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Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Joseph Geraci Responds."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Are OBEs Evidence For Survival?"
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Susan Blackmore Responds."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Melodie Olson Responds."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "OBEs in the Blind."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Ronald Siegel and Ada Hirschman Reply."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Bozzano and Deathbed Visions."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Susan Blackmore Replies."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Nancy Evans Bush Replies."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "The Near-Death Experience of a Culture."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "H. J. Irwin Responds."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Sabom's Study Should Be Repeated."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Australian Questionnaire Survey of NDEs."
Letter to the Editor
Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies on the topic "Are Out-of-Body Experiences Evidence For Survival?"
Toxicological evaluation for the ocular administration of tolrestat: an aldose reductase inhibitor for the treatment of diabetes
Aldose reductase inhibitors (ARIs) have been shown to attenuate or prevent several complications of diabetes in animals. Tolrestat is a potent and unique ARI from Ayerst Laboratories, New York, NY. The efficacy and toxicology of tolrestat via topical ocular administration was examined in this study.
De novo glycogen biosynthesis by a glycogen primer complex in the obliquely striated skeletal muscle of Ascaris suum
This study examines Ascaris summ, and indicates that a glycogen-like polysachcharide is synthesized from a carbohydrate-associated protein primer in the muscle of this worm.
Molecular aging of triosephosphate isomerase
This work was initiated to acquire a better understanding of the mechanisms, regulations, and significances of deamidation, as well as its role in the aging process.
A descriptive history of Wesley College
This study employs primary and secondary documentary data, as well as interviews with fifty-six individuals, to provide a chronological descriptive history of the origin, growth, development, and demise of the school, together with its philosophical bases.
A cognitive approach to packaging: imagery and emotion as critical factors to buying decision at point-of-purchase
A packaging model is presented in this study which attempts to show some important aspects of a consumer's cognitive process in relation to packaging. This packaging model is based on theories of imagery, emotion, and perception.
A three-year weighted application blank criterion study to predict tenure
The purpose of this research was to develop an empirical model which could be used to predict job tenure for sewing machine operators in a large garment factory.
An investigation of differences in public library usage patterns between gifted adults and members of the general public
This study has a threefold purpose. First, to determine the effect of the variable of superior intelligence or giftedness on public library use; second, to determine whether this variable can be used as a predictor of library use; and third, to develop a model of the gifted adult as information seeker.
Studies of the membrane and DNA gyrase inhibiting antibiotics on pigment synthesis in Corynebacterium poinsettiae
The purpose of this study was (1) to determine whether a correlation exists among the protein profiles, extracted from cell membranes of mutants belonging to five pigment cluster groups, (2) to locate the protein moiety and cartenoprotein complex in the membranes of wild type and colorless mutant (designated W-19) of C. poinsettae and to show whether there are any structural differences between cell membranes of the wild type and a colorless mutant, (3) to determine the effect of six antibiotics on cartenoid gene expression.
Response of female athletes to twelve-week plyometric depth-jump training
This study aimed to investigate the response of trained intercollegiate and national level female athletes to twelve week depth-jump (DJ) training performed twice weekly with forty repetitions of DJs performed each training session.
Nineteenth century English fresco
The problem of this investigation is determining the artists, places, dates, subjects, and types of frescoes done in nineteenth century England. Included in this paper are discussions of the artists, chronology, the fresco projects, stylistic considerations, reasons for using fresco, and fresco's relevance to the subjects of the paintings.
The Chinese tea trade and its influence on the English garden of the eighteenth century
The problem discusses the influence that tea trade between England and China may have had on eighteenth-century English garden architecture and aesthetics. Five chapters include an historical overview of non-Oriental influences on the garden, the relationship between Britain and China, the evolution of the tea trade, the motifs and decoration of tea wares, and a summary with conclusions.
Perceived responsibility, authority, and delegation of department chairpersons compared to perceptions of faculty in Saudi Arabian universities
This investigation compared the perceptions of responsibility, authority, and delegation held by department chairpersons and those held by faculty members in Saudi Arabian universities. The three purposes of the study were to determine differences in perceptions between department chairpersons and their faculty members, to determine any significant interaction between the independent variable (position) and each of the eleven clarification variables with respect to respondents' perceptions, and to determine any significant difference in perceptions between respondents in different categories of each of the clarification variables.
