investigation, therefore, is an attempt to present a careful analysis of one of these compositions, the Quintet in B Minor, Op. 115, for clarinet and string quartet.
A study of the knowledge and skills required of draftsmen in the Dallas-Fort Worth area
this study was designed to identify the knowledge and skills that draftsmen employed in the greater Dallas-Fort Wroth Texas metropolitan area should possess, including education, experience, duties, and methods.
The music of Anton Webern
In this study, the Anton Webern's music is considered in two groups: that which was written before Webern adopted the twelve-tone technique, Opp 1-16, and that written in the twelve-tone technique, Opp. 17-31. This division is not intended to represent an attempt at periodization of Webern's music, for the changes of style in Op. 17 are not that significant. But the fact that Webern employed the twelve-tone technique in all the works he wrote after Op. 16 makes this a natural point of division for a study of this sort.
A study of the factors related to tuba instruction and performance
The two basic needs which motivated this study were instructional material and instruments. By investigating these problems the writer hopes to improve not only his own techniques of teaching, but to present a useful source of information concerning the tuba.
Private group influence in public policy formulation: the Dallas motion picture classification ordinance of April 5, 1965
This thesis is an account of the events surrounding the passage of the Dallas Motion Picture Classification Ordinance of April 5, 1965. A stalemate between two disputing private factions in the city leads to public policy in the form of a municipal ordinance. Litigation quickly follows, and in the final analysis, a judicial determination temporarily ends the controversy...This investigation reveals that the council did not formulate public policy of its own volition, but only acted as an extension of the private struggle which had lasted for approximately thirty-six months.
The unaccompanied choral music of Felix Mendelssohn
The purpose of this study was to analyze for reasons of interpretation the unaccompanied choral music of Felix Mendelssohn.
The saxophone: its development and use in the orchestra
The purpose of this study is to trace the invention and development of a greatly abused instrument, the saxophone, and its use in the symphony orchestra. The first chapter concerns the instrument's invention and acceptance. The second chapter discusses physical characteristics of the saxophone. The third chapter deals with the particular methods of using the saxophone in orchestral literature by various composers, from its use in the nineteenth century through the present. An appendix provides a comprehensive listing of orchestral literature in which the saxophone is utilized.
Florence, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di musica Luigi Cherubini, manuscript Basevi 2439: critical edition and commentary
The subject of the present study, Florence, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, MS Basevi 2439, abbreviated Florence 2439,1 contains secular and sacred vocal music of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, with texts in French, Dutch, Italian, and Latin.
A technical and historical analysis of Alban Berg's Sonata for piano, op. 1
This work is a sonata in one movement. The movement is in sonata form. The exposition covers the incorporation of material. The development section concerns the development of the motive.
The trumpet as used by Paul Hindemith in three instrumental groupings
Paul Hindemeith adheres to the traditional concept of using two trumpets in his orchestral brass section. The trumpet parts are notated in concert pitch on the score implying the use of the "c" trumpet, although in actual practice, the parts are often transposed and played on the B-flat trumpet by the performer.
Bituminous Coal Resources of Texas
Report discussing reports of coal beds under a variety of rock formations throughout Texas.
The keyboard ricercare in the baroque era
This study seeks to examine the history of the ricercare, specifically in the baroque era. In this work, all types of keyboard compositions that utilize imitative counterpoint have been examined. Late baroque fugues have been examined to determine which characteristics of the earlier ricercare remained in general use and which specific compositions contain elements causing them to resemble strongly the parent form.
An acoustical comparison of the tones produced by clarinets constructed of different materials
This paper deals with comparisons of tones produced by clarinets made of various substances. The object of this research is not to prove or disprove a similarity or difference in sound but to identify any relative similarities and differences found in the tonal spectrums by the method of testing presented in this study.
Physical and pricing aspects of the Texas grain sorghum market structure
The purpose of this study is to collect, analyze, and interpret physical and pricing data pertaining to the elemental market structure for grain sorghums in Texas. For comparative purposes, a criterion is established in Chapter IV to evaluate the data obtained.
Comparable dissonance as used by Palestrina, Lassus, and Victoria in three masses
The purpose of this thesis is to give an account of the comparable use of dissonance of Palestrina, Orlandus Lassus, and Tomas Luis de Victoria, who represent, respectively, the Roman, Flemish, and Spanish schools of contrapuntal music.
