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Primary view of Emotional/Behavioral Disturbance and Speech/Language Disorders: Prevalence of the Dual Diagnoses in a School-Age Population
Silver, Kathi Olinsky
May 2000
Primary view of An Examination of Factors Related to the Cognitive and Affective Empathy Levels of Adjudicated Youth
Broom, Ellen Wildemann
August 2000
Primary view of Personality Type Preferences of Juvenile Delinquents
Cavin, Clark
August 2000
Primary view of An inquiry into the factors influencing the development of the field of Behavior Disorders: A qualitative approach
Menendez, Anthony L.
August 2000
Primary view of Social Skills and Problem Behavior Assessment of General and Special Education Vocational Students
Monahan, Michael
August 2000
Primary view of Choice for All? Charter Schools and Students with Disabilities
Estes, Mary Bailey
August 2001
Primary view of Effect of Individualized Curricular Accommodations, Incorporating Student Interest and the Impact on the Motivation and Occurrence/ Nonoccurrence of Disruptive Behavior Displayed By Students with Emotional/behavioral Disorders.
Teaff, Teresa L.
December 2001
Primary view of An Analysis of the Characteristics of Female Juvenile Offenders as Predictors of Resocialization or Recidivism.
Aiello, Jan Elizabeth
May 2007
Primary view of Perceptions of importance of diagnostic competencies among educational diagnosticians.
Cavin, Lisa Lyle
May 2007
Primary view of Female adolescents identified with emotional disturbance and adjudicated female adolescents: A comparison of self-concepts.
Christensen, Jennifer E.
May 2007
Primary view of State and local level implementation of schoolwide positive behavior support: An examination of the Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI).
Schultz, Edward K.
May 2007
Primary view of The historical significance of professional contributions of a leader in the field of emotional and behavioral disorders in special education: A qualitative case study of Richard J. Whelan.
Smythe, Carolyn N.
May 2007
Primary view of Impact of Absent Father-Figures on Male Subjects and the Correlation to Juvenile Delinquency: Findings and Implications
Eastin, Jennifer Flood
August 2003
Primary view of A qualitative analysis of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia interfering with academic and social success, and the exacerbators and diminishers of those symptoms.
Flint, Paula J.
December 2003
Primary view of Social Skills Intervention for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders Aged Six through Twelve Years: A Combination of a Literature-Based Curriculum and Telecommunications
Chen, Kaili
May 2004
Primary view of A Deconstruction and Qualitative Analysis of the Consumption of Traditional Entertainment Media by Elementary-Aged Children Diagnosed with Emotional Disorders.
Lowdermilk, John Lloyd
August 2004
Primary view of Technology-mediated distance education used to prepare special education personnel.
Mohr, John Darrell
August 2004
Primary view of Perceptions of parents of students with autism towards the IEP meeting.
Fish, Wade W.
December 2004
Primary view of Reading and Math Outcomes for Incarcerated Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Monfore, Dorotha Rombuck
May 2005
Primary view of Parental Understanding of Discipline Issues, Functional Behavioral Assessment, and Behavior Intervention Plans: Using a State-wide Survey to Examine Parents' Reports Related to Discipline
Davison, Lisa R.
August 2005
Primary view of Meta-Analysis of Reading Interventions for Students with Learning and Emotional Disabilities
Jones, Francesca
August 2005
Primary view of Descriptive Analysis of Comments Obtained during the Process of Regulating the Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Act of 2004
York, Lorie Ann
August 2005
Primary view of Distance Education in the Preparation of Special Education Personnel: An Examination of Videoconferencing and Web-based Instruction
Bore, Julia Chelagat
August 2005
Primary view of Parental Understanding and Satisfaction with Special Education Services in the State of Texas
Patton, Angela Havard
December 2005