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Primary view of A Study of the Duties of the Deans of Women in the Seven State Teachers Colleges of Texas
Greer, Nora Jane
Primary view of Development of the Commercial Curricula in the Secondary Schools of Texas
Chowning, Charles Odom
Primary view of Occupational Opportunities for the Woman College Graduate in Specialized Business Fields
Long, Ruth
Primary view of Placement Service for Graduates of the Schools of Business Administration
Barthold, Ella
Primary view of The Operation of an Army Air Forces Training Command Commercial (Base) Transportation Office
Sewell, Jane
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Content and Method of Presentation Found in Twenty-Nine Typewriting Textbooks
Graham, Doris Patricia
Primary view of An Income and Cost-of-Living Comparison for Selected Trades and Professions for the Period 1936-45
Kirksey, C. Darwin
June 1947
Primary view of A Study of the Fees Charged in Texas High Schools for Commercial Courses
Tompkins, Jno. Erwin, Jr.
Primary view of Development of a Workbook for Business Mathematics Based on the Needs of Students of Business at North Texas State Teachers College
Williams, Walter Maxey
Primary view of The Evolution and Present Status of Workmen's Compensation Insurance in Texas
Pickrell, Jesse F.
Primary view of An Integrated Guidance Program for Small Secondary Schools in Texas
Johnson, J. Roland
Primary view of Requirements for Business Degrees in Texas' Largest Colleges and Universities
Shepard, Haggard G.
Primary view of A Survey of the Clerical Occupations in Sugar Land, Texas, as a Basis for Revision of the Commercial Curriculum in the High School
Landreth, Ida Ladell
Primary view of Wholesale Quarterly Prices of Fifty Leading Commodities Adjusted to the Purchasing Power of the 1926 Dollar and Charted as a Ratio of all Commodity Prices for the Period 1940 through 1949
Helm, Rufus G.
Primary view of The Status of Inventory Valuation in Texas Cotton Mills, 1950
Edwards, Jesse G.
Primary view of A Proposed Curriculum at North Texas State College School of Business for Training Business Managers for the Public Schools of Texas
Gillen, Norman K.
Primary view of A Study of How Business Education Conferences Can Promote Better Business Education in the State of Texas
Smith, Woodie McConnell
Primary view of Recent Developments in Basing-Point Pricing in the Steel Industry and Their Probable Effects on the Southwest
Kamenitsa, William
Primary view of Service Rating Used in Manufacturing Plants of Dallas County, Texas
Freeland, Donald Keith
Primary view of An Experimental Study of Personality Development in the Stenography Class of the Edinburg High School
Moore, Phelma Newton
Primary view of A Study of the Outstanding Skills and Personality Traits Desirable in Office Workers
Wolf, Clara
Primary view of A Survey to Determine the Relationshiops of Certain Factors to Success in Elementary College Accounting at North Texas State College
Brooks, Paul A.
Primary view of An Analysis, as Revealed by the Wire Recorder, of the Methods Used by Ten Selected Business Mathematics Students in Solving Stated Problems
Jones, Donald M.
Primary view of Educational Requirements for the B.B.A. Degree in Personnel Management at Eight Texas Colleges and Field Recommendations
Specht, Joseph F.