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Bituminous Coal Resources of Texas
Report discussing reports of coal beds under a variety of rock formations throughout Texas.
The keyboard ricercare in the baroque era
This study seeks to examine the history of the ricercare, specifically in the baroque era. In this work, all types of keyboard compositions that utilize imitative counterpoint have been examined. Late baroque fugues have been examined to determine which characteristics of the earlier ricercare remained in general use and which specific compositions contain elements causing them to resemble strongly the parent form.
The Effects of Two Methods of Training on Arm Strength
A study was made to investigate the relative effectiveness of two methods of training on the development of arm strength. The purposes of the study included the following: 1. To determine functional arm strength of male students enrolled in physical education classes selected for the study. 2. To conduct specific exercise programs in each of the selected classes. 3. To determine the relative effectiveness of the selected programs in developing arm strength.
Florence, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, Manuscript Basevi 2439: Critical Edition and Commentary
The subject of the present study, Florence, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, MS Basevi 2439, abbreviated Florence 2439,1 contains secular and sacred vocal music of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, with texts in French, Dutch, Italian, and Latin.
The Relationship of the Self Concept, Ideal Self Concept, Values, and Parental Self-Concept to the Vocational Aspiration of Adolescent Negro Males
The problem of this study was to determine the relationship of the self concept, ideal self concept, values, and parental self concept to the vocational aspiration of adolescent Negro males.
The Factors Influencing Out-of-State Companies to Establish Manufacturing Facilities in Dallas County
"The purpose of this study was to collect and analyze locational data on all branch maufacturing plants established in Dallas County in 1954, 1955, and 1956; these data were acquired through personal interviews in 1957. For comparative purposes the same data on branch plants established in 1959 were obtained in 1960. The following elements of the locational process were determined and analyzed: 1. Origin and character of the new plants; specifically location of home office, types of products, size and location of the plant in Dallas. 2.locational process, including company personnel assigned the task of locating a suitable site and local agencies assisting in the locational process. 3. reasons for establishing the branch plant 4. factors that influenced management to locate the plant inDallas in preference to any other locations."-- leaf 4.
Anxiety in Elementary School Children as a Function of Intelligence, Self-Concept and Ordinal Birth Position
It shall be the purpose of this study to continue this delineation of the dynamics of anxiety. An attempt shall be made to study the nature of anxiety, especially in elementary school children, as it relates to three other factors: namely, intelligence, self-concept and ordinal birth position.
Ariettes Oubilées and Fêtes Galantes, Series I and II by Claude Debussy
Not only did Debussy find the Symbolist movement a source of inspiration for his artistic aims, he often selected his literary collaborators from them. Pelleas et Melisande, Prelude a l'Apres-midi d'un Faune, Chansons de Bilitis, Trois Pomes de Stephane Mallarme, Fetes Galantes, Ariettes Oubliees, all had Symbolist authors. Moreover, the poetic style of the Proses Lyriques, of which Debussy himself was the author, is in the Symbolist manner.
The Effect of Ego-Involvement and Anxiety on Learning
It is the purpose of this study to determine if ego-involvement influences the performance of an individual in a learning situation.
Projective Use of Human-Figure Drawings
The first aspect of the problem of this study is to investigate a number of drawing characteristics, the interpretation of which is frequently associated with dynamics of the maladjusted personality. This investigation is primarily concerned with validity as it occurs in a significant appearance of these characteristics in the drawings of maladjustedd individuals as compared with an assumed significantly lesser appearance in the drawings of relatively well-adjusted individuals. The second aspect of the problem is concerned with distinguishing those characteristics which show the greatest significance of occurrence from those of no significant occurrence in the maladjusted group. The former can be, thus, considered as possibly valid and important for further testing.
Evidence and Military Law Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice
The purpose of this study is to analyze certain major reforms in the Code in an effort to determine whether or not the "status quo" has been change. These reforms are: (1) henceforth all military legal proceedings are to be governed by a single Code equally applicable to all the services; (2) all military judicial proceedings are to be governed as near as practicable by the rules of civil procedure and evidence observed in the criminal proceedings of the United States district courts; (3) all persons charged with an offense are to have competent legal counsel at all stages of pretrial and trial proceedings; (4) all persons subject to the Code are assured that they shall not be subject to compulsory self-incrimination; (5) all who are subject to the Code are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and (6) all are guaranteed an automatic and mandatory review (under certain conditions) of their trials.
