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Primary view of Ran, Shulamit: Concerto da Camera II, Analysis of Pitch and Formal Structure
Lin, Sheng
May 2000
Primary view of An Analysis of the Composition Process of Bartók's Eight Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op. 20
Kochbeck, Olivia M.
May 2000
Primary view of Keyboard Innovation: Harry Partch's Contributions
Koh,Wee Lay
August 2000
Primary view of Accent and Grouping Structures in the String Quartets of Béla Bartók
Bocanegra, Cheryl D.
May 2001
Primary view of An Analysis of Periodic Rhythmic Structures in the Music of Steve Reich and György Ligeti
Isgitt, David
August 2002
Primary view of Consonance, Tertian Structures and Tonal Coherence in Wladimir Vogel's Dodecaphonic World
Hale, Jacquelyn
December 2002
Primary view of The Segmentation Process and its Influence on Structure in the  Malheur Me Bat Masses of Obrecht and Josquin
Jarzombek, Ralph
December 2002
Primary view of Toward a Unified Whole: Allan Pettersson's Symphony No. 5.
Davis, Colin
August 2007
Primary view of The Fundamental Unity in Brahm's Horn Trio, Op. 40
Kim, JongKyun
August 2007
Primary view of Structural Octatonicism in Cindy McTee's Symphony No.1: Ballet for Orchestra
Weaver, Jennifer L.
August 2007
Primary view of Op. 34: Evidence of Arnold Schoenberg's Musikalische Gedanke
Fukuchi, Hidetoshi
May 2004
Primary view of Sibelius's Seventh Symphony: Genesis, Design, Structure, and Meaning
Pavlak, F. William
May 2004
Primary view of Bach's Mass in B minor: An Analytical Study of Parody Movements and their Function in the Large-Scale Architectural Design of the Mass
Pérez Torres, René
December 2005
Primary view of The Influence of Fredrik Melius Christiansen on Six Minnesota Conductor-Composers
Armendarez, Christina Marie
May 2006
Primary view of The Opening Section of Isang Yun's My Land My People: A Cross-Section of Korean and Western Musical Features
Choi, Woohyuk
May 2006
Primary view of Missa Papae Marcelli: A Comparative Analysis of the Kyrie and Gloria Movements of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina and an Adaptation by Giovanni Francesco Anerio
Moore, Michael J.
May 2006
Primary view of Reevaluating twelve-tone music: analytical issues in the second movement of Anton Webern's Quartet for Violin, Clarinet, Tenor-Saxophone and Piano, Op. 22.
Lin, Tzu-Hsi
August 2006
Primary view of Beethoven's Opus 18 String Quartets: Selected First Movements in Consideration of the Formal Theories of Heinrich Koch as Expressed in Versuch Einer Anleitung Zur Composition
Tompkins, Robert
December 2006
Primary view of D. A. Kolb’s Theory of Experiential Learning: Implications for the Development of Music Theory Instructional Material
Lively, Michael
August 2001
Primary view of Die Neue Lehre: Developing an Online Course in Schenkerian Analysis
Sadoff, Jennifer
August 2001
Primary view of Imagined Sounds: Their Role in the Strict and Free Compositional Practice of Anton Bruckner
Brooks, Jonathan
May 2008
Primary view of The Lessons of Arnold Schoenberg in Teaching the Musikalische Gedanke
Conlon, Colleen Marie
May 2009
Primary view of Drafts, Page Proofs, and Revisions of Schenker's Der freie Satz:  The Collection at the Austrian National Library and Schenker's Generative Process
Auerbach, Jennifer Sadoff
May 2009
Primary view of The Aesthetics of Minimalist Music and a Schenkerian-Oriented Analysis of the First Movement "Opening" of Philip Glass' Glassworks
Wu, Chia-Ying
May 2009