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A Comparison of Two Theological Student Groups in Relation to Theological Views, Rigidity and Political-economic Conservatism

Description: The present investigation was designed to explore the relationship between authoritarianism, rigidity, political-economic conservatism and theological beliefs of two groups of students representing two nationally known theological seminaries. One seminary is noted for its conservative theological standing, the other for its liberal position.
Date: January 1963
Creator: Oswald, Robert M.

Harry S. Truman and Revival of the Civil Rights Issue

Description: It was an unprecedented, peacetime attempt of a president to implement by federal law the rights of individuals guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. A study of the part President Truman played is important, for a role of some type must be accepted by every American President in the surging drama of civil rights for all Americans.
Date: January 1963
Creator: Coleman, Vesta S.

Administrative and Judicial Evolution of the Occupational Disease Concept in Workmen's Compensation Legislation

Description: The purpose of this study is to examine the theory of workmen's compensation, tracing its historical development and showing how the law evolved in the United States. Pertinent statutes and administrative and judicial decisions will be given to the evolution of the theory of compensable occupational diseases. Following an analysis of the occupational disease concept and the significance of this concept in modifying the basic theory, an effort will be made to evaluate the effect of this concept upon the meaning of the laws.
Date: August 1962
Creator: Hyde, Peter D.

A Study of Depth Perception Among Brain-injured, Familial and Idiopathic Mentally Retarded Subjects

Description: In light of the conflicting data regarding depth perception and the retardate, it was the purpose of this study to reinvestigate whether or not significant differences exist in depth perceptual abilities among mental retardates. A standard depth perception apparatus was utilized to test the groups of brain-injured, familial and idiopathic subjects.
Date: January 1963
Creator: Wright, Ronald W.

Ethnocentrism and Perceptual Ambiguity

Description: Social scientists have been concerned for quite some time with the relationship between tolerance of perceptual ambiguity and ethnocentrism. Some investigations have approached the problem by utilizing ambiguous visual designs. It is the purpose of this research to add a new dimension to these studies by employing different types of visual figures and investigating relationships between perception and ethnocentrism.
Date: January 1963
Creator: Polsgrove, Lewis J.

A Study of The Mirror

Description: Because of the lack of authoritative secondary material on the Mirror, the need for deeper study into the content of the Mirror appears necessary. In order to fill this need, this study has been undertaken to provide basic information about the Mirror's subject matter and the attitudes of its contributors.
Date: August 1962
Creator: Heaberlin, Dick M.