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A study of personnel policies in North Texas State Teachers College as compared with those of twenty-five other institutions of higher learning
This study of personnel policies in college and universities includes such phrases as administrative control, classification and distribution of positions, selection and appointment, terms of employment, teaching loads, and appraisal and interpretation of personnel policies. This study is planned to provide data on the policies with regard to the non-teaching staff as well as those of the teaching staff.
A stylistic analysis of the Concerto for two pianos and orchestra by Harl McDonald
The purpose of the following study is to make a stylistic analysis, on the basis of form, harmony, melody, and rhythm, of the Concerto For Two Pianos and Orchestra by Harl McDonald, a twentieth-century American composer.
The history of education of Wise County
The purpose of this study was to collect, organize, and present information pertaining to the development of the educational system of Wise County, Texas. While there has been much interest in the collecting of material and information that relates to the early history, as well as much knowledge of the historical development, data concerning the educational progress of the county have been neglected by historians. It is important that this neglect be remedied. Since the history of education is of a professional nature, the collection, the preservation, and the interpretation of the historical information may be considered the special duty of the persons who are in some way connected with the educational system
An evaluation of present practice in the education of school music teachers in Texas
An evaluation of the trends in music teacher education in Texas to determine whether or not training in the state is adequate, using Edna McEachern's A Survey and Evaluation of the Education of School Music Teachers in the United States.
Problem of the arrangement for two pianos of Sedlak by Jindr. Jindrich and Prelude, op. 34, no. 5, by Dmitri Shostakovich
This problem examines the history of two-piano performances, the goal of duets, examines two separate dual piano pieces: Sedlak by Jindr. Jindrich and Prelude, op. 34, no. 5, by Dmitri Shostakovich.
Advanced method for the slide trombone
This advanced method for trombone is designed to meet the needs of the advanced high school trombonist and to prepare him for later participation in college, civic, and professional musical organizations of higher artistic standards.
Some modern theories of tonality
The traditional major-minor tonality and the means for its establishment have been developed and used for the last four centuries, until all the possibilities of musical ideas within the given frame of tonal coherence seem now to be exhausted. Today we see a violent change, affecting the basic vocabulary of music as well as musical grammar and syntax. The possibilities of the major-minor tonality seem to be overgrown and appear to be no longer sufficiently flexible to serve the creative spirit of present-day music as basis for musical expression.
A stylistic analysis of the Concerto for two pianos and orchestra by Harl McDonald
The purpose of this study is to make a stylistic analysis, on the basis of form, harmony, melody, and rhythm, of the Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra by Harl McDonald, a twentieth century American composer.
A history of land grants to Texas railroads 1852-1882
This study examines the history of federal land grants given to railroads in Texas upon their admittance to the Union in the "Iron Horse Age" of Texas.
A history of Smith County, Texas
Smith County is located in the pine and post oak belts of Northeastern Texas and is the fourth county southward from the Oklahoma boundary and the third county westward from the Louisiana state line.
A stylistic analysis of Schumann's Concerto in A minor
The purpose if this study is to make an analysis of the structural elements and stylistic characteristics in the Concerto in A Minor for Piano by the nineteenth century German composer, Robert Schumann. These elements include the composer's treatment of melody, rhythm, form, and piano idiom.
Some dye plants of the Texas plains region and analyses and verifications of their dye-producing qualities
This study examines the dye plants in the Texas plains region and the extent of their dye-producing qualities.
A study of the native Texas clays relative to their value for pottery making in the public schools
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the nature and location of the location of clays in Texas, and the kinds which could be advantageously used in making pottery in public schools.
Print making in the junior high school
The general purpose of this investigation is to examine the values of print making as compared with drawing and painting in their respective relationships as a part of the junior-high-school art program. The specific purposes of the investigation are: 1. To determine the values which are common to both the print-making arts and the drawing-painting arts. 2. To discover the values which are unique in the print-making arts. 3. To determine which of the print-making processes belong in the junior high school. 4. To recommend the grade placement and limitations of print-making for the junior high school.