Sam Rayburn and New Deal Legislation, 1933-1936
Sam Rayburn's record as Speaker of the House was undoubtedly his best known accomplishment during fifty years in Congress. Nevertheless he played a vital role as proponent of the New Deal during the period from 1933 to 1936 when he was Chairman of the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee. Since Rayburn's role in passage of early New Deal statutes has been neglected, the purpose of this thesis is to examine his contributions to the Roosevelt Administration as leader in the debates on key legislation.
Stylistic Analysis of "Banalités" by Francis Poulenc
Because of the nature of the poetry, the interpretation of Banalites in this study has involved certain subjective decisions. These deductions were, nevertheless, colored by statements of the poet, the composer, and authorities on each. This is not to imply, however, that this is the only interpretation. Both poet and composer have given evidence that their creation requires a subjective response on the part of the interpreter. This is perhaps the greatest challenge offered by the work.
The Transcendental Etudes of Sergei Liapunov
Liapunov's Twelve Transcendental Etudes, although derivative in nature, have significant musical and technical value, and are sometimes strengthened by the inspiration of other composers' works. Neither highly creative nor original, LIaounov drew on forms and techniques supplied by the great pianist-composers of Western Europe, such as Schwann, Chopin, and Liszt. Not to be overlooked is the influence of his teacher and friend, Balakirev.
The Effects of Memory Load on the Accuracy of Recognition of Stimuli
The purpose of this study was to find if memory load significantly affects the performance of the subjects in the before condition of a before versus after technique experiment. In order to accomplish this the alternatives were presented either before or after the stimulus, with the alternatives and stimuli being either of high-complexity or low-complexity.
Responses to Diets High in Phenylalanine Compounds as Genetic Parameters in Mice
The induction of phenylketonuria in mice through the use of excess dietary phenylalanine is an area in which limited research has been done. This study intends to pursue further work in this area, more specifically, to study the effects of excess dietary phenylalanine and the phenylalanine analogue A.P.B.A. (2-amino-3-phenyl butanoic acid) (7) on brain serotonin and brain norepinephrine. In addition, the effects of these two compounds on the incidence of audiogenic seizures will be explored.
First-Person Narration in Edgar Allan Poe's Tales
For the purpose of this study, Poe's tales were read and considered carefully in chronological order, the idea being to discover growth and development. Poe's literary career was relatively brief (1832-1849), and there are no dramatic or definite breaks or periods. Though his production shows growth in sophistication and artistry, it has been deemed more instructive to group Poets first-person narrators according to the part they play in the story, that is, (1) main actor or protagonist, (2) minor character, (3) observers and (4) combinations of the foregoing three. An attempt will be made to note both variation and pattern, and hence artistic skill, in Poe Is handling of each particular type of narrator.
Congressional Legislation as a Remedy to Prevent Communist Influence of Labor Unions and Union Officials
The United States and other nations of the free world are presently engaged in a life and death struggle. This conflict is between democracy and Communism--freedom versus slavery. In the classical definition of war, opponents and battlefields were readily defined, but in this "Cold War" conventional arms are only a part of the over-all battle plan. The persistent effort of the Communists to infiltrate and dominate the American labor movement is one of these battlefields. Domination and control of labor unions has been a primary goal of the Communist Party in the United States. In recent years, the power of organized labor has demonstrated its strength throughout our national economy. Labor organizations have the power to create, in this country, a state of national emergency. The problem is how this power can be controlled and protected for the American worker.
The Negro in Texas Politics, 1865-1874
"The theme of this work centers around the Negro and his association with the Radical Republican party. For eight years this party controlled the state government of Texas and, the Negro's participation during this period cannot be overlooked. The Negro possessed, at this time, two valuable assets, the right of suffrage and a strength in numbers. It was through the careful coordination of these two assets that the Radicals were able to gain and maintain control of Texas politics."--Leaves iii-iv.
The Fugitive Kind in the Major Plays of Tennessee Williams
What basic similarities are found in all the fugitives? First of all, they are fugitives in the sense that they are wanderers. While not necessarily running to or from some specific thing, the fugitives nonetheless are men who travel; they are men who only face their conflicts directly when they attempt to stop traveling either by changing themselves so that they will fit in (Val in Orpheus Descending and Chance), by changing their environment so that it will accept them (Val in Battle of Angels and Shannon), or by searching for something that is permanently lost (Kilroy).
