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Broadcast Advertising Sales Education: A Comparison of Perspectives of Broadcast Managers and Broadcast Educators in the South-Central Region of the United States
The purpose of this study is to identify and compare the skills and knowledge areas that are valuable for success in broadcast advertising sales from the perspectives of broadcast managers and broadcast educators and to identify and compare to what degree recent graduates of broadcast-communication, business, and other majors perform or exhibit these skills and knowledge areas as perceived by selected broadcast managers and broadcast educators. The opinions of the broadcast managers and broadcast educators were determined from responses to a questionnaire of fifty-six items. The questionnaires were distributed to the chairs of the departments or areas responsible for broadcast curricula at forty-two four-year universities as listed by the 1983 Broadcasting-Cablecasting Yearbook [Sol Taishoff, editor, Washington, Broadcasting Magazine] as offering degrees in broadcasting, and 126 broadcast managers who were randomly selected from the broadcast markets in which the forty-two educational institutions are located.
The Economic Effects of the Tax Relief Amendment of 1978 and Subsequent Finance Legislation on the Public School Districts of Texas with an Average Daily Attendance of 500 Pupils or Less
The primary purpose of the study was to determine if the funding and revenue conditions which existed prior to the passage of the Tax Relief Amendment of 1978 continued after the enactment of public school finance legislation by the Sixty-Sixth and Sixty-Seventh Texas Legislatures. Analyses of four research questions were used to accomplish the purpose of the study.
Analysis of Relationships Between Selected Requirements for Admission to Elementary Teacher Education and Teaching Performance
The problem of this study is concerned with the relationships between selected requirements for admission to elementary teacher education and teaching performance. The purposes of this study were (1) to investigate the relationships between teaching performance, as evaluated by a principal, and five selected admission criteria (the GPA at the time of admittance to teacher education; achievement test scores in reading, language, mathematics; and instructor appraisal of the student during the first education course); (2) to determine whether or not the five selected admission criteria used singly, or in some combination, predict success in teaching performance.
Effects of a Leisure Education Program Upon Expressed Attitudes Towards Recreation and Delinquency for Institutionalized Adolescents
The social problem of juvenile delinquency and treatment efforts to alleviate this problem are introduced in this study. Literature related to theories on delinquency, institutional treatment, the role of recreation in correctional settings, and leisure education is reviewed and summarized. A basis for a leisure theory on delinquency is presented, suggesting delinquent behaviors are socially unacceptable leisure pursuits. Implications include efforts to replace delinquent behaviors with socially acceptable leisure pursuits (i.e. recreation).
An Examination of The First Two Years of Implementation of the Texas Term Contract Nonrenewal Act at The State Agency Level
Before the 1981 enactment of the Term Contract Nonrenewal Act in Texas, term contract teachers were entitled to a hearing only when the employment contract was terminated during the contract period or when the cause for nonrenewal was made public and had a stigmatizing effect on the reputational rights of the teacher. This new act has the effect of bridging the gap between what has been legal and what many would consider to be fundamentally fair in employment practices. The immediate impact of this law has left educators with the need to investigate the adequacy of the procedure used by the Texas Education Agency in implementing the hearings and appeals process regarding nonrenewal of term contracts. This, then, is the problem of this study.
Problems Involved in the Academic Advisement Process of Foreign Graduate Students at North Texas State University
The subjects were 69 graduate faculty advisors, 187 foreign graduate students, and 184 American graduate students who were enrolled at North Texas State University in the Spring Semester, 1984. Statistical techniques used for data analysis include frequency distributions, percentages, means, and Mann-Whitney U test. Significant differences were determined by the two-tailed test of significance at or beyond the .05 level.
