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A Study to Determine a Sound Program for the Effective Instruction and Social Integration of Latin-American Pupils in the Secondary Schools of Texas

Description: "The purpose of this study was to formulate a recommended program to aid in the social integration of Latin-American and Anglo-American children in the secondary schools of Texas. In preparation for the development of this suggested plan, some of the more serious problems involved in the education of Latin-American children in schools designed primarily for the instruction of Anglo-American pupils were studied in available literature, and a set of psychological, sociological, and democratic criteria was formulated to serve as sound principles upon which to base the suggest program."--Leaf 1.
Date: August 1952
Creator: Davenport, Ane J.

The Melodic Use of the Augmented Second in the Eighteenth Century

Description: When a particular phase of music theory is omitted from the contents of a treatise or textbook on that subject, the omission can usually be ascribed to one of two causes. Either the omitted phase is of little importance or it is not used in the music of the period on which the treatise or textbook is based. It is the purpose of this research study to discuss a particular phase of music theory that has been omitted or avoided by numerous counterpoint and theory textbook authors. The material in the contents of this work is based on a discussion of the melodic use of the augmented second in the music of the eighteenth century.
Date: January 1952
Creator: Shipp, Clifford M. (Clifford Marion)

The Use of Music as a Therapeutic Agent in Connection with and as an Aid to Hospitalized Mental Patients

Description: The increasing importance of music as a therapeutic benefit in mental hospitals has prompted this study. Numerous unscientific reports and papers concerned with music therapy have been published; however, material based upon controlled experiments and results is available which has proven valuable in the study of this growing aid for mental patients. The reference material in the following chapters has been organized and limited to objective reports produced by those who have devoted their interest and time to the facts about the use of music as a therapeutic agent in mental hospitals.
Date: January 1952
Creator: McClung, Marjorie C. (Marjorie Catherine)

The Anglo-French Military and Naval Conversations, 1906-1912: a Study in Pre-War Diplomacy

Description: The French nation has been prolific of consummate diplomatists all through history, but her annals record no more brilliant achievement than that of Theophile Delcassé and Paul Cambon when they brought Great Britain into a French alliance. Even those who disapprove the consequences of their act must admit the skill and the pertinacity with which the two statesmen pursued their purpose. Their difficulties were stupendous; British governments had for years stood aloof from Continental agreements, but precedent was forced to give way before the perspicacity and perseverance of these two French statesmen. Delcassé had contributed the Entente Cordiale to the French cause in 1904. This understanding pledged British diplomatic support to France in her imperialistic venture in Morocco-nothing more; but it also provided a foundation upon which Cambon could exercise his talents in leading Great Britain into a trap. The result of these activities was the equivalent of an Anglo-French alliance. The French, to accomplish their purpose, led the British into a series of military and naval conversations as a means of working out plans of joint operations whereby the latter could assist the former in case of a Franco-German war. The conversations had their official beginning in 1906 and continued until the outbreak of war in 1914, by which time Britain was so completely obligated to France as to make her entry into the war a foregone conclusion.
Date: June 1952
Creator: Healey, Gordon Daniel, 1909-

A History of Dallas Newspapers

Description: "The development of newspapers in Dallas can be classified into certain definite dates: 1849-1865---the founding of the first newspaper to the Reconstruction period following the Civil War; 1865-1885--the postwar period and the expansion of newspapers; 1885-1906--the development of the present newspapers, the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald, and others; 1906-1942--the advent of sensational journalism and the emergence of the newspaper as big business; and 1942 to the present--a decade of unprecedented growth and entrenchment."--leaf iv.
Date: June 1952
Creator: Maranto, Samuel Paul

The Organ Works of Jehan Alain

Description: This study looks at Jehan Alain's music itself. However, it does not propose to analyze every bar of every composition but rather to point out certain melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic traits that are peculiar to this composer's style. It will also set forth facts concerning Alain's registrations and other items of special interest to organists. Upon such investigation an attempt will be made to reach a critical evaluation of Alain as a composer for the organ.
Date: May 1952
Creator: Barron, Richard Errol

A Study of the Contributions to the Texas Health Education Program Made by North Texas State College and Co-Operating Public Schools

Description: The problem undertaken in this study was that of making an investigation of the nature of the contributions of the North Texas State College and the co-operating public schools under its supervision to the Texas Health Education Program during the three-year period from December, 1946, to December, 1949.
Date: January 1952
Creator: Griffin, Billy Joe

Economic History of the Development of the Oil Industry in Southeast Texas

Description: The main body of this thesis is composed of four chapters: Chapter II is concerned with the development of the oil industry in Texas prior to the discovery of Spindletop; Chapter III deals with Spindletop; Chapter IV sets forth the later developments of the oil industry in Southeast Texas or Railroad Commission District No. 3; Chapter V is the concluding chapter, complete with summary, evaluation present status and future possibilities of the oil industry in Southeast Texas.
Date: January 1952
Creator: Kennedy, Emery L.

The Overland Cattle Trade

Description: One of the most fascinating subjects in all American history is the story of the great cow country. Its heyday was the twenty-year period from 1868 to 1888. It extended from below the Rio Grande on the south to well up in Saskatchewan in western Canada on the north. East and west it reached from the Rocky Mountains to about the Missouri- Arkansas border. It occupied a region nearly 2,000 miles long and from 200 to 700 miles wide--almost a million square miles in one vast open range. For countless years this region had been the home of millions of wild buffaloes, but in a very short time after 1868 it was transformed into a gigantic cattle kingdom. After two decades of spectacular existence, it just as suddenly passed away, and the cattle industry entered a new and in many ways an entirely different era. Texas cattle and Texas cattlemen played leading roles in this great drama of the West. The warm southern plains of Texas were the breeding place-the "incubator"-f or thousands of longhorn cattle, the broad prairies to the north were their feeding grounds, and the newly established railroad towns in Kansas and other states were the shipping points.
Date: August 1952
Creator: Massey, Travis Leon

The Treatment of the Harp in Orchestral Literature from the Eighteenth Century to the Present

Description: When one realizes how little the harp of the 1700's had advanced from its Biblical predecessors, its neglect by such masters as Bach, Haydn, and Beethoven does not seem remarkable. Why should a serious composer waste his time in writing for an instrument with no facilities for modulating, an instrument the weak tones of which would be lost in an orchestra?
Date: January 1952
Creator: Harvey, Anita Tsianina

A Study of the Fugal Writing of Paul Hindemith

Description: Paul Hindemith's compositions are, for the most part, contrapuntal; and since the construction of such a traditionally contrapuntal medium as the fugue was brought to such a high degree of musical expression in the fugal writing of J. S. Bach, it is the purpose of this thesis to compare Hindemith's fugal style with the standard set by J. S. Bach.
Date: August 1952
Creator: Cody, Robert O. (Robert Oswald), 1928-

The History of the Trombone from the Renaissance to the Early Romantic Period

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to show the development of the trombone, in form and music, and its use in the orchestra through the times of Beethoven and Schubert. Since very little material has been presented concerning the history of the trombone, it is hoped that the illustrations and explanations contained herein will be a contribution toward a representation of music from different composers and periods. The music covered gives a picture of the use of the trombone from the Renaissance through to the beginning of the Romantic Period. The results of this study are presented in three main sections: (1) The history of the trombone in the Renaissance; (2) The history of the trombone in the Baroque; (3) The history of the trombone in the Classical Period, and up to the time of Schubert.
Date: August 1952
Creator: Highfill, Richard