Personal study and comparative analysis of the track men the football men at North Texas State Teachers College for the period of ten years
This study deals with an investigation of letterman in track in North Texas State Teachers College during the ten- year period of 1930-31 through 1939-40, as compared with football lettermen of the same period. More especially, it is a study of the program, the accomplishments, and the later occupations followed by the individual athletes who earned letters in track.
The suitability of five Denton County clays for use in high school ceramics classes
The purpose of this study is to determine the suitability of five clays from the vicinity of Denton, Texas for use in high-school ceramics classes. The abundance of natural clays in Denton County and throughout the state of Texas, the ease with which clays may be obtained, and the ease with which they may be refined for use provide almost unlimited teaching possibilities in high-school art classes.
A home beautification project developed by the art club of the Travis Elementary School in Mineral Wells, Texas
Through its members, made up of sixth and seventh grade children of Travis Elementary School and including children from the affected homes, plans and procedures were formulated for improving homes, and the interest and cooperation of the parents were secured in extending the improvements over the area. By this plan the writer hoped that life might be made more satisfying for these people as a result of improved surroundings.
History, organization, and unit costs of the North Texas State College bookbindery
This study is a discussion and description of the history, organization, and unit costs of the North Texas State College bookbindery, together with a comparison of these unit costs with charges made by commercial bookbinders for similar services.
The development of an elementary class method of band instruction and theory
The purpose of this study is to create a curriculum for beginning instrumentalists who have no background in music and are young students not yet capable of deciphering highly technical and academic sentences, phrases, and terms. This method is designed to give the student a foundation in theory without taking undue time from the instrumental phase of the curriculum and at the same time to increase the tempo of training in both phases.
Effecting a guidance program in the Nocona, Texas, high school
This study is a reflection of the efforts made by faculty members of the Nocona, Texas High School, with the aid of two outside evaluating committees, to set up a workable and practical plan for executing personnel problems and policies in the school. The major portion of this investigation centers around the evaluations made of the guidance service in 1940 and 1942 and the re-evaluation made in 1947.
The growth and development of the recreation program of Fort Worth, Texas as a related factor to the growth of the city from 1888 to 1947
This study was made to show the relationship of the growth and development of the city, and the park system to the recreation movement of Fort Worth, Texas from 1873-1947. This information was gathered from the following sources: annexation files of the city secretary and city engineer, annual reports of the city of Fort Worth, Texas, the charter of the city of Fort Worth, Texas, the History of Fort Worth Park system, the minutes of Public Recreation Board, and the personnel of city officials.
Sonata form in Haydn's piano sonatas
The problem undertaken in this paper is a study of sonata form in regard to the number, types, and key schemes of movements in the pre-Haydn sonatas and a comparison of these with the sonata form as Haydn established it. Finally, a detailed analysis of the Haydn E-Flat Major sonata is presented showing typical formal characteristics.
A study of the personality of music students as compared with other students on the basis of nine traits
This study was undertaken to try to determine of objective measurement of certain personality traits would indicate that music students are characterized by marked differences in personality make-up.
Developing and evaluating a course in crafts in a small school
The purpose of this study is to find and evaluate a course in crafts in a small rural school with the hope that it may be of some value to teachers in rural districts, and that it may help provide a more general education for the rural school child.
Application of certain Seashore measures of musical talent and the Kuder preference record to the building of a music program in Borger High School
In this research, an attempt is made to evaluate the music program of a typical high school in terms of its contribution to the development of pupils who show evidence of possessing musical talent.
A study of superstitions and customs affecting health practices among the people of Starr County, Texas
The superstitions and customs considered in this thesis are limited to those found in Starr County, Texas, and to those that most deeply affect and shape the lives of the people of the county. It is necessary to probe into the background of their lives from many angles; namely, history, geography, economic conditions and health conditions.