Gender Specific Reactions to Incest
The problem of incest is beginning to receive a recognition and research attention long overdue. Becoming more evident is the prevalence and far reaching effects of incest. Currently, little distinction is made between the treatment approach for males and females, yet research indicates differences between the two sexes. This study explores possible differences between male and female incest victims in (1) their moral ethic, (2) their self-definition, (3) the basis from which they felt compelled to comply with the incestuous abuse, (4) the reasons they believed the sexual abuse was right or wrong, (5) the reasons for telling someone or keeping the incest a secret, (6) how they decided whether or not they made the right choice, (7) the manner in which they have changed since the abuse began, (8) the content and degree of their own guilt and/or lowered esteem, and (9) the ideas they have of changes which could have prevented the abuse.
A Delphi Investigation of Staff Development Needs of the Child-Care Personnel in the Juvenile Detention Facilities in the State of Texas
This investigation was concerned with the problem that the staff development needs of child-care personnel in juvenile detention facilities in the State of Texas have not been identified and described. The study utilizes the Delphi technique in determining juvenile detention administrators' perceptions of the skills/knowledge required to be a competent detention child-care worker. The assumption was made that detention administrators can supply relevant input to study.
An Empirical Study of Whether the Direct Involvement of Classroom Teachers in the Decision-Making Process of a Public School District in Conjunction with Their Locus of Control Orientation Affects Their Perceptions of Job Satisfaction
The problem with which this investigation was concerned was that of gaining a better understanding of factors which promote public school teachers' job satisfaction and the determination of the degree of impact of two specific organizational factors upon such job satisfaction. The two organizational factors are those of involvement in the decision-making process of the school district and the locus of control construct. This study had two purposes. The first was to determine if the direct involvement of classroom teachers in the decision-making process of a public school district affected their perceptions of job satisfaction. The second was to determine the relationship of locus of control on job satisfaction when teachers were directly involved in the decision-making process of a public school district.
The Relationships Between College Aptitude, Race, College Hours Completed, and P-PST Scores for Education Students in Texas Public Colleges and Universities
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships between the scores of students on the Pre-Professional Skills Test (P-PST) and the scores of students on college aptitude tests, the race of students and the number of college hours that students had completed. The subjects who participated in this study were education students who sought admittance to Texas public colleges and universities and took the P-PST in March, 1984. A total of 642 students participated in the study, 512 White or other, 48 Blacks and 82 Hispanics. P-PST scores, race, number of college hours completed, and college aptitude scores were obtained from the student's college or university as a result of the signed release forms each student completed at the March, 1984 testing date.
An Analysis of Current Faculty Evaluation Practices in Two Selected Universities in Thailand
The purpose of this study is to analyze and compare the current faculty evaluation practices in two universities in Thailand as perceived by faculty and administrators. Although both institutions are universities, one is notably larger and more diversified. From a sample population of 450 (250 each), the response rate was 71.8 per cent. A survey instrument was used to collect the data early in 1984. Statistical procedures used in the analyses of data include frequency and percentage of responses, analysis of variance for split-plot repeated measures design, t tests, and binomial distribution as required to answer the twelve research questions designed to guide the study.
A Monte Carlo Study of the Robustness and Power of Analysis of Covariance Using Rank Transformation to Violation of Normality with Restricted Score Ranges for Selected Group Sizes
The study seeks to determine the robustness and power of parametric analysis of covariance and analysis of covariance using rank transformation to violation of the assumption of normality. The study employs a Monte Carlo simulation procedure with varying conditions of population distribution, group size, equality of group size, scale length, regression slope, and Y-intercept. The procedure was performed on raw data and ranked data with untied ranks and tied ranks.
A Comparison of Present and Preferred Institutional Goals Among Board Members, Administrators, and Faculty of Teacher Colleges in Bangkok, Thailand
The problem with which this study is concerned is to compare the perceptions of board members, administrators, and faculty of six teacher colleges in Bangkok, Thailand, in regard to the present and preferred educational goals of Thai teacher colleges. From a total population sample of 345, usable returns totaled 284 (82.3 per cent); respondents include 22 board members, 43 administrators, and 219 faculty. A published goal inventory questionnaire was modified, translated into Thai, and used to collect the data; modifications include the addition of goal statements that are relevant to Thai teacher colleges. The modified survey instrument included 72 goal statements, categorized into 18 goal areas, plus 12 relevant goal statements. Statistical procedures used include mean scores and standard deviations, analysis of variance (with Scheffe post hoc comparisons for significant differences), and the t test.
