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Primary view of Computational Studies on Group 14 Elements (C, Si and Ge) in Organometallic and Biological Compounds.
Yu, Liwen
May 2007
Primary view of Quantum Perspectives on Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
Grimes-Marchan, Thomas V.
December 2007
Primary view of The evaluation, development, and application of the correlation consistent basis sets.
Yockel, Scott
December 2006
Primary view of Systematic Approaches to Predictive Computational Chemistry using the Correlation Consistent Basis Sets
Prascher, Brian P.
May 2009
Primary view of Kinetics and Mechanisms of Ligand Exchange Reactions of Chelate Complexes
Cortés, José E. (José Enrique)
May 1989
Primary view of Accurate Energetics Across the Periodic Table Via Quantum Chemistry
Peterson, Charles Campbell
December 2015
Primary view of Computational Modeling of Small Molecules
Weber, Rebecca J.
December 2015
Primary view of The Impact of Computational Methods on Transition Metal-containing Species
Wang, Jiaqi
December 2015