Chamber music for children
This study is a progressive series of string quartets for children ages six to eight. A picture and a story for the child accompany each of the twenty lessons. The stories are written about animals, birds, and incidents that exist in the child's world. They are designed to arouse associations between familiar subjects or incidents and unfamiliar problems at hand.
The materials and methods employed in the pedagogy of woodwind instrument classes at the college level
It is the purpose of this thesis to present some of the material to be employed in the pedagogy of the woodwind instrument classes at the college level in order that this material may serve as a useful and beneficial guide for the students and teachers of the woodwind instrument classes.
A proposed physical education program for the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys in the two elementary schools of Arlington, Texas
The problem of this study was to formulate a proposed physical education program for the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys in the two elementary schools of Arlington, Texas. The plan will be based upon accepted educational purposes and sound physical education concepts.
A critical analysis of the harmonic idiom of songs of Claude Debussy and its influence on compositions of Charles Loeffler and John Alden Carpenter
The main purpose of this study will be to analyze the impressionistic style and techniques of Debussy, how the idiom came to be, and the influence of this particular idiom on two American composers, Charles Loeffler and John Alden Carpenter.
Synthesis of N-phenacyl Pyridines and N-phenacyl Piperidines
These N-substituted piperidines, because of their similarity in structure to the pressor amines, are expected to be physiologically active. By varying the position and size of the alkyl groups attached to the pyridine ring, difference in degree and type of physiological activity are likely.
A critical view of the rhetorical idiom in modern music with emphasis on the development of the contemporary art-song
This study was made in conjunction with a recital of contemporary American song literature. It it designed to show how the modern composer has taken the tools of words and music and utilized them in creating a valid art-form.
A comparative analysis of six beginning string methods
This study is limited to an analysis of only the first years work of six beginning string methods. The methods analyzed represent the best material available by the instrumentalist and conductor, Henry Sopkin.
Leathercraft which may be applied in the industrial arts program of junior and senior high schools
The ultimate aim of this thesis is twofold: first, to present the sterling attributes of leathercraft to those who have never worked with leather; secondly, to give both the beginner and the advanced craftsman a valuable book of designs and patterns.The first section of this thesis depicts the history of leatherwork. Following this section is a number of designs and projects accompanied by instructions developed by the writer as a recommended course for junior and senior high schools.
The history of the growth and development of the health service program of North Texas State Teachers College from November 1918 through August 1941
The purpose of this study is to trace the growth and development of the health service program of the North Texas State Teachers College from 1918-1941 through Campus Chat files, the Minute Book of the Board of Regents of the Teachers College, college records, hospital records, and personal interviews with staff members of North Texas State Teachers college who have been affiliated with the program since its beginning in 1918.
A three months' study of the dark adaptation of a Texas family during activity
This study was conducted on a family of nine ranging in age from thirteen to fifty-two, to examine dark adaptation during physical activities.
Development of vocational rehabilitation in Texas
The purpose of this study has been to trace the development of the program of Vocational Rehabilitation for disabled individuals administered by the State Board for Vocational Education from 1929-1949. It has included a review of the historical background and shown the various rehabilitation services offered.
An evaluation of the factors involved in program building for the high school chorus
It is the purpose of this study to set forth facts, substantiated by investigation of authoritative sources, proving that all selections used on the concert program of a high school chorus should serve a permanently constructive purpose toward the musical growth of the students.
The integration of a fifth-grade curriculum through language-arts subjects in the Stonewall Jackson Elementary School, Denton, Texas
This thesis seeks to determine whether an integrated program provided a progressive enlargement of experience or participation in social situations; whether it placed value upon service to others through social participation; whether it resulted in personal satisfactions through the development and use of the capacity of each individual; whether it provided for the development of functional knowledge, skills, attitudes, and appreciations by which the problems were solved in situations which were real, meaningful, and worthwhile.
