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Ficta, Tomo 2, Numbero 1, Marzo? [1978]
Pioneering journal devoted to the performance practice of early music in Argentina.
Mulima is a work intended to be used as the score for a ballet. The composition utilizes a large orchestra: 2-3-3-3, 4-3-3-1, 5 percussion, and full strings. The work is constructed in one large act which is comprised of three scenes and lasts approximately 45 to 50 minutes.
Pigeon Feathers: A Theater Piece In Two Acts
This theater piece is based on a story by John Updike. It is scored for baritone soloist, chorus, real-time electronic sounds, and a small orchestra (woodwinds 1111, brass 2121, 2 percussionists, organ, handbells, strings 33221). The work also includes actors, dancers, video projections, 35mm slide projections, and special lighting effects. The story opens with the moving of fourteen-year old David and his family is to live on the farm formerly owned by David's maternal grandfather. David becomes disturbed when he reads H.G. Wells account of the life of Jesus Christ, He reacts to this account because it is contradictory in spirit to what he has been taught at church and at home. The story deals primarily with David's attempts to reconcile these conflicts in his mind.
Variations on a Theme by Shostakovich
The Variations on a Theme by Shostakovich is scored for an orchestra of 3 flutes, 3 oboes, 2 bassoons, contra-bassoon, 4 horns, 3 C trumpets, 3 trombones, harp, harpischord, piano, percussion and strings. The entire work is approximately 17 minutes in duration. The subject for the Variations comes from the Fifteenth Symphony of Shostakovich, last movement. There are many allusions to the writing of Shostakovich in terms of gesture, orchestration, and harmonic structure.
Concertante : For Violoncello and Magnetic Tape
The composition is in one movement for cello and two-channel tape, requiring approximately twelve minutes for performance. The character of the work is aggressive and decisive in nature, with areas of repose occurring only at the beginning and before the conclusion. The title "concertante" is used to describe a concert-piece in which each of the two instruments.
Cast-Iron Facades in Texas
In this limited survey, nineteenth-century cast-iron facades in Texas were recorded and compared to iron-fronted buildings in New York City. It was found that generally, the still existing buildings in Texas cities and towns were similar to those in New York in style but differed to the extent to which the cast-iron elements were used. None of the existing iron facades in Texas used iron as support beyond the first floor of the facade. This held true even in multi-storied buildings in Texas where cast-iron columns on the first floor carried the weight of a brick facade on the upper floors. It appears that nineteenth-century builders in Texas knew of New York trends but had definite regional preferences.
The development and testing of an instrument to evaluate aesthetic judgments
This study was concerned with the development and testing of an instrument to measure levels of aesthetic judgement making. The review of evaluation methods for aesthetic judgement resulted in a two-part instrument. Part one required the subject to select the better of two art works and to state the reasons for the choice. Part two, a self-scoring component, consisted of the Wilson categories presented as typical statements containing the primary criterion for the category. The subject was instructed to select the statements that were closest in meaning to his initial response.
A catalog of miniature case and seating furniture categorized as being of the second size, which are owned by five museums and historical societies of Texas and Louisiana
The purpose of this study is to catalog the miniature case and seating furniture categorized as being of the second size (furniture for larger dolls and models) and owned by the public museums and historical societies of Texas and Louisiana.
Clayton, Nancy Jean
The purpose of this thesis was to make available for performance and study an edition of the twenty-two secular songs published in this collection by Johann Jacob Löwe and Julius Johann Weiland in 1657.
The overtures of Samuel Wesley
Born into one of the most distinguished families in eighteenth-century England, Samuel Wesley (176-1837) distinguished himself as a child prodigy, an ardent devotee of the music of J. S. Bach, and as a composer, performer and music lecturer. His four extant overtures, written from the year 1778 to 1824, offer an insight into his development as a composer. This edition, drawn from the Wesley manuscripts housed in the British Library, is preceded by a commentary dealing with Wesley's life, the history of the overture as an independent for, and with Wesley's place in the history of English instrumental music.
Cast-iron facades in Texas
In this limited survey, nineteenth-century cast-iron facades in Texas were recorded and compared to iron-fronted buildings in New York City. It was found that generally, the still existing buildings in Texas cities and towns were similar to those in New York in style but differed to the extent to which the cast-iron elements were used. It appears that nineteenth-century builders in Texas knew of New York trends in cast-iron but had definite regional preferences.