Form and Rhythm in the Moerike Lieder of Hugo Wolf
Hugo Wolf drew the strands of form, rhythm, and other elements together to form tightly woven songs, each element of which can be traced to the text as its original inspiration. Truly this was a genius of romantic expression, who took the tools developed by his predecessors in song, tempered them with his own sensitive personality, and used them to the fullest in setting the meaning and the mood, as well as the words, of the poems he had chosen.
Employment of Older Persons as Foster Grandparents
This thesis is a report of a study of the employment of foster grandparents for the foster grandparent project at the Denton State School in Denton, Texas. There were three specific interests in the study. First, it attempted to ascertain what criteria were used for the hiring of foster grandparents and how they were hired. Included in this area were the necessary steps which an individual had to take to apply for employment. Second, the study was concerned with developing a general description of the social and economic characteristics of those who were hired as foster grandparents, including their performance on certain tests which they took during the employment process. Third, it examined the relationship of selected social and economic characteristics to each other, the inter-relationships of test performance, and the relationships between the selected characteristics and test performance.
The Religious Right: A Study in American Religious Fundamentalism
Conservatism in America declined during the 1930's, then in the post-war years began to revive in what has been termed a "wonder"l and the most surprising development of the post-war period. Yet an even more surprising development has been the re-emergence of an important American phenomenon within conservatism: the far right.3 Far right activities gained national attention during the McCarthy era, and again in 1960 as a result of the controversy over the Air Reserve Center Training Manual, the San Francisco student riots against the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), the possibility of a young liberal Roman Catholic's becoming president of the United States, and the alarm that President Eisenhower would soon retire from public life.
Municipal Incorporation for the Purpose of Liquor Sale; A Case Study of Impact, Texas
This investigation into local government and politics surrounding the liquor question significantly unveils the turmoil within a community over an issue of intense interest, It illustrates how a gap in legislation enabled subversion of incorporation laws and violation of the majority will by a small but determined group. The pressures and tactics used by both opposing interests in this crisis reveal misuse of the law, possible pay-offs, secret meetings of public bodies, and other illicit occurrences. More importantly, it demonstrates the respect well-meaning citizens have for established law and order. Both sides fought hard for their interests and beliefs, but when appeals had been made to the highest authority, and the ultimate decision had been rendered, then all adherents accepted the reality of the situation, and co-exist on increasingly friendly terms.
The Effectiveness of Denton State School's Developmental Evaluation Form in Evaluating an Operant Training Program for Severely Retarded Boys
The problem of this study was to evaluate Denton State School's Developmental Evaluation Form as it is now being used in their operant conditioning techniques in certain basic self-help areas, and to suggest a more effective and informative method of scoring the Evaluation Form. The present method of scoring this evaluation form requires that -all items at each developmental level be passed in order to receive credit for that level. No partial credit is given at any level. This method of scoring yields a developmental level at which. the individual is functioning. It does not, however, point out the total overall development of the individual. The present type of basal developmental scoring is not as discriminating as far as picturing an individual's total development as the one which will be suggested.
The Texas Revolution as an Internal Conspiracy
The idea of the Texas Revolution as an internal conspiracy cannot be eliminated. This thesis describes the role of a small minority of the wealthier settlers in Texas in precipitating the Texas Revolution for their own economic reasons. This group, made up of many of the leading figures in Texas, were, for the most part, well-to-do farmers, merchants, and professional men.. Most of them were slaveholders, and their prosperity depended upon the continued existence of this institution. In their minds, the entire economic growth and development of Texas rested upon slavery. When the Mexican government began to threaten the economic future of Texas by the passage of prohibitatory laws on slavery and commerce, many of the leaders in Texas began to think of freeing Texas from Mexican control. The threat to their own economic position and prosperity gave birth to the idea of Texas independence.
A Study of the Relationship of Professional Preparation and Teaching Experiences of Women Graduates of North Texas State University with a Major in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation During the College Sessions of 1954-1966
"The problem of this study was to determine the relationship of the professional preparation and teaching experiences of women graduates of North Texas State University with a major in health, physical education, and recreation during the college sessions of 1954-1966."--5.
