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Primary view of A.B. Marx's Concept of Rondo and Sonata: A Critical Evaluation of His Explanations of Musical Form
Lang, Adelheid K.
July 1993
Primary view of Musical and Dramatic Functions of Loops and Loop Breakers in Philip Glass's Opera "The Voyage"
Wu, Chia-Ying
May 2016
Primary view of An Analytical Study of Paradox and Structural Dualism in the Music of Ludwig van Beethoven
Graf, Benjamin Stewart
May 2016
Primary view of Opera and Society in Early-Twentieth-Century Argentina: Felipe Boero's El matrero
Sauceda, Jonathan
August 2016
Primary view of The Most Expressionist of All the Arts: Programs, Politics, and Performance in Critical Discourse about Music and Expressionism, c. 1918-1923
Carrasco, Clare
August 2016
Primary view of Composing Symbolism's Musicality of Language in fin-de-siècle France
Varvir Coe, Megan E
August 2016
Primary view of Negotiating Decades of Change in America: The Houston Chinese Traditional Music Group
Mei, Yuxin
August 2017
Primary view of Looking through a Different Lens, Beyond Censorship: The American Reception of "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District"
Cassell, Holly Kathleen
August 2017
Primary view of Listening in the Living Room: The Pursuit of Authentic Spaces and Sound in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Do It Yourself (DIY) Punk
Peters, Sean Louis
December 2017
Primary view of Depicting Affect through Text, Music, and Gesture in Venetian Opera, c. 1640-1658
Hagen, Emily June
May 2018
Primary view of Searching for Songs of the People: The Ideology of the Composers' Collective and Its Musical Implications
Chaplin-Kyzer, Abigail
May 2018
Primary view of Crisis and Catharsis: Linear Analysis and the Interpretation of Herbert Howells' "Requiem" and "Hymnus Paradisi"
Davenport, Jennifer Tish
August 2018
Primary view of Metric Dissonance in Non-Isochronous Meters
Smith, Jayson
August 2018
Primary view of Composing-Out Notre-Dame: How Louise Bertin Expresses the Hugolian Themes of Fate and Decay in "La Esmeralda"
Walls, Levi Nigel Xenon
August 2018
Primary view of Tonal Enigma: A Study of Problematic Openings and Endings
Yun, Xiao
August 2018
Primary view of Developing Variation and Melodic Contour Analysis:  A New Look at the Music of Max Reger
McConnell, Sarah
August 2018
Primary view of Shaping Hagiography through Liturgy: Music for the Patron Saints of Three Cathedrals in Medieval Aquitaine
Recek, Andrea
December 2018
Primary view of Sing Rāga, Embody Bhāva: The Way of Being Rasa
Holalkere Krishnamurthy, Thanmayee
May 2019
Primary view of Two-Dimensional Sonata Form as Methodology: Understanding Sonata-Variation Hybrids through a Two-Dimensional Lens
Falterman, David James
May 2019
Primary view of Allusions and Borrowings in Selected Works by Christopher Rouse: Interpreting Manner, Meaning, and Motive through a Narratological Lens
Morey, Michael Jonathan
May 2019
Primary view of Multidimensional Musical Objects in Mahler's Seventh Symphony
Patterson, Jason S
May 2019