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A cooperative for big data in scholarly publishing
Presented at the 2017 Public Knowledge Project International Scholarly Publishing Conference. This lightning talk presents a vision for a cooperative of stakeholder institutions called the Publishing Analytics Data Alliance.
Academic Librarians as STEM Retention Partners
This column article discusses how academic librarians can assist with increasing student retention in STEM fields.
Aquiline Books at UNT: A Progress Report
Presentation for the 2017 Texas Conference on Institutional Repositories. In June 2015, the UNT Libraries launched a for-fee service for publishing works of scholarship from authors affiliated with the university. While authors can choose from a menu of editing and design options, all publications are made free to read online through the institutional repository. In this presentation, we reflect on our choices in designing the publishing service—such as not organizing peer review, delivering publications through the repository, requiring free public access but not Creative Commons licenses—and on what authors have chosen from the menu of options over the past two years.
Collaboration in scholarly communication: Opportunities to normalize open access
This article discusses scholarly communication from a holistic perspective and includes some strategies implemented at University of North Texas Libraries.
The Impact of Physically Embedded Librarianship on Academic Departments
This article discusses what happens when subject librarians move from the library services desk to spending a significant part of their workday in the academic departments they serve, and proposes a developmental model for physically embedded librarianship.
News, new roles & preservation advocacy: Moving Libraries into action
This paper discusses how much news is published online that is never published in print or on more permanent media. It delves into some of the reasons why this convent is not yet preserved, and examines the persistent challenges of digital preservation and of digital curation of this content type.
Enhancing Bibliographic Access to Dissertations
This article discusses a study of dissertation cataloging practices of Association of Research Libraries academic libraries to discern how the libraries provide access to subjects as well as to names of academic departments and advisors.
Yeah, I Found It!: Performing Web Site Usability Testing to Ensure that Off-Campus Students Can Find the Information They Need
This paper discusses the results of the formal usability studies and focus groups that involved other libraries' web pages to to first determine what users appreciated or disliked about the current site. This article was co-published in The Eleventh Off-Campus Library Services Conference Proceedings.
Providing a Complete Menu: Using Competitive Usability in a Home Page Usability Study
This article presents results from the task-based testing and focus group portion of a usability study on the University of North Texas Libraries' website in addition to three other academic library web sites to examine the effects of multiple design elements and styles on the participants' results and to provide additional insight into user preferences.
X Marks the Spot: Creating and Managing a Single Service Point to Improve Customer Service and Maximize Resources
This article describes how merging service points in an academic library is an opportunity to improve customer service and utilize staffing resources more efficiently.
Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences: A Neglected Aftereffect of Near-Death Experiences
Article describing the methods and results of research to explore spontaneous mediumship experiences (SMEs) that occurred during and after near-death experiences (NDEs).
Electromagnetic and Other Environmental Effects Following Near-Death Experiences: A Primer
Article describing the results of informal and formal research regarding electromagnetic (EM) effects of near-death experiences (NDEs); it reviews cases in which a person acts on his environment and those in which a person reacts to the environment. The paper also proposes more precise terminology regarding EM phenomena based on the research and literature review.
The Field of Near-Death Studies Through 2011: An Updated Analysis of the Scholarly Periodical Literature
Abstract: Previously in this Journal, Holden and Christian (2005) profiled patterns in the field of near-death studies through an analysis of the scholarly publications from Near-Death Experiences: Index to the Periodical Literature through 2001. In this article, we provide an updated analysis of a similar type through 2011. The body of literature on which we based this analysis included 892 scholarly articles by 629 authors spanning more than a century. We report on patterns related to publication dates and venues, experts and their most cited articles, and most and least published topics in the field - both with regard to current status and in comparison to 2001. We discuss limitations of our analysis and implications of it for the future of scholarship in the field of near-death studies.
After-math: Counting the Aftereffects of Potentially Spiritually Transformative Experiences
Abstract: This article provides a summary of current literature regarding the nature of spiritual development, types of potentially spiritually transformative experiences (pSTEs), and both short- and long-term aftereffects of pSTEs— biological, psychological, spiritual, and social. The author concludes that in the aftermath of pSTEs, experiencers, their intimates and associates, and their healthcare providers should be prepared to experience integration that can be manageable or be deeply challenging and that can be relatively brief or can last for years.