Seven string instrument treatises of Michel Corrette: translation with commentary
This study is concerned with Michael Corrette (1709-1795) and his contribution to music pedagogy through seven of his extant string instrument treatises. Besides the translations from French into English, the dissertation includes an extensive commentary corroborating his information with ideas of other noteworthy, predominantly-French string writers of the period.
A word processing curriculum model for post-secondary educational institutions
The subject of this study is a curricular model in word processing for post-secondary programs of business education. The study had the following purposes: to survey the present emphasis upon word processing in programs of business education; to survey the current use of word processing in business; to identify the characteristic form of word processing systems; to survey the need for qualified personnel for employment in word processing; to evaluate current educational practices in educating individuals for positions in word processing; and to utilize findings from both business and education to construct a curricular model for post-secondary educational institutions.
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1978-1979, Graduate
The North Texas State University Graduate Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 284.
Catalog of North Texas State University, 1978-1979
The North Texas State University General Bulletin includes information about class offerings as well as general information about the university (academic calendar, admissions and degree requirements, financial information, etc.) about research, and about the colleges and schools on campus. Index starts on page 286.
A comparison of attitudes of secondary school teachers and supervisors in Region X, Texas, and Karachi, Pakistan, toward selected supervisory practices
The problem of this study was to determine whether the attitudes toward selected supervisory practices among the teachers and supervisors of Region X, Texas and Karachi, Pakistan, are similar or different according to their sex, age, marital status, educational attainment, and years of experience.
The effects of selected color phenomena in a basic presentation to college students
The problem of this study was to ascertain the effects of selected color phenomena upon the identification and comparison of color by college students. Instruments used for this study were the Snellen Visual Acuity Chart, which measures crudely the the binocular visual activity of an individual; Pseudo-Isochromatic Plates for Testing Color Perception, which roughly determine red-green color deficiency; and the "Isoline Color Phenomena Perception Presentation," which determines how an individual identifies or compares selected color phenomena.
Membrane antigens on AKR mice lymphocytes
This investigation is concerned with cell surface antigens present on murine AKR/J mice spleen and thymus cells which have been extracted with papain. Isolation of individual proteins was accomplished by granulated gel electrofocusing. Similar patterns recorded by both electrofocusing procedures identified several proteins limited to the AKR/J and C3Heb/FeJ spleen and thymus samples, which represent Murine Leukemia Virus-associated surface proteins.
The recent and fossil freshwater gastropod fauna of Texas
Twelve freshwater gastropod families, 39 genera and 70 fossil and Recent species are recognized and systematically treated. Keys to the families, genera and species were constructed and all species are illustrated. The purpose of this study was to synthesize and update the taxonomy, zoogeography, origins and correlations with drainage systems of the entire Recent and fossil freshwater gastropod fauna of Texas.
The history of the Granbury Opera House, 1886-1978
This study of the history of the Granbury Opera House in Granbury, Texas, includes three divisions. The first division is the compilation of the early history of the Opera House, 1886 to 1911. The second division is the renovation of the Granbury Opera House, 1970 to 1975. The final division treats the production methods of the Granbury Opera House Stock Company, including choice of seasons and personnel involved.
Charles Ives, the violin sonatas: a lecture recital, together with three recitals of selected works of L. v. Beethoven, J. Brahms, E. Chausson, C. Debussy, W. Latham, G. Tartini, and A. Vivaldi
A lecture recital was given on July 14, 1975. The violin sonatas of Charles Ives are a unique and innovative addition to the violin repertoire and capture the New England Transcendental movement of the early twentieth century. In addition to the lecture recital, three other public recitals were performed, including solo compositions for violin and chamber works including violin.
The iconographical significance in selected Western subjects painted by Thomas Moran
The popular image of the West in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries incorporates radically opposing images: the West is viewed as a Garden of Eden at times, but it is also frequently seen as violent, a land inimical to man. The region both attracted and repelled. Among those attracted were artists who carried back some of the first images of the land. Thomas Moran (1837-1926) became associated quite early with the West because a pair of his paintings of western canyons was purchased by the United States Government.
A group interpretation script, "Sinclair Lewis, a biographical portrait"
The purpose of this project was to prepare a group interpretation script based upon the life of Sinclair Lewis and to direct a production of the script. The script employs five readers and has a performance time of approximately fifty-five minutes.