A chemical, physical and biological investigation of the total suspended and dissolved substances in Lake Dallas with emphasis on sanitation
The purpose of this investigation is to determine the suspended organic matter and the total phosphorus in the waters of Lake Dallas and to evaluate these findings. Since organic matter floating in lakes is largely comprised of minute plants, animals, and detritus derived from animals and plants, the fertilizing effect of phosphorus must be considered as an integral part of this problem.
The experimental preparation of earth pigments of Denton County, Texas
This study is a report of a series of experiments, the purposes of which were to determine what natural pigments are available in Denton County, Texas, the variety, quality and quantity of the native pigments as compared with standard commercial pigments, and the sustainability of these native pigments for use in the preparation of artists' colors.
The songs of Ravel
This study examines the history of the French solo, Ravel's influences,and the characteristics and relationships of his own music.
Popular choices in modern printed textiles on the Dallas market
In order to develop a program whereby people can be educated to appreciate and choose the best contemporary designs among the many textiles that are available, it is necessary to know which types of textiles, if any, among those designed in the modern manner, the public accepts, which it rejects, and the factors that influence selection. This study was made to discover those factors -- such as color, subject matter, and utility -- that determine popular choices in a representative group of well-designed modern printed textiles which were available on the Dallas market. The textiles were placed on public exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.
Methods and procedures employed in the operation of the centralized system of athletics in the white senior high schools of Dallas, Texas, 1931-1940
The purpose of this study was to record and interpret the methods and procedures employed in the operation of the centralized system of the athletic program in the white senior high schools of Dallas, Texas, for the years 1931 through 1940.
A stylistic and structural analysis of the Grieg Piano concerto in A minor
This problem has been limited to a study of the largest form among Grieg's piano compositions, the Piano Concert in A Minor. References are made to his smaller piano pieces, for the concerto has proved representative of his style of composition and, being one of his earlier works, it reflects a vigor and enthusiasm not present in his later work. Rhythm is discussed with relationship to the harmony and melody in the sections devoted to these two elements. The present study does not include consideration of the orchestral score and its relationship to the piano part.
Analysis of Verdi's choral style as found in the Manzoni Requiem
This study of Verdi's choral style in the Manzoni Requiem includes an investigation of the bibliography pertaining to the subject, and a detailed study of the score to determine and verify the characteristics of each stylistic component, tabulating statistical material and listing examples demonstrating the various characteristics.
The use of the bio-photometer in determining the dark adaptation of pre-school age children
The degree to which the normal eye can adapt to the dark is related to or dependent upon the eye's ability to regenerate visual purple. The relationship of vitamin A to the visual cycle has caused much development in improved methods of detecting vitamin A deficiency. For the most part these methods have been applied to adults and school age children. This study seeks to analyze this method as applied to pre-school age children.
An analysis of teachers' incomes and expenditures in ten Texas cities
The immediate purpose of this thesis is to show incomes and current living costs of teachers by geographical areas and to draw justified conclusions based upon statistical data regarding necessary and desirable teachers' salaries. Since the survey made by the Bureau of Business Research, University of Texas, included such widely separated cities as Corpus Christi, Austin, Tyler, El Paso, Lubbock, and Abilene, the different sections of the state are well represented.
The indigenous architecture of Fredericksburg, Texas
In this study sixteen early stone buildings at Fredericksburg, Texas, are described and evaluated as examples of indigenous architecture. Chapter II presents a brief history of the founding of Fredericksburg. Chapter III presents a description of the town site and a discussion of the native materials as used by the pioneer immigrants in the construction of residences and other buildings. Chapter IV is devoted to a detailed description of fourteen buildings as specific examples of the indigenous architecture. Representative photographs of the buildings as they now appear, as well as floor plans, illustrate the text. Two early churches of the indigenous type, accompanied by photographs and floor plans, are discussed in Chapter V. In Chapter VI a summary of the study is given and conclusions are presented.
A determination of the value of sulphur dioxide as a dehydrating agent for sweet potatoes
This study seeks to determine the value of sulfur dioxide as a method for the dehydration of sweet potatoes for use in cow feed.