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Primary view of Archiving Web-Published Materials: A Needs Assessment of Librarians, Researchers, and Content Providers
Murray, Kathleen R. & Hsieh, Inga K.
Primary view of A Metadata Approach to Preservation of Digital Resources: The University of North Texas Libraries' Experience
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw; Hastings, Samantha Kelly & Hartman, Cathy Nelson
August 2002
Primary view of Metadata Quality Assurance: The University of North Texas Libraries' Experience
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw & Tarver, Hannah
Primary view of The Deep Web: Resource Discovery in the Library of Texas
Murray, Kathleen R. & Moen, William E.
Primary view of Developing Collections of Web-Published Materials
Hsieh, Inga K.; Murray, Kathleen R. & Hartman, Cathy Nelson
Primary view of Councilor's Report: 2006 Annual Conference - New Orleans
Hartman, Cathy Nelson
Primary view of Councilor's Report: 2006 Midwinter Meeting - San Antonio
Hartman, Cathy Nelson
Primary view of Developing the ICT Infrastructure for Africa: Overview of Barriers to Harnessing the Full Power of the Internet
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw & Hastings, Samantha Kelly
Primary view of Best Practices for Librarians Embedded in Online Courses
Hoffman, Starr & Ramin, Lilly
Primary view of Copyright, Digital Media, and Libraries
Halbert, Martin
Primary view of Artificial Intelligence, Libraries, and Information Retrieval
Halbert, Martin
Primary view of The Challenge of Multimedia Networking
Halbert, Martin
Primary view of Findings from the MetaScholar Projects: AmericanSouth and MetaArchive
Halbert, Martin
October 24, 2003
Primary view of Hypermedia, Interactive Multimedia, and Virtual Realities
Halbert, Martin
Primary view of Public-Access Computer Systems and the Internet
Halbert, Martin
Primary view of Geographic distribution of authors in The Indexer, 1988-2007
Sassen, Catherine
September 2008
Primary view of Reference book indexes reviewed
Sassen, Catherine
March 2010
Primary view of Gender and authorship in The Indexer, 1958-2007
Sassen, Catherine
December 2009
Primary view of Occupation and authorship in The Indexer, 2000-09
Sassen, Catherine
June 2011
Primary view of It Takes A Village To Save The Web: The End Of Term Web Archive
Seneca, Tracy; Grotke, Abigail; Hartman, Cathy Nelson & Carpenter, Kris
Primary view of American Society for Indexing Conferences: An Analysis of Major Topics, 1997-2011
Sassen, Catherine
Primary view of Marketing to Your Community: Becoming a Destination
Sears, Suzanne
December 6, 2011
Primary view of New Directions for Academic Video Game Collections: Strategies for Acquiring, Supporting, and Managing Online Materials
Robson, Diane & Durkee, Patrick
March 2012
Primary view of Interpreting MARC: Where's the Bibliographic Data?
Thomale, Jason
September 21, 2010