Edwin M. Stanton's special military units and the prosecution of the war, 1862-1865
The purpose of this dissertation is to analyze the six special military units which were authorized and created by the War Department under the direction of Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. In relating the military history of such special units the study determines what contributions and significance they made to the Union war effort.
Life cycles of Zealeuctra claasseni (Frison), Zealeuctra hitei Ricker and Ross, and Perlesta placida (Hagen) (Plecoptera) in Texas
A thorough autelogical investigation of Zealuctra claasseni, Zealuctra hitei, and Perlesta placida life cycles was made with emphasis on special adaptive features to the harsh, dry climate of the southwestern United States. Z. claasseni was collected from a tributary of the Red River in Cooke County, Texas, and Z. hitei was collected from the upper reaches of North Pecan Creek in Wise County, Texas, Dec., 1974-Jun., 1978. Both streams were intermittent (except a 0.3 km stretch of the Red River tributary below a spring) running only during fall-winter 1974-1975 and 1976-1977.
Constructive features of selected works of Giovanni Gabrieli and Igor Stravinsky, a lecture recital, together with four recitals of selected works of J. Ott, W. Lovelock, E. Bloch, J. Davison, D. White, R. Boutry, L. Gröndahl, V. Persichetti, H. Stevens, R. Kelly, and R. Monaco
The lecture recital was given on August 8, 1978. The discussion of constructive features in Gabrielli's In ecclesiis (1615) and Canzon VIII à 8 (1615) and Stravinsky's In Memoriam Dylan Thomas established that the architecture of St. Mark's Cathedral and the selected works by the composers bear a simple number relation.
Isolation and characterization of yeast NAD⁺ kinase
The cytoplasmic enzyme, NAD⁺ kinase (ATP: NAD⁺ 2-phosphotransferase, [E.C.}) has been characterized and purified from yeast. A continuous fluorescence assay was developed. A purification procedure was developed utilizing NAD⁺-Agarose affinity column chromatography.
Holomorphology and drumming behavior of western Nearctic Isoperla (Plecoptera)
The holomorphology of ll life stages of 20 western Nearctic Isoperla and one Cascadoperla was studied over the 3-year period 1975-1978. One monotypicgenus new to science, Cascadoperla, is described, and Cascadoperla tricture (Hoppe) designated as the type species. The nymph, adult male and female, and ova are described and illustrated.
Innocents Abroad: The Love Story of Mark Twain and Olivia Langdon
Innocents Abroad, a musical for the stage, deals with events in the life of Mark Twain, 1867-1869, particularly his courtship of Olivia Langdon and his efforts to establish himself as a writer. It emphasizes his struggle to be true to his individuality and outspoken honesty while trying to win "Livy," the product of the society he satirized and often condemned. The book, based on actual events, contains much of Twain's humor and wisdom. The vocal score is written in a contemporary style, for various vocal combinations, including full chorus and includes piano accompaniments and chord symbols for guitar and bass.
The Role of the Organization of African Unity in the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970
The primary purpose of this thesis is to examine the role of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in the Nigerian civil war, 1967-1970. The working hypothesis of this thesis is that as a result of (1) conservatism of the OAU; (2) Article 3, paragraphs II and III of.the OAU Charter; and (3) the influence of foreign powers on the OAU, the Organization has not been very successful in handling African conflicts. The purposes of this study necessitated researching a wide array of literature on the Organization of African Unity, conflicts in Africa since 1963, and the Nigerian civil war.
Pelagic Phytoplankton and Physicochemical Correlates for Lake Texoma
An analysis and correlation of phytoplankton communities with physicochemical data from 3 sites in Lake Texoma was conducted to supplement time-series data. Water and phytoplankton were sampled monthly, March, 1976-February, 1977. Simple correlations were run between all physicochemical parameters and phytoplankton standing crop from the 3 sites. Multiple linear regression analyses were used to develop equations predictive of phytoplankton standing crop and chloride concentration. Minerals leached from marine sediments in the Red River chennel contribute to formation of a, halocline which seals the anoxic hypolimnion from the reservoir surface in midsummer. Conductivity decreased west to east, 2980-1800. pmhos/cm. Maximum mean annual phytoplankton standing crop in Red River arm was 36 percent greater than midlake. Eutrophication was evident.