''Til Death Do Us Part:' Marital Aftermath of One Spouse's Near-Death Experience
Abstract: Research has revealed that following a near-death experience (NDE) a majority of experiencers (NDEers) change fundamentally in values, religious/spiritual beliefs, and relationship to paranormal phenomena. Much less is known about the relationship between aftereffects of one spouse's NDE and subsequent marital adjustment and stability. In this preliminary retrospective study, we addressed this question quantitatively with supplementary narrative data. Using the framework of John Gottman's (1999) Sound Marital House, we analyzed self-reported adjustment in and stability of the marriages of 26 NDEers before and after a self-identified life-changing event (LCE) unrelated to NDEs. Results indicated a significant reduction in marital meaning (p = .008), adjustment (p = .007), and stability (p = .005) in NDE compared to LCE couples, with a majority of NDE (65%) but only a minority of LCE (35%) couples' marriages ending in divorce. Implications for health professionals are discussed.
First You Get the Money, Then You Get the Reviews, Then You Get the Internet Comments: A Quantitative Examination of the Relationship Between Critics, Viewers, and Box Office Success
This article examines the relationships between a movie's perceived artistic merit as ranked by critics, a movie's quality as ranked by viewers, a movie's gross box office take, and its release date.
A Defense of Preservation in the Age of MPLP
This article looks at Mark A. Greene and Dennis Meissner's attitudes towards preservation as revealed in their articles on More Product, Less Process (MPLP), the relationship between access and preservation, and the importance of preservation within archives; it also offers strategies for efficient preservation.
Assessment in Fieldwork Courses: What Are We Rating?
This article uses inductive content analysis to assess fieldwork evaluations in library school coursework.
Spotlight on North Texas: Grant Materials
These grant materials were prepared for a project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities Common Heritage program to digitize, preserve, and provide access to community historical records. The award funded digitization of print and media items related to the motion picture history of Denton County and a lecture highlighting Denton’s film history and materials discovered during the program. For this grant, UNT served as the lead institution and collaborated with the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. The grant materials include a history of Denton County’s involvement in film production and distribution, digitization standards, and a work plan for the project. This proposal was funded for $11,840.
Assessment of Cataloging Services in an Academic Library
This article contains survey data on cataloging services as assessed by personnel in the Public Services Division and the Catalog and Metadata Services Department.
Out-of-Body Experiences: All in the Brain?
Article presenting arguments supporting the conclusion that the subtitle claims of an article published in "Nature" were not well-founded and that much research remains to be conducted to unravel the mystery of out-of-body experiences.
Does the Arousal System Contribute to Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences? A Summary and Response
Article acknowledging the viability and potential value of the hypothesis underlying articles suggesting a relationship between near-death experiences (NDEs) and the body's arousal system, but also identifying substantial weaknesses in both the presented lines of evidence and the studies.
Effect on Emotional Well-Being of Hypnotic Recall of the Near-Death Experience
Article reporting the preliminary finding of overwhelming psychological benefit of hypnotic recall of near-death experiences, and discussing implications for future research.
Electromagnetic Aftereffects of Near-Death Experiences
Study investigating electromagnetic effects among near-death experiencers (NDErs), people who reported a close brush with death without an NDE, and people who reported never having been close to death but who used their most life-changing event as a past reference point.
Near-Death Verdicality Research in the Hospital Setting: Problems and Promise
Study of near-death verdicality in the hospital setting. The paper describes problems, both anticipated and unanticipated, that were encountered. Based on the successes and failures of this undertaking, recommendations for future research of this type are presented.
The Field of Near-Death Studies Through 2001: An Analysis of the Periodical Literature
Article analyzing literature of the first quarter century of the field of near-death studies.
More Things in Heaven and Earth: A Response to "Near-Death Experiences with Hallucinatory Features"
Article offering alternative arguments and conclusions to those Keith Augustine offered regarding discrepancies between some near-death experiencers' (NDErs') reports of events they perceived during their NDEs and objective information available about those events.
Failure to Elicit Near-Death Experiences in Induced Cardiac Arrest
Article exploring the reasons why near-death experiences may not occur during induced cardiac arrest.