American Deism in the Eighteenth Century
As was true of most intellectual trends in colonial America, deism originated in England and spread to the colonies. To understand deism as it developed in eighteenth century America, one must examine the roots and mature status of deism in England. Deism did not emerge as an entirely new system of thought in seventeenth century England. The disputes, schisms and wars of the Reformation laid a negative foundation for its appearance. The counter-accusations of the clergy of different sects provided ammunition for its anticlerical campaign. The Reformation itself, by its rejection of the ritualism and authority of the Roman Catholic Church, its teaching that in matters of religion each individual should use his own reason, and its putting greater stress on the ethical element in religion, was a movement in the same direction as deism. It did not, however, advance as far. To replace the authority of the Catholic Church, the Protestants substituted the Bible.
Clavecin Pieces of Louis Couperin
Louis Couperin (c. 1626-1661) was an outstanding member of the seventeenth-century clavecin school and an important link in the Couperin dynasty. His works for the harpsichord, or clavecin, have been neglected. This is due primarily to the fact that there are relatively few of his works, in comparison with those of his nephew, Franois Couperin Le Grand, who greatly overshadows him. Louis wrote no treatise on how his works are to be played, and there are few accounts of him, or his works, that are written in English. There is no biography of Louis Couperin. A more detailed study should be made of his music and its place in the French clavecin literature. Before examiinig the music itself, however, it is necessary to trace the origins and development of the clavecin school and its style.
A Study to Identify Industrial Arts Skills and Understandings Needed by Graduates of Pampa High School Seeking Employment in Gray County, Texas
"The study sought to answer the following questions: 1. What skills and understandings may be acquired in industrial arts courses as described in Principles and Standards for Accrediting Elementary and Secondary Schools that might be helpful to youth seeking employment in the Pampa area? 2. What is the current industrial arts program in the Pampa Independent School district? 3. What skills and understandings receive the greatest emphasis in the Pampa industrial arts program? 4. What skills and understandings associated with industrial arts do Gray County employers recommend as being helpful in the performance of jobs for which terminal students might be considered? 5. What are the employment opportunities in Gray County for Pampa Independent School District terminal students?" --p. 4
The National Liberal Republican Movement of 1872
The purpose of this study is to present an historical account of the Liberal Republican movement during the Reconstruction period. The Liberal movement was chosen for investigation because it was the first prominent third party movement in the post-Civil War years. The Liberal Republican movement was less important in shaping the policies of the two major policies than later third party movements, and, in fact, its long range results are almost impossible to trace. By gaining national prominence, however, and by accepting the Democrats in a coalition, the movement did provide a much needed stimulus to the Democratic party and caused the Republicans to reconsider their policies. It also provided an example to later movements that a third party could gain a great deal of support by advocating and working for general political reform.
The Use of the Trumpet in Three Symphonic Poems by Richard Strauss: Don Juan, Till Eulenspiegel's Lustige Streiche, and Ein Heldenleben
It can be said that Strauss not only brought the valved trumpet to prominence but revived somewhat the use of the trumpet as a solo instrument to the importance it had attained during the baroque period. From the time of these works to the present there have been many improvements in the instruments themselves and the players have become more proficient. At the time these works were written and first performed the trumpets were not yet perfected. They were difficult to play and the intonation of the instrument was very poor. With the improvements in the instruments and the works of Strauss to show what could be done by the trumpet, composers started using the instrument in more important passages. In the compositions for orchestra written in the twentieth century up until the present time it is not uncommon to find the trumpet used extensively as a solo instrument. Some of the more prominent compositions employing the trumpet in this manner are: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by Dimitri Shostakovich, The Quiet C by Aaron Copland, L'Histoire du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky, Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra by Maurice Ravel. In fact, in most of the larger orchestral works written in this century it is common for the trumpet to be used much in the same manner as Strauss used the instrument in the three symphonic poems cited. It can be stated, therefore, that Richard Strauss, although he did nothing really new or revolutionary so far as the instrument is concerned, started a trend in the use of the trumpet that was to be developed much more by the composers to follow. The trumpet today is secondary in importance to no other wind instrument in the orchestra.
Choral Problems in the Unaccompanied Music of Francis Poulenc
The purpose of this study, ve to analyze the stylistic characteristics in the unaccompanied music of one twentieth century composer, Francis Poulenc, in order to discover the choral problems which would confront choruses and conductors as they performed his music. It is hoped that this study will not only enable choral conductors to better understand, interpret, and appreciate the music of Poulenc, but also will serve as a guide toward the investigation of other twentieth century composers and their works.