Differences Between Levels of Oral Communication Apprehension and Communicator Style of Preservice Teacher Education Students
The classroom communication behavior of preservice teacher education students was the focus of this research. The study was designed to provide descriptive and empirical data for teacher educators to use in designing preservice and in-service training in classroom communication. Additionally, an interdisciplinary focus on research from the fields of interpersonal and instructional communication as applied to teacher education was emphasized. The sample for the study included 30 secondary and 29 elementary preservice teacher education students. The sample was stratified on the basis of the level of communication apprehension. A total of 30 high level apprehensive and 29 low level apprehensives were identified. The Personal Report of Communication Apprehension-24 (PRCA-24) was administered as a pre-posttest measure. Scores from the Communicator Style Measure (CSM) were analyzed with the PRCA—24. University supervisors and public school cooperating teachers completed a modified version of the CSM on two separate observation occasions.
Superintendents' and Special Education Directors' Perceptions Regarding a Minimum Competency Testing Framework in Texas
The purpose of this study was to determine superintendents' and special education directors' perceptions regarding a special education minimum competency testing framework in Texas. Additionally, this study attempted to determine a relationship between school districts' demographic characteristics and superintendents'and special education directors' perceptions. Questionnaires were mailed to a random sample of seventy five superintendents, seventy-five special education directors of single districts and seventy-five special education directors of cooperatives in the State of Texas.
Factors Associated with Choice of School and Major Area of Study by Arab Graduate Students
The problem with which this study is concerned is to determine and identify the factors associated with the choices Arab graduate students make when selecting their graduate school and major area of study at institutions of higher education in the United States. In addition, comparisons are made between the responses of Arab graduate students (1) who attend American private schools with those who attend American public schools and (2) those who are self-supported with those who are outside supported.
Satisfaction with College Among Selected Groups of International Students
The purpose of this study was twofold. The first purpose was to identify and determine the degree of satisfaction experienced by selected groups of international students at North Texas State University in Denton, Texas. The second purpose was to analyze and interpret the data collected in relation to selected demographic variables. The following hypotheses were devised to guide the interpretation of the data findings. 1. There will be a significant difference in the degree of satisfaction with university administration among the three selected groups of N.T.S.U. international students. 2. There will be a significant difference in the degree of satisfaction with university faculty among the three selected groups of N.T.S.U. international students. 3. There will be a significant difference in the degree of satisfaction with fellow students among the three selected groups of N.T.S.U. international students.
The Effects of a Summer Youth Employment Program for School Alienated and Adjudicated Youth
This research was a reanalysis of an extant data set on a Youth Employment Demonstration Projects Act (YEDPA) summer program. The ten week, seven site program combined classroom training with a worksite experience and was targeted to drop-outs, potential drop—outs and adjudicated youth. Eligible youth were randomly assigned to participant and control groups and were measured at pre— and postprogram and three and eight month follow-up. The data set included information on 1901 participant and 978 control youth.
Incidence and Components of Industrial Mental Health Services in The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Between June and August, 1983, a postal survey was conducted to gather information on industrial mental health programs in mid-sized corporations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The sample included all companies listed in Standard and Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives (1982) with an employee population of 500 to 2,000. Approximately 27% of the responding corporations indicated that they had formal existing industrial mental health programs. The responses indicated that the majority of formal industrial mental health programs were located in banking, insurance, high technology, media, and professional enterprises. The relationship between the size of companies and the provision of services was curvilinear.