A comparative analysis of selected Goethe Lieder by Schubert and Wolf
Of all the composers of German Lied, Franz Schubert and Hugo Wolf can be considered the true giants of this musical form. This study will show, by comparative analysis, the respective treatment by Franz Schubert and Hugo Wolf of selected poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
A stylistic and pianistic evaluation of Aaron Copland's Piano fantasy
The Piano Fantasy will be compared to Aaron Copland's other major piano works, the Piano Variations and Piano Sonata, to determine if he has retained his basic stylistic features, although he has employed serial principles more extensively in the piano fantasy than in the other two works and has passed through two different style periods, the "Abstract" (1929-1935) and the American "Folksong" (1934-1955).
Margo Jones' Dallas theatre incorporated '45-'59
This study examines the life of Margo Jones and the creation of the Dallas Theatre, later renamed the Margo Jones Theatre.
Carl Nielsen's symphonic elements as evidenced in the Commotio
This study outlines the life of Carl Nielsen, and explores the symphonic elements of his work The Commotio.
Arabic 1620: an analysis and procedure for composing computer music
The primary objective of this study is to gain maximum use of the small computer in composing electronic music..
The economic inefficiency of Texas water law
The purpose in this investigation is to clarify and discuss what is believed to be one of the major deterrents to an efficient utilization of water in Texas. That deterrent is the legal system by which water is presently regulated in this state...before one can look at the Texas system of water law to see adequately how it is misguided he should have at least a basic concept of the characteristics of water, both from its physical and resource aspects. It is to this end Chapter II is devoted. Chapter III will begin the discussion and description in detail of the Texas Water Law System. Through a discussion of the historical development of the law it is hoped that the reader can see how the present system developed. Chapter IV will show the major consequences and economic costs of our present system of water law. Chapter V will concern itself with ways in which the system can be improved. It examines the needs for unified regulation based on water as a flow resource.
Sonata form in the symphonies of Mozart
For this study, the forms of the movements of forty-four symphonies of Mozart-those appearing in the Breitkopf and Hartel "complete" edition of his works- were analyzed. For convenience of reference, the symphonies are discussed in this thesis in their conventional numbering-that of the Breitkopf and Hartel edition- except for six symphonies that appeared in a supplementary volume and are inserted in this study into their approximately correct chronological positions.
Investigations on abundance, habits, and distribution of amphibians and reptiles of Denton County, Texas
The purpose of the present study of the herpetofauna was to obtain additional information regarding the vertebrates of Denton County, and to produce a well-preserved, cataloged collection of the amphibians and reptiles for the Museum of Zoology, North Texas State University. An understanding of the vertebrate life of the county also involves an investigation of the habitats within the county that may, in part, count for the distribution of these animals. It is well recognized that the environmental areas of the county have altered vastly during the last one hundred years. This alteration is due largely to agriculture and industry. However, there are adequate numbers of natural environments, as well as newly created ones that may contribute to the distribution of the vertebrates at the present time. Therefore, the problem not only concerned the collection of specimens, but also the identification, abundance classification, general habitat classifications, and county distribution.
Microbial actinomycete population studies in lacustrine substrates
The discovery of the production of antibiotic materials by certain members of the Actinomycetales has stimulated the study of these organisms over the last two decades, raising them from a position of little significance to one of noticeable importance. These studies include investigations concerning the physiology and biochemistry of the actinomycetes.
Leo Sowerby's solo organ compositions based on hymn tunes
Sowerby's compositions based on hymn tunes cover the extent of his career - from 1913 to the time of this study. There are two purposes in selecting them for study: to describe the development of Sowerby's musical style; and to show, from a study of these compositions, the various devices, forms, and techniques which are effective in this area of composition in general.
The development of intermunicipal cooperation between the cities of Fort Worth and Euless, Texas leading to the establishment of a bi-city fire department
On November 24, 1964, the City Council of the City of Fort Worth approved a contract that read, in part: "The City of Euless and the City of Fort Worth desire to cooperate in the stationing of personnel and fire fighting apparatus of the City of Fort Worth in facilities owned and operated by the City of Euless..." An examination of the establishment of this contract is the purpose of this thesis.
Winston Churchill and the Teheran Conference
The Teheran Conference, November 27- December 1, 1943, set the stage for the present-day Cold War. In that conference Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, played a forceful, but unsuccessful, role.
The English horn: its history and development into orchestral music
This study follows the creation and development of the English horn, and documents its inclusion into orchestral music.
The development of Schoenberg's twelve-tone technique from opus nine to opus twenty-six
The real importance of the twelve-tone system would seem to lie in its structural possibilities. It combines the inherent potentialities of the theme of a movement in sonata form with those of the theme of a fugue and of variations. It creates a coherent texture throughout the single movements and the work as a whole. It is needless to say that this kind of coherence can also be achieved in serial compositions, that is, in movements in which not the full row of twelve tones, but only seven or eight or nine tones form the basic row.
