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Primary view of Evaluating the Provisions Made for Slow Learning Children in Iowa Park Elementary Schools
Kidwell, Rose Ethyle
August 1940
Primary view of Initiating a Music Supervisory Program in a Small School
Carney, Ruth, 1907-
August 1943
Primary view of Children's Reading Interests as Shown by the Books Checked from the Huey School Library in Wichita Falls, Texas, and the Relation of These Interests to Classroom Work
Latimer, Elizabeth
Primary view of A Study of the Educational Attitudes of Patrons of the Iowa Park School and Their Relation to Certain Other Factors
Huneycutt, Denona
Primary view of An Experimental Comparison of Pupil Progress in Reading and Language Skills in Two Fourth Grades on the Basis of the Regular and Remedial Teaching Procedures
Fletcher, Irma Crowder
Primary view of A Study of the Bacterial Flora of Food Utensils in Hardin College Cafeteria and Twenty-Five Eating Establishments in Wichita Falls, Texas
Adams, Isaac Newton
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Achievement Made in a Departmentalized and a Non-Departmentalized Fourth Grade
Terry, Bulah Beatrice
Primary view of Evaluating the Use of Comics in Teaching Fundamentals in Sixth Grade Arithmetic
Davis, Arvil E.
Primary view of To Develop and to Evaluate a Functional Home Room Program for Citizenship Training
Robinson, Edra
Primary view of Domination and Persuasion as Means of Social Control in a Boy Scout Organization
Shaw, Euline
Primary view of Implications for the Homemaking Program Found in the Home Activities of Junior High School Girls
McLean, Estella Price
Primary view of The Influence of Economic, Social, and Physical Factors upon Normal Development of Pupils in Two Wichita Falls Elementary Schools
Cowan, Charlie Weldon
Primary view of To Determine the Factors Influencing the Attendance of the Latin-American Children in Wichita Falls Public Schools
Jolly, Charles A.
Primary view of A Descriptive Survey of the Reading-Readiness Program of the First Grades in Wichita Falls, Texas, During 1940-1941
Rollins, Norma Edith
Primary view of A Study of the Extent to Which the Point of View of the School Patrons of Wichita Falls, Texas, Has a Background of Progressivism or of Essentialism
Denton, Edith
Primary view of The Relationship between Social Maturity and Personality of Primary Pupils in Eight Elementary Schools of Wichita Falls, Texas
Berry, Esther M.
Primary view of The Relation of the Mathematical Vocabulary of the Sixth and Seventh Grades to Skill in Problem Solving
Giles, Alma
Primary view of Interesting the Disinterested School Child through Arts and Crafts
Lindsey, Vera Grace
Primary view of To Determine the Effect of Certain Environmental Conditions upon Study
Daniel, Artie Arwell
Primary view of To Develop and to Evaluate a Mathematics Curriculum for the Mentally Retarded on the Junior High School Level
Miller, Zola Catheryn
August 1940