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Primary view of Relations Between the United States and Argentina, 1810-1940
Gray, Phyllis
Primary view of The Development of the Sugar, Rubber, and Cotton Industries in Brazil
Miller, James C.
Primary view of Representative Gaucho Poetry and Fiction of Argentina
Sava, Walter
January 1968
Primary view of La Poesía Lírica Colombiana
Orjuela, Héctor H.
August 1952
Primary view of Perón of Argentina: Case Study in Political Charismatic Leadership
Brink, Carol Lynn Robinson
August 1967
Primary view of The Significance of Mercantilism in the Process of the Economic Evolution of Venezuela
Sosa-Rodríguez, Eduardo
May 1964
Primary view of Nesting Ecology and Reproductive Correlates in the Desert-nesting Gray Gull Larus Modestus
Aguilar Pulido, Roberto E. (Roberto Eric)
May 1993
Primary view of Modeling State Repression in Argentina and Chile: A Time Series Analysis
King, John Christopher
December 1993
Primary view of Light Spectra Distributions in Temperate Conifer-Forest Canopy Gaps, Oregon and in Tropical Cloud-Forest Canopy, Venezuela
Monteleone, Susan Elaine
December 1997
Primary view of Life History Biology of the Desert Nesting Seagull Larus modestus
Guerra Correa, Carlos Guillermo
December 1987
Primary view of Culture Interrupted: Assessing the Effects of the Shining Path Internal Armed Conflict in the Peruvian Highlands
Van Wye, Kalynn Hicks
May 2014
Primary view of Stock Returns and the Brazilian Default an Analysis of the Efficient Market and Contagion Effect Hypotheses
Mynatt, Joseph Ross
August 1988
Primary view of A Macroeconomic Approach to the Growth of the Bolivian Informal Sector
Albarracin, Tania
August 1989
Primary view of The Traditional Bambuco in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Colombian Composition
Martina, Aileen
August 1993
Primary view of The Role of Rainfed Farm Ponds in Sustaining Agriculture and Soil Conservation in the Dry High Valley Region of Cochabamba, Bolivia: Design Considerations and Post Impoundment Analysis
Kuiper, John R.
August 1999
Primary view of An Institutional Approach to Economic and Social Patterns of Emulation in Colombia, South America
Fernandez, Mauricio, 1955-
May 1980
Primary view of Political Factors in the Creation and Implementation of the Andean Foreign Investment Code
Gushiken, Anita M.
August 1977
Primary view of The Chilean Experience, 1970-1981
Mackenna, Leslie R.
August 1981
Primary view of The Impact of U.S. Arms Transfer Policies on Relations with Peru, 1945-1978
Davison, J. Les
August 1979
Primary view of The European View of the Incas in the Sixteenth Century
Greene, Gayle Lee
May 1976
Primary view of The Distribution of Pathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Sewage
Labay, Joseph Edward
May 1974
Primary view of Salvador Allende: the Rise and Fall of a Chilean Marxist
Speaks, David L.
December 1975
Primary view of Elizabeth Bishop in Brasil: An Ongoing Acculturation
Neely, Elizabeth
August 2014
Primary view of Pastoral Livelihoods and Household Water Management in the Central Argentine Andes
Parker, Julie
May 2015