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of in vivo and in vitro synthesized proteins, antigenic proteins, and cross-reactive antigens in Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum Nichols strain and Treponema phagedenis biotype Reiter
Two-dimensional electrophoretic protein profiles of in vivo and in vitro propagated T. pallidum subsps. pallidum Nichols strain were analyzed and compared.
The squirrel cage
The Squirrel Cage is an intermedia composition set in three scenes and two interludes. The composition is based on the short story "The Squirrel Cage" by Thomas M. Disch. Robin Kay Willoughby created the libretto for the composition.
Respond motets from Matins for the dead by Robert Parsons
The three respond motets from Matins for the Dead by Robert Parsons constitute an important part of the sacred Latin repertory of mid-sixteenth-century England, illustrating central features of the English mid-century style. Although he worked within a conservative musical tradition, Parsons experimented with that tradition in personal and individual ways. Specifically his modal and thematic construction as well as his practice of musica ficta are singled out for closer analysis. Consequently, a methodology for editorial decisions concerning musica ficta is developed. Two special problems, the simultaneous cross-relation and diminished fourth, are shown as the result of normative polyphonic processes and vertical structures.
Chronomorphosis is a chamber ensemble piece for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, piano, and percussion. The work, comprising three movements is approximately fourteen minuted in duration. One of the most apparent characteristics of the work is its progression from non-metrical time organization involving aleatoric elements to metrical time organization involving changing meters but no aleatoric elements.
Watership Down
Watership Down is a work for chamber orchestra in four movements, approximately sixteen minutes in duration. The piece is a programmatic work based on the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams; however, the musical action is not intended to be an aural narrative of the story but, rather, is meant to capture the general mood of the four sections of the novel. The work exhibits the influence of several styles of late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century music with the symphonic poem being the genre it most closely resembles.
The development and evaluation of a guide to teach selected elements of commercial singing
The purpose of this study was to develop a commercial singing guide that could be used as an aid in teaching selected elements of commercial singing. It addressed itself specifically to the following problems: determining how the selected elements of the commercial vocal style are produced, developing a guide for teaching the production of this vocal style to trained and untrained singers and evaluating the effectiveness of the guide.
Assessment center performance of volunteers and nonvolunteers
The present study compares the performance of volunteers and nonvolunteers in a 10-hour integrated series of management simulation exercises. It was hypothesized that there would be no performance differences in these two groups. Subjects were business students.
Post-colonial economic development of the United Republic of Tanzania
The economic development of Tanzania is analyzed in detail between the years from 1961 to 197. The dual policy of development adopted by the Tanzanian government called for unbalanced growth in both agriculture and industry. To a certain extent that policy was proven successful.
Development and evaluation of a behaviorally anchored rating scale as a measure of secretarial and clerical performance
Empirical findings on Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) have been mixed, despite early researchers' claims that BARS were superior to trait ratings and in reliability and resistance to leniency, central tendency, and halo. The study presented compared a BARS format to an independently derived trait scale as measures of secretarial and clerical performance. Though the BARS showed slightly inflated mean ratings, the instruments showed nearly identical variability. Neither demonstrated sufficient resistance to halo. Thus, despite their intuitive appeal and the rigors involved in format development, it did not appear in this instance that BARS were an efficient and psychometrically superior alternative to the traditional trait rating format.
Twenty-one original prose selections for use in teaching oral interpretation in junior high and high school
Twenty-one original prose selections were written for use by junior high school students of oral interpretation. A survey of textbook publishers and junior high school teachers revealed a need for material of appropriate length and of suitable reading and interest levels for oral reading in the junior high school classroom. The selections were read and evaluated by a group of junior high students and a junior high teacher of speech. The responses indicate that the selections are effective and usable as an instructional aid in teaching oral interpretation in junior high school.
Immune response of the rat to outer membrane proteins of Legionella pneumophila
Outer membrane proteins (OMPs) were recovered from eleven strains (eight serogroups) of Legionella pneumophila by sequential treatment with Tris buffer (pH 8), citrate buffer(pH 2.75) and Tris buffer (pH 8). Transmission electron microscopy revealed clearly the separation of the outer membrane from the bacteria.
The chemically sensitive individual: validation by criterion group identification
The purpose of this study was to delineate those variables which are indicative of the patient whose health may be adversely affected by sensitivity to chemicals.
