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Primary view of An Analysis of Thirty Border Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas in Relation to E. W. Burgess' Concentric Zone Hypothesis
Bonner, Austin
June 1970
Primary view of An Exploratory Study of Parental Visitation and Selected Characteristics of the Institutionalized Mentally Retarded Child
Lutes, Billy J.
January 1970
Primary view of Juvenile Delinquency as a Function of Level of Aspiration
Hampton, Dan
August 1973
Primary view of A Description and Analysis of Selected Demographic and Socio-economic Characteristics of United States Manufacturing and Retail Trade Cities : 1950 and 1960
Heathington, Ronald W.
May 1969
Primary view of Comparison of Levels of Social Participation of Retired with Non-Retired Persons by Selected Role Categories
Khullar, Gurdeep S.
May 1981
Primary view of The Effects of Victimization on the Acceptance of Aggression and the Expectations of Assertive Traits in Children as Measured by the General Social Survey
Kurtz, Howard A.
August 1982
Primary view of An Investigation of the Relationship Among Occupational Opportunities for Women, Marriage, and Fertility
Ross, Patricia A.
May 1977
Primary view of Selected Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors Related to Urbanization in Iran, 1956-1966
Hashemi, Alireza Shapur
August 1977
Primary view of Association of Masculinity Scores with Five Measures of Adjustment at the Gainesville State School for Delinquent Youths
Kurtz, Howard A.
May 1977
Primary view of Educational Levels and Economic Activity in Iran, 1966-1972
Rivani, Hossein
August 1978
Primary view of Development of Educational Institution and Social Change in Nigeria, 1953-1973
Ekpenyong, Jackson J.
August 1976
Primary view of An Investigation of Crisis Intervention Services
Sammons, Daniel G.
December 1976
Primary view of Interdependency Within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area: A Test for the Determination of Megalopolitan Status
Tolbert, William A.
June 1970