Perceived Contingency of Parental Reinforcements, Depression, and Locus of Control
To determine the relationships among perceived contingency of parental reinforcements, depression, and locus of control, 66 male and 54 female undergraduate university students completed questionnaire measures. Significant relationships were obtained between depression and locus of control for both sexes. Also, subjects of both sexes who described their parents as having administered rewards and punishments more noncontingently tended to describe themselves as more external and as more depressed. Parental rewards were perceived by both sexes as administered more noncontingently than punishments. Females tended to perceive parental rewards as delivered more noncontingently than did males. All the intercorrelations among perceived contingency of parental reinforcement, locus of control, and depression were in the prediction direction.
A Top-Down Structured Programming Technique for Mini-Computers
This paper reviews numerous theoretical results on control structures and demonstrates their practical examples. This study deals with the design of run-time support routines by using top-down structured programming technique. A number of examples are given as illustration of this method. In conclusion, structured programming has proved to be an important methodology for systematic program design and development.
A Survey of Intramural Sports Programs for High School Students in the Four Largest Metropolitan School Districts in Texas
The purposes of this study were to determine whether intramural sports programs are available to senior high school students in the four largest metropolitan school districts in Texas and to determine reasons why schools may not offer intramural programs. Questionnaires were mailed to eighty-four high schools in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio Independent School Districts. Data obtained from this survey revealed that a majority of the responding schools do not sponsor intramural sports programs for their students. The factors cited most often as the reasons for not sponsoring intramural programs were lack of facilities, inadequate number of personnel, lack of transportation, and conflict with interscholastic sports.
Nymphs of the Stonefly (Plecoptera) Genus Taeniopteryx of North America
Nymphs of the 9 Nearctic Taeniopteryx species were reared and studied, 1976-78. Two morphologically allied groupings, the Taeniopteryx burksi-maura, and T. litalonicera- starki complexes corresponded with adult complexes. A key separating 7 species, based primarily upon pigment patterns and abdominal setal arrangements, was constructed. Taeniopteryx lita and T. starki were indistinguishable; T. burksi was separated from T. maurawhen no developing femoral spur was present. This study was based upon 839 nymphs. Mouthparts were not species-diagnostic. Detailed habitus illustrations were made for 6 species. Egg SEM study revealed that 3 species were 1.2-1.4 mm diameter, with a highly sculptured chorion, generally resembling a Maclura fruit; micropyle were scattered. Taeniopteryx lita, lonicera, starki and ugola nymphs were described for the first time.
A Comparison of Thailand's Relations with the United States and China, 1965-1975
This thesis compares Thailand',s relations with the United States and China from 196541975, The realist as-sumes that the structure of power in the internationall system determines overall relations between states' First, this study describes the power situation in southeast Asia in 1965, The next steps are concerned with the study of Thai-U, S. relations and Thai-Chinese relations, The thesis finds that Thailand's relations with the United States and China are determined by the structure of power. When a major power like the United States changes its policies to accommodate China, Thailand, which is a small country, turns to be more friendly with China, These attitudes correlate with the realist assumption,.
An In-Basket Promotional Examination for Police Sergeant That Can Be Used Under Civil Service Code 1269m
An "in-basket" test (representative sample of work usually found in the incoming mail basket of a person in a specific desk job) was designed to be used under limitations imposed by Civil Service Statute 1269m concerning merit examinations for the position of police sergeant. This test was used in conjunction with the traditional cognitive skills. test and performance evaluations. Subjects were 20 white male police officers. Peer and supervisory evaluations and predictions of who would make the best sergeant were correlated with total scores on the three-part test. Results indicate that the in-basket test contributes a unique and viable dimension to the traditional merit examination, and aids in the selection of those considered most qualified. Use of the in-basket test under Code 1269m was subsequently approved by the Civil Service Commission.
Dallas Morning News Editorial Cartoonists: Influences of John Knott on Jack "Herc" Ficklen and William McClanahan
This problem's investigation deals with gauging the artistic influence, if any, pioneer editorial cartoonist John Knott had on his successors, Ficklen and McClanahan. Information was gathered through interviews and the pages of the Dallas Morning News. Organization is as follows: introduction, biography and art of Knott, biography and art of Ficklen, biography and art of McClanahan, summary and conclusion. The study found minimal artistic influence by Knott on the cartoons of Ficklen and McClanahan. Compared to Knott, Ficklen and McClanahan had different art backgrounds, cartoon styles, personal and political beliefs. Knott's successors admired different artists, drew during a different editorial page emphasis and had more freedom in cartoon selection than Knott did. Neither Ficklen nor McClanahan listed Knott as an artistic influence.
