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Primary view of Creating Musical Momentum: Textural and Timbral Sculpting with Intuitive Compositional Systems and Formal Design
Robin, Bradley G.
August 2016
Primary view of Tempered Confetti: Defining Instrumental Collage Music in Tempered Confetti and Venni, Viddi, --
Campbell, Andrew
August 2016
Primary view of "Deborah": The Creation of a Chamber Oratorio in One Act
Mixter, Mary
May 2016
Primary view of Compositional approaches within new media paradigms.
Oliveiro, Mark A
May 2016
Primary view of The Sound-Poetry of the Instability of Reality: Mimesis in Music, Literature, and Visual Art
Underriner, Charles Francis
May 2016
Primary view of Ta/v\am: Real-time Audio/video Scrubbing Tools for Analysis of Multimedia and G®¡nd
Tramte, Daniel Albert
May 2015
Primary view of The Nothingness of Presence: Sound, Ritual, and Encounter in the Music of Into Your Hands
Evans, Eric
May 2015
Primary view of An Analysis of Du cristal…à la fumée by Kaija Saariaho and Axiom Unearthed, Original Composition
Allen, John Clay
May 2015
Primary view of “Before I Die…”: Original Composition with a Critical Essay Exploring the Techniques of Six Crossover Composers
Trusko, Robert
August 2014
Primary view of Violetting Through August’s End (Or the Sunset in Water, the Carillon-chime in Square): an Original Chamber Opera and a Critical Essay on the Trajectory of American Minimalist Opera
Doyle, James Joseph
December 2014
Primary view of Innocents Abroad: The Love Story of Mark Twain and Olivia Langdon
Pack, Dallan M.
December 1978
Primary view of Concerto for Piano, Winds, and Percussion
Ring, Gordon L. (Gordon Lee)
August 1982
Primary view of Promulgation An Original Musical Composition for Chamber Orchestra and Computer
Ensey, Robert W. (Robert Walton)
August 1981
Primary view of Songs of Praise
Bardin, Charles Randall
May 1983
Primary view of White Dawn Streams
Mitchell, Daniel R.
May 1984
Primary view of Susanna and the Elders: A One-Act Ballet in Three Scene
Oakeson, Rock E.
August 1983
Primary view of Mass
Rothe, Eric V. (Eric Vaughn)
August 1985
Primary view of Kinetico for Chamber Wind Ensemble
McDonald, Richard F. (Richard Frederic)
August 1985
Primary view of Symphonic Portrait: The Patriarch
Brusick, William R. (William Robert)
August 1984
Primary view of Land of Dreams
Sanders, Greg
December 1983
Primary view of A New Song
Remley, Rebecca D. (Rebecca Danner)
December 1983
Primary view of Three Ideas, a Collection of Three One-Act (Musical) Plays for Mixed Ensemble
Chapman, Davis Howard
August 1986
Primary view of Forever's Silent Song for Chamber Orchestra and Mezzo-Soprano
Webb, Lisa A. (Lisa Ann)
August 1986
Primary view of Hymns to Inanna
Quate, Amy
May 1986