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Prototypes: Hand Masters Machine

Description: I investigated several problems I have found concerning contemporary jewelry design. These problems are linked to the industrialization of jewelry making. The industrialization of jewelry making led to the preference of using less precious metal, of using Prong, Crown, and Channel stone-settings, and of using high polished mirror finish for surface treatment. My work addressed the prominence of metal in jewelry design and alternate forms and techniques of stone-setting and surface treatment.
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Date: May 2001
Creator: Milton, Robert L.

Introduction to METS: UNT Libraries' Tech Talks

Description: This Tech Talk presentation explores METS. The Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) is an initiative of the Digital Library Federation. Maintained by the Library of Congress, it provides a standard vocabulary and set of data structures for encoding hierarchical digital object content and metadata. In this presentation the author explains more about these parts of METS, and discusses how METS may be applicable to digital collections in the UNT Libraries.
Date: October 16, 2007
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward

The Portal to Texas History

Description: This presentation describes how The Portal to Texas History was started, the processes involved, and how the IOGENE project developed. It discusses the many planning phases and reasons for the decisions that were made and illustrates the outcomes and how The Portal to Texas History works.
Date: 2009
Creator: Hartman, Cathy Nelson & Phillips, Mark Edward

Web Archiving at UNT and End of Term Harvest 2008

Description: This presentation illustrates the collaborative project with the University of North Texas (UNT) and the United States Government Printing Office as part of the Federal Depository Library Program. The CyberCemetery was created as an online archive of government websites that have ceased operation. This also discusses the UNT collaboration with the United States Government Printing Office, the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive, and the California Digital Library in an End of Term Harvest project in 2008 to archive the Presidential campaign websites before they ceased to exist.
Date: November 7, 2008
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward

Infrastructure for the UNT Digital Library

Description: This presentation discusses the University of North Texas Libraries' Digital Projects Unit workflows, how they overcame challenges, and how the use of established models and standards helped them find solutions to the workflow. It presents the editing system created for the Digital Projects Unit, the organizational structure for each object, and identifiers.
Date: August 2, 2010
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward

URL Nominating Tool

Description: This presentation gives an overview of the URL Nominating TOOL project and defines some of the associated key concepts. It explores the entity attribute value data model, URL's and SURTs, and batch imports.
Date: July 8, 2008
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward

Metadata and XML

Description: This presentation discusses how XML can help store metadata. The University of North Texas (UNT) Digital Projects Unit developed the UNTL metadata element set with IndexData that tailored the data to meet their needs.
Date: November 7, 2003
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward

Annexation of Texas Project

Description: Presentation for the 2003 GODART Preconference at the American Library Association Annual Conference. This presentation outlines the "From Republic to State: Debates and Documents Relating to the Annexation of Texas, 1836-1856" project. This grant funded project involved digitizing 6000 objects.
Date: June 21, 2003
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward

Building Digital Archives

Description: This presentation is about the steps followed in the development of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Library infrastructure, the lessons learned along the way, and the opportunities that are available today.
Date: June 6, 2008
Creator: Phillips, Mark Edward & Hartman, Cathy Nelson