A Stylistic Analysis of a Young Man's Exhortation, Opus 14, by Gerald Finzi to Words by Thomas Hardy
This song cycle consists of ten settings, and has been divided into two parts by the composer. Each part is preceded by a short quotation in Latin which has been inserted by the composer. The two parts of the cycle are evidently meant to typify the division of a human life into the periods of youth and old age. The Latin quotations which divide the cycle into its two parts are taken from the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible, Psalm 89, verse six.
Preludes, Opp, 15, 35, and 74 of Alexander Scriabin
The five Preludes, Op. 15 were composed in the year 1897 while Scriabin was occupied in concert tours with his friend and publisher, Beliaef. This year brought no less than forty-seven short preludes written at various times and collected in five sets: Opp. 11, 13, 15, 16, and 17. These preludes, though clever and original in melody, show the great influence of Chopin on Scriabin.
A Study of Coaching Techniques Employed by Coaches of the Interscholastic League Boys' Championship Class B Basketball Teams of Texas
This was a study of coaching techniques employed by coaches of boys' basketball teams placing first and second in Class B bi-district tournaments of the University Interscholastic League of Texas for the season 1966-67.
Schubert's Grand Sonata in B Flat
The arrangement of movements in the Grand Sonata in B flat follows traditional classical lines, as is true of almost all the Schubert sonatas. A complete structural analysis of the work reveals some modifications in the architecture of individual movements; this is especially evident in the first movement. The departures from usual treatment of first movement sonata form may be classified as follows: 1. Developmental procedures begin in the exposition. 2. The second subject begins in a distantly related key. 3. The development section stresses melodic treatment rather than contrapuntal technique. The second movement is in ternary form and exhibits little irregularity in structure. The movement is an excellent example of the employment of an accompaniment figure as a unifying element.
Criticism of Swift's "Voyage to the Houyhnhnms," 1958-1965
Bitterness and humor, dogmatism and tolerance, unprofessional negligence and scholarly care characterize recent criticism of Swift's "Voyage to the Houyhnhnms." Many scholars have based their conclusions on the findings of earlier commentators rather than on Swift's work itself. Others have imposed a system of their own upon the fourth voyage, sometimes without regard for incontrovertible evidence against their views. Consequently, these scholars often reveal more about themselves than about Swift and his work. Although only a few really new ideas have been presented since 1958 which help to explain the Dean's motivation and intentions, a number of new interpretations of the fourth voyage of Gulliver's Travels clarify some of Swift's purposes. Generally, recent critics can be divided into three groups: those who believe that the Houyhnhnms are Swift's moral ideal for mankind; those who contend that the Houyhnhnms are not Swift's moral ideal; and those who suggest that Swift's moral ideal for man lay somewhere between the Houyhnhnm and the Yahoo.
Organomagnesium Compounds in Benzene Solvent and Their Application in Synthesis of Organoberyllium Compounds
The work reported by D. Bryce-Smith and G. F. Cox, along with several recent publications describing experimental results designed to elucidate the long disputed question of the structure of the Grignard reagent in ether stimulated the work reported here, in an effort to obtain additional evidence of the structure of the organomagnesium complex in benzene solvent. Since the primary objective of this work was to prepare organoberyllium compounds using the organomagnesium complexes in hydrocarbon solvents, it seemed an insight into the structure of these complexes would be beneficial in this work. The techniques used and experimental evidence obtained from the structure elucidation of the ethereal Grignard reagent have been most helpful in organization of the methods used to study the structure of organomagnesium halide complexes in benzene solvent. It seemed that an insight into the structure of these organomagnesium halide complexes in hydrocarbon solvents would be beneficial in accomplishing the second objective of this work. This objective was to prepare organoberyllium compounds using the organomagnesium halide complexes prepared in hydrocarbon solvents.
A Study of Certain Creative Dramatics Techniques as Applied in the Second Grade Classroom of the North Texas State University Laboratory School
"It is the purpose of this thesis to employ some of the basic methods currently in practice in the teaching of creative dramatics, in a second grade class of the North Texas State University Laboratory School in Denton, Texas, and to record the results."--2.