The Perceptions of Junior High School Principals, Their Spouses and Their Building Counselors Regarding Occupational Sources of Stress for the Principals
The purpose of this study was to identify the perceptions held by junior high school principals, their spouses, and school counselors regarding occupational stressors of the junior high school principals in the State of Texas. The occupational stressors center around five areas of concern: (1) administrative constraints, (2) administrative responsibilities, (3) interpersonal relations, (4) intrapersonal conflicts, and (5) role expectations. A randomly selected sample of 300 junior high school principals were sent questionnaires for themselves, their spouses, and their school counselors. Descriptive statistical methods were employed to calculate means and standard deviations of the principals', spouses', and counselors' perceptions of the occupational stressors of the principals. T-test and one-way analysis of variance were used to analyze the data.
A Simulation Study for a Computerized Approach to Teacher Certification Information
The concern that prompted this study is the inadequacy of the present system of handling teacher certification information, especially as it involves the movement of information between Texas' teacher-certifying universities, local school districts, and the Texas Education Agency. Since it was found that no computerized certification system presently exists in any state, the primary purpose of this study was to develop a model for a computerized teacher certification information system; a secondary purpose was to determine the major factors involved in regard to the feasibility of such a model. The model is written from an education administration viewpoint and is limited to in-state elementary and secondary teacher certification, 1972 certification standards, and existing computer capabilities.
An Analysis of the Continuing Education-Community Service Programs in the Public Junior-Community Colleges of the State of Texas
The problem with which this study is concerned is the analysis of the status of continuing education-community service programs within the public junior-community colleges of the state of Texas as these programs are viewed (1) from the areas of funding, faculty and facility allocations, (2) from the areas of the educational and professional preparation and responsibility of the leaders who are assigned to direct these programs, and (3) from the area of community involvement in program planning. Based on the problem a survey was developed; 142 administrators responded (61.2 per cent).
An Investigation of Job Satisfaction Among Faculty Members of a Large Multi-Purpose University in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
The purpose of this study was to investigate job satisfaction of full-time faculty members at a large multi-purpose university in relation to gender, rank, and types of activity. The population consisted of 664 full-time faculty members at North Texas State University during the spring semester, 1984. The questionnaire consisted of two parts, the Job Descriptive Index and The Faculty Data Sheet. The theoretical basis of the study was Herzberg's theory of Motivation-Hygiene.
A Survey of Custodial Service in Selected Schools of the Panhandle of Texas
This thesis explored custodial services in public schools throughout the Texas Panhandle in order to compile averages and establish the need for improved working conditions and compensation.
An Evaluation of the Administration and the Operation of School Cafeterias in the East Texas Oil Field Area
This thesis outlines various standards associated with the operation of school cafeterias so that they might be observed in East Texas schools.
The Development of the Commercial Curricula in the Seven State Teachers Colleges of Texas
This thesis outlines the growth of curricula in the seven state teachers colleges in Texas from establishment to the 1939 - 1940 school year.
The Relation Between Certain Home Factors and the Social and Academic Progress of the Second-Grade Pupils in the Robert E. Lee School, Denton, Texas
The correlation between home environment and educational performance is addressed in this study.
Factors Associated with Leadership Ability of the Elementary School Child
This thesis is the result of an examination conducted on the leadership abilities of elementary school children and whether or not an improvement can be made through teaching.
Discovering the Extent to which Feelings of Insecurity can be Eliminated in Children of the Third Grade
This thesis presents student case studies from a third grade class at an Albany, Texas elementary school. Students with insecurity issues are described and remedial treatments are suggested.
To Develop and to Evaluate a Mathematics Curriculum for the Mentally Retarded on the Junior High School Level
This thesis presents the results of a study conducted to determine the math capabilities of mentally challenged students attending Reagan Junior High School in Wichita Falls, Texas. Survey results are used to determine needed curriculum changes.
The Reliability of the Terman Group Test in Predicting Academic Success in the North Texas State Teachers College
This thesis is the result of an examination conducted to determine average student preparation before reaching post-secondary schools so that college freshmen receive proper guidance.
A Survey of the Needs for and the Procedures Employed in the Operation of a Toy Loan Center
This thesis presents the results of a survey conducted to determine the need and benefits of a toy loan center.