Strategic planning systems their effectiveness in strategy formulation in the electronic computing equipment industry
This study examined the effectiveness of strategic planning systems in strategy formulation in a changing business environment. It also investigated differences in the designs, processes, levels of top management involvement, and perceived levels of achievement and performance of the strategic planning systems of companies classified as leaders, challengers, followers, and nichers in the electronic computing equipment community.
A comparative study of the effectiveness of the relaxation response and personalized relaxation tapes in medical technology students
This investigation was a development of a Personalized Relaxation Technique which was used in a comparative study of the effectiveness of this technique with the Relaxation Response, a popular relaxation method. The purpose of the study were (1) to design a Personalized Relaxation Technique and (2) to determine if this Personalized Relaxation Technique is as effective as the Relaxation Response.
Formalization of collection development in selected medium-sized academic libraries
The degree of formalization of collection development(the dependent variable) in selected medium-sized academic libraries and six independent variables believed to be related to the dependent variable were examined. The formalization of collection development was measured by an index of five dimensions. The six independent variables examined were age of the library, number of graduate degrees offered by the parent institution, estimated years of growth potential in terms of available shelf space, attitude of the library director toward cooperation, number of memberships held by the library in cooperative endeavors, and percentage of increase in the materials budget, from 1972 to 1982.
The relationship of receiving violence and perceptions of self and partner
The purpose of the present study was to determine whether there are any differences between college students 1) who have received violence 2) who have received threats of physical violence, and 3) who have not received threats or physical violence from their partners. The study examined ways in which these three groups describe their own and their partners' self-esteem and personality.
Interrelational laboratory information system for data storage and retrieval
The necessity for a functional user friendly laboratory data management program has become evident as the quantity of information required for modern scientific research has increased to to titanic proportions. The required union of strong computer power, ease of operation, and adaptability have until recently been outside the realm of most research laboratories. This study examines the Apple Macintosh computer program Hypercard as an interactive laboratory information system that is user-friendly, cost effective, and adaptable to the changing demands within a modern molecular or microbiology.
The physiology of Azotobacter vinelandii cysts
The value of the adenylate energy charge [(ATP)+1/2(ADP)/(ATP)+(ADP)+(AMP)] in Azotobacter vinelandii cells was monitored during growth and germination in flask cultures. The miximal value of 0.88 was attained during mid-log phase; this declined gradually to 0.50 by late stationary phase.
Synthesis of aziridine analogues of pyrethroids
Rules which correlate structure and insecticidal activity of pyrethroids have evolved over the last thirty years from the results obtained in the testing of various synthetic pyrethroids. The major portion of these rules have dealt either with the development of new alcohol moieties or variations in the unsaturated side chain of the cyclopropane ring. There has been very little work done concerning modifications of the cyclopropane ring. This study was initiated to discover the affect of substituting an aziridin ring for the cyclopropane ring found in pyrethroids.
An investigation of differences in public library usage patterns between gifted adults and members of the general public
The purpose of this research was to isolate the variable giftedness in a population and determine whether that variable could be used as a predictor of public library use.
Effects of interviewer's impersonal and personal self-disclosures on somatic symptom verbalizations of psychiatric outpatients
A literature review indicated that psychopathological symptomology must be considered within the social context of the patient. Recent research has suggested that the psychopathological symptoms of the psychotic patient function on a covert level of communication as a strategy to control the threat of interpersonal intimacy. The present investigation similarly examined the interpersonal function of another class of patient symptomology, somatic symptoms.
Christian religious conservatism and help-seeking behavior
This study was designed to investigated the role of religious ideology in one's willingness or reluctance to seek professional psychotherapeutic assistance. The subjects consister of 220 members randomly selected from six different denominations: Baptist, Church of Christ, Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and Unitarian.
An analysis and evaluation of church administration in the Evangelical Churches of West Africa, Nigeria
The purposes of this study were to discover the current status of church administration of the Evangelical Churches of West Africa (ECWA) and to offer recommendations. In order to achieve these purposes, an extensive review of the professional literature dealing with church administration and management was conducted, and a questionnaire was constructed and categorized into the following broad areas of church administration: (1) church government, (2) educational leadership (3) evangelism and missions, (4) financial management, and (5) general administration.
Blood pressure biofeedback and relaxation training: the effects of home practice on reduction of blood pressure in persons with essential hypertension
Blood pressure biofeedback at home was compared with relaxation training and a combination of the two procedures for the treatment of essential hypertension, Ten subjects were taught to monitor blood pressure (BP) at home with electronic sphygmomanometers designed for self-use.