McCarthyism: an Analysis of the Leadership and Rhetorical Strategies of Agitation and Control
This study analyzes the leadership qualities of Joseph McCarthy and the rhetorical qualities of agitative and control forces in a specific social movement. The methods used are founded upon various theories outlined by sociologists, historians, and rhetoricians. This investigation is organized around the climate of the times, McCarthy's leadership development, agitative strategies, control group responses, and support and opposition groups. It was found that the movement's success was probably due to McCarthy's position of attack and offense and to the control group's failure to neither strongly confront McCarthy nor to maintain its preparedness and superiority. It is theorized that had the control group engaged earlier in strategies other than adjustment and avoidance, the movement might have been halted sooner.
Computer Analysis of Amino Acid Chromatography
The problem with which this research was done was that of applying the IBM360 computer to the analysis of waveforms from a Beckman model 120C liquid chromatograph. Software to interpret these waveforms was written in the PLl language. For a control run, input to the computer consisted of a digital tape containing the raw results of the chromatograph run. Output consisted of several graphs and charts giving the results of the analysis. In addition, punched output was provided which gave the name of each amino acid, its elution time and color constant. These punched cards were then input to the computer as input to the experimental run, along with the raw data on the digital tape. From the known amounts of amino acids in the control run and the ratio of control to experimental peak area, the amino acids of the unknown were quantified. The resulting programs provided a complete and easy to use solution to the problem of chromatographic data analysis.
Racial Segregation in Dallas Public Housing: 1970-1976
Racial residential segregation in Dallas public housing projects is analyzed before and after the implementation of the "central tenant assignment plan," adopted in May of 1975, Among the socioeconomically segregated population served by public housing, the effects of race and the nondiscrimination policy are investigated using project occupancy data. Indexes of dissimilarity are used to measure racial segregation, and the racial compositions of the communities in which the projects are located are described using 1970 U.S. census and 1976 Dallas City Profile Survey data. The findings indicate that the nondiscrimination policy was not effective in reducing the high levels of racial segregation. A small decline in segregation was noted after a change in project administrative personnel late in 1974.
Three Days and Two Nights
This novel of the Vietnam War examines the effects of prolonged stress on individuals and groups. The narrative, which is told from the points of view of four widely different characters, follows an infantry company through three days and two nights of combat on a small island off the coast of the northern I Corps military region. The story's principal themes are the loss of communication that contributes to and is caused by the background of chaos that arises from combat; the effect of brutal warfare on the individual spirit; and the way groups reorganize themselves to cope with the confusion of the battlefield. The thesis includes an explication of the novel, explaining some of the technical details of its production.
A Study of the Predisposition for Mycobacterium Kansasii Infections in Dallas and Tarrant Counties Due to "Influenza-Like" Infections
The problem of this study was to review within Dallas and Tarrant Counties the relationship between an "influenza-like" illness within six months prior to contracting Mycobacterium kansasii disease. An interview instrument was developed and used during personal interviews to collect data. Additional data of case rates and reported cases was compiled from local and national governmental public health agencies. Analysis of the data indicated no significant difference between an individual contracting an "influenzalike" illness within six months prior to the acquiring of Mycobacterium kansasii disease. Therefore, there is no relationship between having had influenza-like symptoms within six months of contracting Mycobacteria kansasii.
The Influence of Psychological Stress and Personality upon Athletic Performance of Intercollegiate Tennis Players
This investigation was designed to study coach and self-appraised groupings of intercollegiate tennis players who yield to stress and withstand stress and to determine if personality differences existed between groups. Subjects were 75 intercollegiate tennis players from Texas. A stress inventory and the Cattell Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire were instruments utilized in the study. Data were subjected to hierarchical profile-groupings, three-way analyses of variance, and a correlational analysis. Conclusions of the study were that intercollegiate tennis players and male and female players respond to stress differently; intercollegiate tennis players and male and female players who experience different levels of stress have different personalities; and players and coaches do not evaluate the ability to cope with stress similarly.
