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Monthly average prices of cattle at Fort Worth, 1951-1952, with some consideration of factors involved in the 1952 price drop
This report consists of a presentation of prices paid for the various classifications and grades of cattle sold in the Fort Worth Livestock Market during 1952; a comparison of 1951-1952 prices showing a sharp decline in the price of all grades and classifications which began in June 1952; and an examination of some of the major factors contributing to the decline in cattle prices as reflected in the Livestock Market, Fort Worth, Texas.
The Italienisches Liederbuch of Hugo Wolf
This study was undertaken with the purpose of affording some insight into the musical aims and composing methods of Hugo Wolf, of showing his position in the history of the German Lied and his contributions to the development of this form through the analysis of one part of his work.
Concha Espina's basic concepts as revealed through the outstanding characters in her novels and short stories
This thesis is based on a study of the basic concepts of Concha Espina de Serna as revealed through the outstanding characters in ten of her novels and five volumes of short stories. The novels are grouped into three categories: those that take place in her native region of Cantabria, Spain, those that take place in other regions of Spain, and those that take place in a foreign country.
An analysis of the characteristics of Robert Schumann's piano works
The primary purpose of this thesis is to give the prospective performer of Schumann's works a better understanding of his many works for the piano and to give the pianist, and musicians in general, a better interpretaition of the pianistic devices employed by Schumann in his works for this instrument.
Interpretations of Hamlet's delay
Perhaps the most universally discussed problem in the interpretation of the character of Hamlet is the reason for his delay in carrying out the Ghost's commands and revenging the murder of his father. Certainly Shakespeare makes no mention of the reason for Hamlet's delay. The fact that critics have never been able to untangle this mystery proves that the solution is not presented in an obvious form in the play.
The economic status of college teachers in Texas compared with other professions and measured by relative support of education in Texas
The problem of this study is the economic status of college teachers in Texas, with emphasis on actual support afforded that profession in the past and in the present; and objective statistical analysis of the ability of the state to more adequately support the profession now and in the future, and the theoretical and actual importance which that economic status presages for out state and society...Actual support of higher education will be measured by salaries and expenditures; ability to support will be measured by the relative wealth of each state in per capita income.
An interpretive and compositional analysis of the songs of Yrjö Kilpinen to poems by Christian Morgenstern
This study examines the the songs of Yrjö Kilpinen and their use in the poems of Christian Morgenstern.
A comparative study of harmonic tension in Hindemith's piano sonatas and in his theoretical writings
The purpose of this paper will be to compare the Hindemith theory of harmonic tension as set forth in his book, Craft of Musical Composition, with his actual use of harmonic tension in compositional practice. The compositions used for this study are Hindemith's Sonaten für Klavier, published in 1936, consisting of three sonatas.
A water quality study of Lake Texoma
This study examines the use of the dams that create the reservoir Lake Texoma, as well as the water quality of the body of water.
Management development in food store chains in the north Texas area
This paper seeks to examine the practices of food store chain organizations in the North Texas area regarding the development of store management personnel.
Ideal siting, orientation, and ventilation of houses in relation to the climate of Denton, Texas
The purpose of this study was to collect and compile data on the principal climatic factors of the Denton area which affect one's personal comfort and health, in order to show how a maximum of these commodities could be secured through manipulation and control of the climate of individual building sites.
The evolution of violin technique from Monteverdi to Paganini
The purpose of this thesis is to show through the presentation and analysis of authoritative information, and opinions drawn from the information and analysis, the development of violin technique from its basic rudiments as an accompanying instrument to the plane of a brilliant solo instrument, a position it still maintains today. This thesis aims to deal exclusively with the technical evolution of the violin.
Relations between the United States government and the Hunkpapa Sioux, 1865 to 1883
This study examines the history of the United States Government and the Hunkpapa Sioux from the years 1865 to 1883, and provides a general background of the Hunkpapa Sioux.
Evolution of the scherzo through Beethoven
This thesis examines the early use and origin of the scherzo, and its use and evolution in the works of Beethoven.
Hebrew origins and vocal practice of music in the early Christian Church to 500 A.D.
This study aims to show all known knowledge of singing in the earliest days of the biblical New Testament. The practices of the early Christian church in respect to singing are traced during the period directly following that covered by the New Testament and carried forward to around the year 500 A.D.
An evaluative study of the grasslands of the R.J. McMurry Ranch, Denton County, Texas
It is the purpose of this problem to classify the four major pastures of the McMurry ranch using the discussed classification system. The definite measurable qualities characterizing each condition of the system are used extensively in this study. The problem is concerned also with the observation of results of misuse, the present practices that could result in further depletion of portions of the McMurry ranch, and procedures being employed at the present time aimed toward the restoration of these depleted portions.