A historical and musical analysis of the characters in the opera The love for three oranges
The Commedia dell'arte was a form of Italian comedy prevalent from about 1560 to 1760. It was rooted in the comedy of ancient Greece and Rome, and it first appeared during the Middle Ages. An example of this is the comic opera The Love for Three Oranges, scored by Sergei Prokofiev.
The development and use of the bass clarinet in the symphony orchestra
The purpose of this study is to trace the development of a comparatively young orchestral instrument, the bass clarinet, and its use in the symphony orchestra. The first chapter concerns the development of the bass clarinet from the earliest imperfect specimen to the modern day instrument. The second chapter discusses physical characteristics that are peculiar to the bass clarinet. The third chapter deals with the particular methods of using the bass clarinet in orchestral literature by various composers, from its introduction into the orchestra by Meyerbeer through the present.
A psychological approach to the character of Wotan in Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen
The ancient Germanic god that Richard Wagner resurrected in his operatic style Der Ring des Nibelungen was worshiped and feared from Greenland to Asia Minor for 1,000 years after the birth of Christ. This thesis examines the psychological aspects of Wotan as he appears in the opera.
A comparison of the Leschetizky and Whiteside methods of piano technique
The idea for this investigation was inspired by the writer's attempt to acquire a more complete knowledge of piano teaching techniques. It is hoped that this report will challenge musicians of all ranks to delve further into the subject and investigate other methods of technique not included in this report.
Sonata in A major, Opus 120, was written by Franz Schubert in 1819. The sonata was chosen for this study because of its proximity to the middle of the span of time in which Schubert wrote his piano sonatas. His first piano sonata was written in 1815 and the last in 1828. Since no sonatas were written in either 1821 or 1822, the years in the middle of this span, the sonata written in 1819 was chosen.
The a cappella choral music of Benjamin Britten
This study analyzes several a cappella choral songs by Benjamin Britten, including "A Boy Was Born", "A Hymn to the Virgin", "Hymn to St. Cecilia" and "Five Flower Songs".
A guidance program for North Texas State University undergraduate students preparing for a career in medical illustration
There are seven schools in the United States and Canada that offer a training program for students qualified in art and the biological sciences to meet the visual communication requirements in medical education and research. A survey of each of these schools in relation to the medical illustration curriculum of North Texas State University will give a broader picture of the educational requirements, nature of work, qualifications of the candidate, and the outlines of the curricula in this field. From this survey a guidance program will be determined to prepare toe undergraduate student for admission to medical school. This investigation of each training program will provide a better understanding of the variances of the medical schools which have departments of art as applied to medicine.
Construction and testing of a charging system and a corona column for an electrostatic accelerator
The purpose of the project described in this paper has been to complete construction and to determine the operating characteristics of a charging system and a corona-type controlled leakage system for the compact Van de Graaf generator now under construction at North Texas State University. Calibration data of the generating voltmeter to be used for determining the potential developed by the generator are also included in the paper.
The role of the secondary dominant in the solo works for piano by Brahms and Dvorak
The harmonic practices of the late romantic period are often discussed in general terms, categorical phrases, and a score of subjectivisms characteristic of the era. It is the purpose of this thesis to clarify certain aspects of the harmonic vocabulary which developed in the late romantic period.
A study of the architectural trends in Fort Worth, Texas
The purpose of this study was to determine the trends that are developing in the architecture of the civic, commercial, and religious buildings in Fort Worth, Texas. This will be shown by an analysis of what the author considers to be the best examples of buildings constructed in Fort Worth during the past ten years.
The solo piano works of Alfredo Casella: a comparative analysis of his diverse styles
The compositions to be considered in this study have been divided into three periods, corresponding with certain times in the life of Alfredo Casella. There is enough consistency of style in the compositions of each period to justify this division. The first period, characterized by lyricism and virtuosity, includes the works written in Paris after Casella left the Paris Conservatory. The second period, with its chromaticism and dissonance, comprises his output during the first years after his return to Italy. The third period begins with the close of World War I. In this period Casella returns to a classic style which is firmly embedded in an extended tonal system. The compositions of this period combine various ideas and styles gathered through the years and blend them into works marked by maturity, sincerity, and originality.
A thematic analysis of Edward Elgar's oratorio, The Apostles
It is the object of this paper to review Sir Edward Elgar's life as a composer, and to discuss and study the thematic elements of his oratorio, "The Apostles." To understand and evaluate the significance of any person's rise to fame in his own field, it is necessary to reconstruct the surroundings from which he came.
The Brahms Variations on a theme of Paganini and the Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini
From the first systematic beginning of the variation, in the second quarter of the sixteenth century, to the emergence of the contemporary style in the first quarter of the twentieth, seven distinct kinds may be distinguished.