An Analysis and Evaluation of Two Methods of Teaching Language Arts
This study compares and and provides an evaluation of language arts progress made by elementary school children using two different methods of instruction. One traditional method stressed grammar and the other experimentally focused on mechanics.
A Comparison of the Group and the Individual Techniques of Teaching Algebra
This thesis presents findings made during an examination and comparison of the individualized unit and traditional group methods used to teach ninth grade algebra in Hillsboro, Texas.
An Evaluation of the Hebron School, Hebron, Texas
This thesis presents the results of an examination of the Hebron, Texas public schools. Specific criteria, such as home life and socioeconomic background, were used to consider the abilities and needs of students. The resulting information made it possible to determine the ability of schools to impact the lives of students.
An Evaluation of the Mineral Wells High School, Mineral Wells. Texas
This thesis offers an evaluation of the Mineral Wells, Texas high school. Fifteen hundred points associated with curriculum and school operation were evaluated to draw presented conclusions.
A Personnel Study of all the Duties, Curricular, Extra-Curricular, and Social, that are Performed by the Commercial Teachers in Texas
This study reports the duties and activities of surveyed public school business education teachers and offers some training alternatives.
An Evaluation of the Bowie Secondary School Bowie, Texas
This thesis presents findings of an examination conducted on the Bowie, Texas secondary school to discover the characteristics of the school.
An Evaluation of a Cooperative Community Survey as a Training in Service for Teachers
This thesis resulted from an examination conducted on the living conditions of Port Arthur, Texas elementary school student who resided in Port Acres.
The Relation of Certain Factors to Success in College Mathematics
This study is the result of an examination conducted to determine contributing factors to student success in college mathematics. Data gathered for this thesis came from a survey conducted on students at North Texas State Teachers College.
A Layman's Interpretation of the Provisions of a 20-Year Pay Life Insurance Policy
This thesis presents an attempt to simplify the language used in life insurance provisions.
A Survey of the Health and Physical Education Programs for Boys in the Independent Affiliated High Schools within a Radius of 150 Miles of Junction, Texas
In this thesis, an examination of physical education programs at independently affiliated schools in and around Junction, Texas revealed needed areas of improvement after comparison with State of Texas standards.
Trends in Public School Supervision
This thesis presents a broad historical and modern overview of teacher supervision by school administration. Areas of needed improvement and suggested solutions for them are indicated.
An Evaluation of the Trinidad High School, Trinidad, Texas
This thesis is the result of an examination of Trindad High school in Trinidad, Texas. Teaching philosophy, student demographics, student activity types, and student resources are some of the considered aspects of this evaluation.
How the Reading Difficulties Are Being Met in Some Fifth Grades of Tarrant County, Texas.
A study to determine the most common reading difficulties in the fifth grade in Tarrant County, Texas, to evaluate the ways they are being met, and to suggest solutions.
The Cost of Securing a Master's Degree from a Texas State Teachers College and the Economic and Profesional Value of the Degree
The intent of this thesis is to indicate the economic cost and professional value that result from earning a graduate teaching degree. Data gathered to formulate study conclusions came from questionnaires distributed to master's recipients from five Texas teachers colleges.
A Study to Determine Why Students Withdraw From High Schools in Freestone County.
A study to determine why students withdrew from high wchools in Freestone county.
Some Problems of Conflict Between High School Pupils and their Parents
This thesis presents the findings of research conducted to discover the common sources of conflict between parents and teenagers. Data for the findings came from questionnaires completed by high school students in Denton and Greenville, Texas.
Social and Academic Status of Kindergarten and Non-Kindergarten Elementary School Children
This study is the result of an examination student social skills conducted at two elementary schools to determine kindergarten necessity.
The Influence of Goal Seeking on Pupil Achievement in the Second Grade
This thesis is a comparison and result evaluation of arithmetic, handwriting, spelling, and reading goals by students in the second grade at Sam Houston Elementary School in Denton, Texas.