Follow-up of students having attended Draughon's Business College, Wichita Falls, Texas, during the years 1946-1950
This study is made in that it may serve as a basis of guidance of the Draughon's Business College. This problem was selected in the hope that it might contribute something worthwhile to the administrators, teachers, placement directors, and students of Draughon's Business College, Wichita Falls, Texas.
The history of the Cooke County Electric Co-Operative association
This study was made to show the economic growth of the rural area served by the Cooke County Electric Co-Operative association, as well as its history.
Demographic trends in Texas, 1900 to 1950
The primary purpose of this thesis is a description of some of the major changes which the population of Texas has undergone, particularly in the first half of the twentieth century. Other approaches are possible. For example, it is both possible and important to develop the relationship of population change to social problems. However, it is not the purpose of this thesis to investigate these relationships. It is the purpose here to view the population problem in almost entirely a factual sense, basing observations and interpretations on strictly demographic data.
Stravinsky's use of the piano in his orchestral works
This study seeks to examine and describe the use of the piano in Stravinsky's Neo-Classical and Russian periods, as well as provide a history on the use of the piano of an orchestral instrument.
Scales and their use in the piano music of Debussy and Ravel
The purpose of this study is to acquaint the reader with certain scales, not merely as they are used to provide with theoretical "building stones" of all music, but as they have been used as actual scale passages in the piano music of two twentieth century composers: Debussy and Ravel.
Evidences of modern architectural design in public school buildings of Denton, Texas
In this study the public school buildings of Denton are examined for evidences of modern architectural design. Chapter I serves as an introduction. Chapter II presents a history of the Denton public schools. Chapter III presents standards for evaluating modern school architecture. Features of existing school buildings, built earlier than 1946, which, in character, exemplify modern architectural design are described in Chapter IV.
Development of range condition classes for Coleman County, Texas
This paper deals with a study of the rangelands in Coleman County just west south and west of the Western Cross Timbers of Texas. This problem consists of classifying certain rangelands in this area according to whether they are excellent, fair, good, or poor, the chief basis for which is their deterioration.
An analysis of the advertising art in eight retail stores of Fort Worth Texas
It is the purpose of this thesis to acquaint the reader with the various systems, materials, and people who produce the art , in order to evaluate it and to pass on the results of its research to others who may find it useful in acquainting themselves with the advertising field.
Effects of smoking on gastric secretion and gastric motility in man
This thesis is concerned with the use of some of the newer techniques in a study of some of the effects of cigarette smoking on gastric secretion and gastric motility in normal subjects and in patients with active duodenal ulcers.
Development of the punched card registration system at North Texas State College
This study presents a history of the development and implementation of a punched card registration system in North Texas State College. The study also covers planning stages of registration materials, and a description of the various stages and processes involved in a typical semester from pre-registration preparations through posting the student's grades to the permanent record.
Certain effects of aesthetic development upon first-grade pupils in the Travis school of Mineral Wells, Texas.
The purpose of this study was to determine whether emphasis on aesthetic development appeared to foster educational growth and desirable behavior development to a greater degree than did participation in a traditional-type program.
Components of a basic wardrobe for professional women
The study was based on a survey of the outer garments and accessories within the wardrobes of twenty professional and business women of this vicinity. A questionnaire was used in order to obtain information concerning the wardrobes. From the results tabulated, the following concusions were reached: (1) the expenditures to provide adequate wardrobes were much more than they should have been; (2) in most cases, the distribution of garments was inadequate to meet the needs for all occasions; (3) the color selections were unrelated; and (4) the number of articles in the majority of the wardrobes was excessive. In light of the findings, the components of what the writer considers an adequate basic wardrobe have been presented and discussed.
Judicial commitment of mental patients in Dallas County
Since mental illness has legal as well as medical aspects, it is the purpose of this thesis to consider one part of the relationship between the courts, the mentally ill person, and the state hospital. This part is concerned with the problem of how mentally ill persons are selected and committed by legal proceedings in the state of Texas for treatment in a mental hospital.
A study of adoption procedures in Tarrant County, Texas, September 1947-September 1951
This study of adoption procedures in Tarrant County, Texas provides evidence with which the program in Tarrant County may be evaluated. In addition, the study outlines a general idea of the adequacy or inadequacy of the adoption statutes of Texas.
The effect of music activities on the total adjustment of a third grade group
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of certain music activities on the total adjustment of a group of third grade children and to show possible advantages of the teaching of music as a part of the regular teacher's load.
Job evaluation as used by selected concerns in Dallas, Texas
This study intends to discover the extent and use of job evaluation in selected business concerns in Dallas, Texas, and through this discovery to derive conclusions which may indicate current trends in the use of job evaluation in this section of the country.
A study of the solo songs of Charles Ives
The purpose of this thesis is to give the prospective performer an insight into the content of the vocal solos of Charles Ives and to give the student and musicians in general an understanding of the musical devices employed by Ives and of his position as a song writer.