Unexpected Findings in a Study of Visual Perception During the Naturalistic Near-Death Out-of-Body Experience
Study of visual perception during the naturalistic near-death out-of-body experience (nND OBE), that aspect of the NDE in which the experiencer seems to view normal physical surroundings from a vantage point outside the physical body, which yielded some unexpected findings that contradicted or augmented previous research. Each of these findings is discussed relative to previous research and analyzed in light of the limitations of the current study.
Visual Perception During Naturalistic Near-Death Out-of-Body Experiences
Study attempting to ascertain the most appropriate content and placement of visual stimuli in a hospital-based study of the veridicality of out-of-body perception in the near-death experience (NDE), and the likelihood that a subject in such a study would notice, clearly perceive, and accurately recall a visual stimulus.
Researching New Orleans Rhythm and Blues
This article discusses researching New Orleans rhythm and blues.
[Review] [1] The Blues Route. [2] Going to Chicago: A Year on the Chicago Blues Scene. [3] Blues Fell This Morning: Meaning in the Blues.
This article reviews the three books "The Blues Route," by Hugh Merrill, "Going to Chicago: A Year on the Chicago Blues Scene," by Stephen Green and Laurence J. Hyman, and "Blues Fell This Morning: Meaning in the Blues," by Paul Oliver.
From the Chair: Collaborating for Success
This article is from the 2013 Chair of the American Library Association (ALA) Government Documents Round Table (GODART) discussing collaborating for success.
From the Chair: Importance of Mentoring
This article is from the 2013 Chair of the American Library Association (ALA) Government Documents Round Table (GODART) discussing the importance of mentoring.
Are We There Yet? Toward a Workable Controlled Vocabulary for Music
This article discusses moving toward a workable controlled vocabulary for music.
[Review] [1] A Most Wonderous Babble: American Art Composers, Their Music, and the American Scene, 1950-1985. [2] Art Music in the American Society: The Condition of Art Music in the Late Twentieth Century.
This article reviews the two books "A Most Wondrous Babble: American Art Composers, Their Music, and the American Scene, 1950-1985" and "Art Music in the American Society: The Condition of Art Music in the Late Twentieth Century," both by Nicholas E. Tawa and published in 1987.
Rediscovering "Toscanini: The Man Behind the Legend"
This article is based on the authors' presentation at the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) Conference in Austin, Texas, April 2005 and discusses Arturo Toscanini.
Turning News Into Learning Opportunities
This article discusses turning news into learning opportunities.
From the Chair: Developing Advocates—Communicating Value
This article is from the 2014 Chair of the American Library Association (ALA) Government Documents Round Table (GODART) discussing developing advocates and communicating value.
Evaluating the University of North Texas' Digital Collections and Institutional Repository: An Exploratory Assessment of Stakeholder Perceptions and Use
This article discusses an exploratory assessment evaluating the University of North Texas' digital collections and institutional repository.
[Review] Popular Music and the Underground: Foundations of Jazz, Blues, Country, and Rock, 1900-1950
This article reviews the book "Popular Music and the Underground: Foundations of Jazz, Blues, Country, and Rock, 1900-1950," by Chuck Mancuso.
[Review] Style and Performance for Bowed String Instruments in French Baroque Music
This article reviews the book "Style and Performance for Bowed String Instruments in French Baroque Music," by Mary Cyr and published in 2012.
The Evolution of the Library
This article discusses technological changes and the evolution of the library.
From the Chair: Partnerships for the Future
This article is from the 2014 Chair of the American Library Association (ALA) Government Documents Round Table (GODART) discussing collaborating for success.
What is it Worth? A Guide to Art Valuation and Market Resources
This article serves as an introduction to new and mostly free online art auction and market sites and some traditional paper resources that are essential to answer reference questions about art value.
An Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Reaction Between NH(X3Σ-) + SO(X3Σ-)
Article on an experimental and theoretical study of the reaction between NH(X3Σ–) + SO(X3Σ–).
Indexes in award-winning cookbooks
Article discussing indexes in award-winning cookbooks and whether the quality of a cookbook is reflected in the quality of its index.
Patterns of E74A RNA and protein expression at the onset of metamorphosis in Drosophila
Article discussing patterns of E74A RNA and protein expression at the onset of metamorphosis in Drosophila.
Reading America Program Fosters Intergenerational Understanding in Chinese Immigrant Families
This article discusses the Reading America Program fostering intergenerational understanding in Chinese immigrant families.
Copyright, Open Access, and Library Instruction
Article discussing copyright, open access, and library instruction.