The Effect of Art 135-136, Foundations of Art, on Design Judgment of Elementary Education Majors at North Texas State University
This paper is a report of research at North Texas State University concerning the effect of Art 135-136 on the design judgment of elementary education majors. It describes the measurement of the level of design judgments of elementary education majors who have completed the course and those who have not.
The German-Polish Boundary at the Paris Peace Conference
Although a great deal has been written on the Paris Peace Conference, only in recent years have the necessary German documents been available for an analysis of the conference, not only from the Allied viewpoint but also from the German side. One of the great problems faced by the Allied statesmen in 1919 was the territorial conflict between Germany and Poland. The final boundary decisions were much criticized then and in subsequent years, and in 1939 they became the excuse for another world war. In the 1960's, over twenty years after the boundaries established at Versailles ceased to exist, they continued to be subjects of controversy. To understand the nature of this problem, it is necessary to study the factors which influenced the delineation of the German-Polish boundary in 1919. From the conflict of national interests there emerged a compromise boundary which satisfied almost no one. After this boundary was destroyed by another world war, the victors were again faced with the complex task of reconciling conflicting strategic and economic necessities with the principle of self-determination. This time no agreement was possible, and the problem remained a significant factor in German-Polish and East-West relations. The methods by which the statesmen of 1919 arrived at a settlement are pertinent to the unsolved problem of today.
A Stylistic Analysis of Ten Selected Dance Band Stock Orchestrations
The purpose of this study is to analyze and codify the basic principles and techniques of composition and arranging as used in ten selected published dance band stock orchestrations of popular ballads.
The Genio-Hyoid Vocal Interference
Both science and empirical knowledge seem to indicate that anatomical considerations relating to potential muscular interference be established at the incipiency of the serious study of voice. Experience shows that if this aspect of vocal development is not pursued with utmost diligence, an early deterioration of the vocal instrument is possible many years before a normal expectancy. It has been discovered, also, that the study of articulation, pronunciation, modulation, emphasis, gestures and interpretation seem to avoid, primarily, the necessity of muscular training, per. This thesis will not include, in detail, the aspects of the use of the breath, except in a perfunctory manner. The same can be said of resonance and diction. It will endeavor, however, to indicate the muscular differences of the singing and swallowing actions. Furthermore, it will advance some suggestions for the avoidance of constrictive muscular influences which might impede the singing musculature. Finally, a phonatory process will be presented for consideration as a muscular mechanism to be made operative in connection with a direct control procedure.
The Evolution of Musical Pitch Standards
The purpose of this study is to show how standards of pitch became a matter of importance in musical performance. The existence of innumerable varieties of pitches was not an actual handicap in a time when voices were accompanied by only one instrument, or when a singer accompanied himself. But when instruments began to be used with the church organ, and ensembles were formed to play in the royal courts, a standard pitch was found to be desirable. Many factors were involved in the adjustments of pitch as small ensembles evolved into the military band and the symphony orchestra. An attempt will be made to show how many of the standards were derived, and what long lasting effects they had.
The British Museum Manuscript Additional 35087: A Transcription of the French, Italian, and Latin Compositions with Concordance and Commentary
The London British Museum Manuscript Additional 35087, hereafter referred to as London Add. 35087, is an important parchment manuscript in large octavo choirbook arrangement from the beginning of the sixteenth century. Its measurements are 19.4 x 29.3 centimeters. The manuscript contains ninety-five folios and one stub where a leaf has been torn out (f. 4).1 The last composition in the manuscript is incomplete, which indicates that one leaf is lacking at the end (f. 96). Two sets of foliation are shown: the original Roman and a more recent Arabic. Both are placed in the upper right hand corner of folio recto. The sets agree in folios 4-93. Folios 1 and 2 show no Roman figures now; folio 3 has "ii," and therefore the missing leaf probably had "iii." The Arabic numbering does not account for this missing leaf. This folio might have been assigned "4," but this number is given on the next complete leaf to coincide with the Roman "iiii." At the end, by mistake, folio 94 has "xciii" and folio 95 has "xciiii."
An Evaluative Study of the Professional Curriculum in the Men's Physical Education Program at North Texas State College with Recommendations for Continued Improvement
"This is an evaluative study of the professional preparation physical education program for men at North Texas State College."--3
The Songs for Voice and Piano by Ernest Chausson
No Description Available.
An Investigation of Essential Factors Related to the Teaching of Sight Singing to Elementary Children
No Description Available.
The Incidental Music of Beethoven
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