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Primary view of Freshwater Under Threat: South Asia
Babel, Mukland S. & Wahid, Shahriar M.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Women and the Environment
United Nations Environment Programme
Primary view of A Comparative Study of Terrorism in Southwest Asia 1968-1982
Zonozy, Nassrullah Y. (Nassrullah Yeganeh)
August 1990
Primary view of Management of Communal Conflict in the Middle East: The Case of the Kurds
Khosrowshahi, Manouchehr Rostamy
December 1983
Primary view of Managing Water Resources in the Tigris and Euphrates Drainage Basin: An Inquiry into the Policy Process
Al-Himyari, Abbas Hussien
August 1984
Primary view of A Sociometric Descriptive Study of Iranian College Students Nominated on the Basis of Outstanding Personality Development
Brown, Sherry Yale
August 1978
Primary view of Comparative Development with Large Endowments of Capital (Oil Revenue) Three Case Studies Nigeria, Iran, Libya
Inyang, Eno F.
December 1983
Primary view of An Analysis of Higher Education in Iran and a Proposal for Its Improvement
Naeli, Mohammed Ali
May 1974
Primary view of Selected Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors Related to Urbanization in Iran, 1956-1966
Hashemi, Alireza Shapur
August 1977
Primary view of A Demographic Analysis of Female Participation in the Iranian Labor Force, 1956-1966
Saidi, Shahla
August 1978
Primary view of Educational Levels and Economic Activity in Iran, 1966-1972
Rivani, Hossein
August 1978
Primary view of Political Development in Iran, 1905-1978
Nassirian, Mohammad Mehdi
August 1979
Primary view of The Causes of Revolution: A Case Study of Iranian Revolution of 1978-79
Tehrani, Mohammad Hassan Tajalli
March 1982
Primary view of Interdependence or Realism: A Study in United States-Iranian Relations
Akhavizadeh, Mohaimmad T.
May 1978
Primary view of Oil Development and Social Change in Iran Since 1953
Haghshenas, Hossein
August 1982
Primary view of Oil and the Iranian Economy
Rassekh, Farhad
August 1978
Primary view of American Arms Sales to Iran and Power Politics in the Middle East
Aryanpur Kashani, Khosrow
December 1977