A quantitative and qualitative bacterial analysis of the sewage disposal system of Perryton, Texas
This investigation had for its purpose the determination of first, the inefficiency of the Perryton, Texas, sewage disposal plant proper; and second the potential effectiveness of a lagoon now used to complete the sewage purification; and consequently, offset an apparent health hazard. The problem, as pursued, has consisted of first, the collection of sewage samples from the six stations listed in Table 1 over the period of time from September 23, 1949 to May 14, 1950; second, a quantitative analysis of each sample in order to determine the number of bacterial organisms present; third, a qualitative analysis of each sample in order to determine more expecially the presence of members of the genera Aerobacter, Escherischia, Salmonella and Shigella; and fourth, an attempt to evaluate the potentialities of the natural purification factors of the lagoon.
Growth and urbanization of the Texas population, 1940 to 1950
It is the purpose of this thesis to consider the growth and urbanization of the Texas population since 1880, with primary emphasis on changes which took place during the decade from 1940-1950.
The history of the Denton County Electric Co-operative, Incorporated
This study seeks to examine the history of the Denton County Electric Co-operative and the Rural Electrification Administration, as well as the effect they had on electrifying rural agriculture sites.
A study of some congenital anomalies of the teeth
Anomalies of the teeth include a variety of expression such as: anodontia, hyperdontia, peg teeth. opalescent dentine, mottled enamel, and other imperfections of the teeth. This paper is concerned primarily with anodontia in human subjects, although other abnormalities of interest are mentioned.
A survey of the medical services in the Texas prison system
The purpose of this research paper was to conduct a hospital management survey of the administration of medical services for prison inmates within the Texas Prison system. Specific purposes were to appraise certain major areas in this system, to compare these findings with authoritative survey criteria, and to make recommendations based on the findings of the investigation.
Stravinsky's use of the trumpet and cornet
This thesis examines the history of the use of trumpet and cornet, and analyzes their use in several Stravinsky pieces: Petroushka, The Rite of Spring, L'Histoire du soldat, and Ragtime.
The trumpet in chamber music during the 20th century
The purpose of this thesis is to trace the history of the trumpet in chamber music through the first half of the 20th century. It aims to discuss the technical advances in the instrument and demonstrate the importance of the trumpet in this medium. Chamber music is defined, in this thesis, as all serious instrumental music for two or more instruments played with one instrument to a part. The selections have been chosen on the basis of recognized merit of the composer, the variety of instrumentation, and the availability of music.
Modern architecture in Dallas, Texas
The purpose of this study is to show that an awareness of modern architecture is developing in Dallas, Texas. This will be shown by an analysis of several recently constructed residential, civic, and commercial buildings. The contributions of American and European architects who have influenced our contemporary architecture are reviewed to in order to develop a background for this study.
Electrolysis of aluminum solutions in a magnetic field
This investigation is an attempt to verify the original work done by George Antonoff and Anne Rowley, and to contribute specific data on the action of a magnetic field on aluminum cells. Experiments of the type they have described have been performed and an extensive set of data has been collected. It was thought that if the results of Antonoff and Rowley could be duplicated, further investigation would be warranted. However, the experiments have produced negative results. These results are described in detail in these chapters.
Confederate military operations in Texas, 1861-1865
This study examines several of the Confederate military operations in Texas from the years 1861 to 1865, including early defensive moves, the Battle of Galveston and the Battle of Sabine Pass.
Zinc metabolism of young college women on self-selected diets
This study was made to observe zinc metabolism of young college women on self-selected diets, to see if a requirement for zinc intake in humans could be established.
The use of isorhythm in Arnold Schoenberg's Third and Fourth string quartets
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the use of isorhythm in two of Arnold Schoenburg's chamber works, the Third and Fourth String Quartets.
The use of native materials in the ante bellum buildings of Harrison County, Texas
This study is a report of the results of an investigation into the extent to which native materials were used in the antebellum buildings of Harrison County, Texas; the way in which they were used; and the aesthetic implications of their use.
The masses of Schubert
The purposes of this paper are to provide backgrounds for the Catholic tradition of mass and for Austrian composer Franz Schubert, and to analyze the masses written by Schubert.
The history of the B-K Electric Cooperative, Inc. Seymour, Texas
This study examines the history and growth of the B-K Electric Cooperative in Seymour Texas, as well as its economic impact on the surrounding rural areas.
Cobalt metabolism of young college women on self-selected diets
This study was undertaken to determine the cobalt intake in food and milk, and the excretion of cobalt in the urine and feces of young college women living in the home management house at the North Texas State College and consuming a self-selected diet.
A history of the concert band and its music
The purpose of this study is to trace the development of the concert band from its earliest stages to the present time and to compile a list of original compositions for band that are worthy of serious concert performance, including compositions from 1750 until the present.