Alcoholism Treatment Follow-up Related to Staff Members' Effectiveness
The relationship was investigated between named staff members and four measures of reported alocohol consumption by alcoholics followed up one year after hospitalizstion in state hospitals. The 559 representative subjects were located, interviewed, and matched with 65 staff members named as "most helpful" to determine social, economic, and drinking aspects. Named personnel were administered the A-B Scale by Campbell, Stevens, Uhlenhuth, and Johansson (1968). Subjects naming A-staff members reported significantly lower levels of alcohol consumption on two of four measures as compared to subjects naming A/B- or B-staff members. Additional followup variables tended to support this conclusion.
A Venture into Internationalism: Roosevelt and the Refugee Crisis of 1938
Prompted by international ramifications of Jewish migration from Nazi Germany, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called a world conference on refugees in March 1938. The conference, held at Evian, France, in July, established the Intergovernmental Committee on Political Refugees. The committee, led by American diplomats, sought relaxation of Germany's discriminatory practices against Jews and tried, without success, to resettle German Jews abroad. World War II ended the committee's efforts to achieve systematic immigration from Germany. The American, British, and German diplomatic papers contain the most thorough chronicle of American involvement in the refugee crisis. Memoirs and presidential public papers provide insight into Roosevelt's motivations for calling the conference. Although efforts to rescue German Jews failed, the refugee crisis introduced Americans to intervention in Europe.
Influence of Television Commercials on Young Children
To determine the influence of television commercials about toys and cereals on young children, forty-four children, ranging in age from four to seven years, were interviewed. The mothers of these children completed a questionnaire about their children's television viewing habits. The hypotheses examined the following areas: children's demands for advertised products, children's preferences and dislikes for commercials, the extent of parental yielding to children's requests, and parental discussion of television commercials. The data were analyzed by computing percentages, and it revealed several trends. The more television children watched, the more they demanded advertised products. Parents' discussion of television advertisements affected the extent of parental yielding and the extent of children's demand for advertised products. This study supports findings reported in the related literature that television commercials affect young children's behavior.
Distribution, Abundance, and Food Habits of Larval Fish in a Cooling Reservoir
Analysis of larval fish collected at four stations in a 330-ha cooling reservoir indicated Dorosoma spp. were most numerous at all stations, followed by Lepomis spp. and Percina Macrolepida. Largest numbers and greatest diversity of larval fish were found at the station least affected by thermal effluent; the mid-lake station provided the smallest numbers and least diversity. The two warmwater stations were intermediate, with similar numbers and diversity. Diversity and abundance of zooplankton between stations were similar to those of fish. The most abundant zooplankter (Bosmina) was generally selected against by Dorosoma, Lepomis and Micropterus spp. larvae except when the larvae were quite small ((10mm). Cyclopoid copepods were most often selected by all larvae.
Attainment of Low Levels of Muscle Tension: Biofeedback-Assisted/Cue-Controlled Relaxation and Biofeedback Training Compared
Cue-controlled relaxation appeas to have several advantages over prominent anxiety-reduction treatments. It does not require the formulation of conditioned stimulus hierarchies nor the use of mental imagery as does systematic desensitization nor the application of noxious stimularion (farradic shock) utilized in anxiety relief. However, its efficacy, in quantitative terms, has not been determined. The present study compared the effectiveness in attainment of relaxation of instructional set, biofeedback training, and biofeedback-assisted/cue-controlled relaxation training procedures. Results indicate that cue-controlled relaxation training was more effective in terms of mean level of frontal is EMG and degree of maintenance of low EMG levels than either biofeedback training or instructions.
The Contemporary Native American: a Group Interpretation Script Based upon Vine Deloria, Jr., "God is Red", N. Scott Momaday, "The Way to Rainy Mountain", and Hyemeyosts Storm, "Seven Arrows"
The purpose of this project was to prepare a group interpretation script which is derived from the books cited in the title. An effort was made to prepare a unified script reflecting contemporary American Indian concepts of mysticism, philosophy, ecology, psychology, and education by selecting appropriate portions from the three books. The thesis includes a production concept, production procedures, the rationale for selection of excerpts, and the finished script, It is designed to employ seven readers and is divided into six parts. Those elements may be altered to fit various physical arrangements and program lengths.